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Nintendo Japan Video Guides Show How To Change New Nintendo 3DS Covers And MicroSD Card

Nintendo Japan has released a number of video guides on their official channel showing how early adopters of the new Nintendo 3DS can change the cover plates on the system and also how to replace the MicroSD Card. You can view all the guides, right here.

Thanks, Kallum

29 thoughts on “Nintendo Japan Video Guides Show How To Change New Nintendo 3DS Covers And MicroSD Card”

  1. Two things I really hate:
    1. No face plates for the XL? Wtf?!
    2. Micro-SD only? Sp, the 32 GB SD card I bought for my 3DS XL will be useless? Good to know…

    1. + I was definitely going to buy an XL but when they said that the plates will only be for Regular New 3DS I decided not to. What a pile of shit.

      1. I still want the XL, it is superior in so many ways. I can’t play on the normal 3DS the same way I play on the XL! Hopefully, we’ll get something…

    2. 1. The old or the new XL?
      2. I know its a shame but giving the fact that its thinner and redesigned for specific reasons like the stylus for example, you can still sell your current card and get Micro cheaper in Ebay or Amazon.

      1. The new XL, as far as I know, does not have face plates.

        Yeah, I’ll think about it. Probably something I could use it for, or maybe even sell it private!

    1. yah … but the faceplates suck too

      if nintendo was smart, they’d allow 3rd party faceplates … you could have your capcom faceplate … or indie faceplate … final fantasy faceplate. just a thought … but the whole faceplate thing is crap if it’s not supported for XL.

    2. The reason I can see why the face plates aren’t available for the New 3DS XL, is because a new 3DS XL edition is announced all the time and the 3DS never got any of that. There’s no real NEED for the XL to have it because they come out with a new version every couple of months.

    3. Shut the fuck up sasori or get your ass back to bed before i come in there and whoop you in front of your mom again

  2. Hmm, I thought it would be a little more convenient than that… inb4 some idiot sues Nintendo for having broken his plate due to idiocy.

  3. It’s so weird that there’s a huge gap between the New Nintendo 3DS Japanese and US release.

    Other than that, the use of the stylus is pretty neat. Does it really says that you need to rotate the screw 4.5 times?

  4. I really hate that the 3DS XL does not have face plates and the fact that it only takes micro cards. Well I probably won’t get it if the exclusives aren’t that good, but the XL just seems like a waste. :(

  5. So do I need a New Nintendo 3DS to play New Super Mario Bros 2? No, you only need Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS to play New Super Mario Bros 2. What about New Super Mario Bros? To play New Super Mario Bros you only need Nintendo DS. However it will work on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS as well. And so on… It’s like they’re trying hard to repeat the Wii U naming misstake all over.

  6. I really hate how tacky these faceplates look. They remind me of the original Xbox 360’s cheap looking faceplates.

  7. Man, I hope they make face plates for the new 3DS XL (if there’s an XL) when it releases in North America. I don’t know why the small ones are even made? The XL’s are SO much better.

  8. As long as I can transfer the data on my current SD Card to a Micro SD Card, I’m perfectly fine with the change in SD Card formats. I just hope Micro SD Cards will fit in my laptop’s SD Card slot.

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