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Bayonetta 2 Demo Available On European Wii U eShop

It’s time to try the witch’s pistol-shoes on for size, with a demo of Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 now available on Nintendo eShop. Nintendo revealed the demo at the end of the brand new launch trailer that’s now available on YouTube. Bayonetta 2 is developed by PlatinumGames and launches in Europe on the 24th October.

The demo kicks off the action atop a fighter jet over a city. Unleash the new Umbran Climax to pummel hordes of angelic enemies, or artfully dodge them to engage in Witch Time and experience the unique gameplay of Bayonetta 2.

European fans will have three retail editions to choose from at launch: the very limited First Print Edition with disc versions of Bayonetta 2 and the critically acclaimed Bayonetta (remastered for Wii U), plus The Art of Bayonetta 2 art book, in special 3D embossed leather-effect packaging that faithfully recreates The Hierarchy of Laguna from the game; the Special Edition which bundles disc versions of Bayonetta 2 and Bayonetta together, or the solus edition which includes just Bayonetta 2.

Bayonetta 2 launches on 24th October in Europe at retail in three editions, or on Nintendo eShop as digital versions, with the opportunity to purchase Bayonetta 2 or Bayonetta at a discounted price for those who buy either title first.

47 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Demo Available On European Wii U eShop”

  1. Let’s hope that Nintendo of America releases the Bayonetta 2 demo at the North American eShop right away.

      1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

        I just hope it isn’t as bad as the Wonderful 101 demo. That thing didn’t do the game justice at all.

        1. Trust me, Lieutenant. Even for a perfect 10 game (EDGE Magazine), that’s not gonna happen. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

          1. Demos are a volatile thing. The devs have to handle it perfectly, capturing the soul of the game. MH3U failed miserably for that, even though the game itself was great. If they screw it up its gonna hurt them more than it’ll help

        1. All regions would be better not just two, I agree why not all at once if the game is ready or not? atleast the same day whether or not the time differs which it does. Days, weeks, or months is far too annoying

        1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

          Sickr posted an article a week or so ago that had something to do with “Frubes”. Within the comment section, we all agreed that it sound like an internet insult. So we westernized the name, and started calling each other Froobs. Welcome to Mynintendonews. Everyone here is like a family living in a ghetto community. Once in awhile, trolls come in, and we all have a big ol’ gang-bang. The trolls love the attention that their family never gives them in real life, and eventually they integrate and become one of us.

            1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

              On the internet, I like to think this place is the hood in the future. Swappin illegal Pokémon, spreading rumours. And talking smack about the “man” being video game companies that mistreat us consumers. Heheh.

  2. I hope this comes to american wii u owners. Even tho I don’t need the demo to purchase the game


    Get N or get OUT!!!

      1. Wow, i never thought i’d see a Failed, Fail troll e_e that made my top list of mentally handicapped comments today.

  3. Played it… I just bought two… hundred copies!!
    The game is fucking awesome and I can’t wait to get the full game! X3

    1. Wait, how is it possible that someone plays COD but the console still collects dust? Unless it’s as glossy as the Wii U lmao no matter how often I play it there’s literally still a layer of dust on it ._.

  4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis's Mom

    Greetings young boys and girls,I am thinking of getting this game for my son,hopefully for him to always get exposed to the heroine of this game Bayonetta, and her perfectly shaped southern African ass,will most probably get him to be attracted to females and their wonderfully crafted bodies.

    If it okay to get this game for my little baby boy?

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  6. Fantastic game.Fantastic graphics. Fantastic 1040p and 60fps!
    Btw: Hey American friends, now you can enjoy the demo too! Go for it! Best game of the year! Only for U!

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