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The Mario Kart 8 Mercedes-Benz DLC Has Been Downloaded Over One Million Times

Nintendo Japan has announced via Twitter that the free Mercedes-Benz downloadable content for Mario Kart 8 has been downloaded by fans over one million times. Undoubtedly this downloadable content has been a great success for Nintendo and Mercedes-Benz.

Thanks, Kallum

36 thoughts on “The Mario Kart 8 Mercedes-Benz DLC Has Been Downloaded Over One Million Times”

  1. I believe even more will download the character dlc, even though it’s not free. Alot of people didn’t care for the Mecedes dlc, yet it still downloaded a million times, that pretty damn good.

  2. Well well well Nintendo see people like myself like downloadable stuff for games that’s why you have upset lots of people like not putting the last DLC down for Batman origins you have pissed people off. U want more people to buy your system and games and DLC then stop this and get more games like Batman, the Zelda one that just came out more aduly games and still do family games. Long time gamer started with ur first and have had them all. Coming from some one who also owns ps3-4 and Xbox 360. Your missing out and you don’t even know it.

  3. Lots of people love wasting money. I stopped playing Mario Kart 8 several months ago. It’s yesterday’s news now.

  4. As some people mentioned here the DLC was free and it was just a promotion. Hence why it was downloaded so many time. Saying that it’s 50% of Mario kart owners worldwide. I would like to know how many will buy the paid DLC or even pre-ordered it. I have to say I regret downloading it cause I stop playing Mario kart for the good reason I don’t want to see those place holders in my face for DLC I don’t want to buy.

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