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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate For Nintendo 3DS Has Over 800,000 Pre-Orders In Japan

We all know that Monster Hunter is an extremely popular franchise in Japan, and it appears that the soon to be released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate isn’t due to be an exception. Media Create is reporting that the Nintendo 3DS title currently has over 800,000 pre-orders in Japan. However, it should be noted that the game is unlikely to match last year’s launch of Monster Hunter 4 which saw pre-orders amount to 1,177,000.

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11 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate For Nintendo 3DS Has Over 800,000 Pre-Orders In Japan”

    1. This needs to be on Wii U but because Capcom is in the financial gutter for their own stupid ass reasons and faults, we may not use a Wii U version happen until the 3DS one succeeds which BTW has a very high chance anyway. We would see this come to Wii U later in 2015 hopefully.

    1. The og version MH4 came out last year. They always make a G version with more monsters and higher difficulty bla bla bla. In essence, Capcom milks this franchise in Japan, especially the fronteir series. Thankfully we get the better spoils such as MH4U

  1. Yay! Only 1,200,000 more sales to go before we are guaranteed a sequel by their new policy! (totally achievable)

    1. Oh they have already sold 3 million copies in Japan alone, so i’m sure there will be a MH5. To put this in perspective, this game has over twice as many pre-orders as the new Call of Duty. This is going to be the biggest Monster Hunter game ever. It will sell another 3 million in Japan, and will probably sell 3 million in the rest of the world (U.S., Europe). That would put this game at around 9-10 million copies sold when it’s all said and done. That would be enough to keep the series on Nintendo hardware. I know they are tempted to put a MH game on the PS4, but even Capcom would not risk that kind of install base they have on the 3ds.

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