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Sakurai Says Smash Bros Clone Haters Are Mostly Children And It Cannot Be Helped

Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai has taken some time out in his weekly column in Famitsu to explain the cloned characters in the recently released Nintendo 3DS version. Sakurai says that those who are the most vocal about the characters are mainly kids who are just extremely passionate about the game. Here’s what he had to say in Famitsu.

“There are 3 fighters [Lucina, Dark Pit, and Doctor Mario] that are alternate models (clones) in the game. Each was originally a color variation, but during development, they were given balanced characteristics. Since their functionality had differences, forms were separated from each other. However, it was vital that this didn’t increase the required man-hours. Some relative tuning was sufficient as it wasn’t necessary to create balancing from scratch.”

“This is like a free dessert after a luxurious meal that was prepared free of charge. In a restaurant with this type of service, I don’t think there’s anybody who would say, “Change this to a meat dish!!”

“Yet, I’m told [to do that] about Smash Bros. But, I guess since a lot of them are children, it cannot be helped.”

“Could you please leave it to me to select [characters] with man-hours and costs in mind? However you look at it, the game is a great bargain buy as a result.”


265 thoughts on “Sakurai Says Smash Bros Clone Haters Are Mostly Children And It Cannot Be Helped”

      1. I prefer to think he called all the adults complaining about it kids too, damn kids asking for more free stuff when they didn’t even have to get the other free stuff

        1. Well, that’s just it. He didn’t literally mean kids. He was calling the Nintendo fans “kids” to insult us and to claim that we are being whiny about it. He was very rude there and you know how much I try not to bash Nintendo so this was a really big thing!

          1. He is calling whiners who complain about clones “Children”. If people feel insulted, be they Nintendo fans or not, then maybe they are those whiners.

                1. I don’t use Miiverse since it’s too complicated to find where you want to go amidst all of the groups. Not to mention that typing on anything other than my Desktop is beyond my capabilities.

              1. Read up on context. He was not calling everyone children, only the whiners. If you were’nt whining, then he wasn’t calling you “children ”
                I don’t feel insulted, ‘cuz the comment was doesn’t apply to me and the rest of the fans who weren’t complaining about clones.

                1. Don’t get the wrong idea. He was mocking the entire Nintendo community with that remark and he knows that he can get away with it. That’s the only reason why he said it. He may also be implying that all gamers are whiners, but that’s a worst case scenario. We should all feel insulted and deeply ashamed of how the video game industry has crumbled away while the clothing and Smartphone industries continue to grow.

          2. It was rude, he lost form, but some people are brats and wannabe game producers that will always complain no matter how much he crammed into this game, so I see his point.

          1. Wow you’re an idiot, let me break down the metaphor. Game with originally planned roster = meal you paid for, free dessert = extra clones that weren’t going to be made seperate characters but were because the option was there and they felt generous.

      2. Of course it knows its demographic. It knows that about 1/4 of Nintendo gamers are small children (mario and such), 1/4 of Nintendo gamers are normal people, and 1/2 of them, apparently, are people like you– noobs without a clue.

      3. So Nintendo doesn’t know that a VIDEO GAME demographic is made primarily of children? Grow up mate, obviously games like this (i.e. fun games, not ones that are trying super hard to be “mature”) are made for children first and foremost. People throwing fits about their favourite characters not being in the game in favour of palette swaps just goes to show that Sakurai is right, children ARE the main demographic.

        1. It’s possible he didn’t mean it literally.

          Besides, not all of Nintendo games are targeted towards kids.

          Take Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requirem for the Gamecube, for example. Published by Nintendo, yet is rated “Mature” by ESRB.

      4. i have to agree dark pit is good but he is indeed a clone although a clone lucina i found a little faster than marth but dr mario wasn’t really needed. its i fun game dont get me wrong but its more mario reps than anything else.

      1. oh so u hate the game even without the clones ok and dude he cut early weekends added pac man mega man etc. and even work on his BIRTHDAY just to give us this game show some respect

    1. This was definitely a big blow for the Nintendo community. Even Sakurai has turned against us now. It’s too bad because we had been holding up pretty well up to now. This certainly isn’t going to help third party support and I can almost picture Ubisoft making a statement about how they were going to port Assassin’s Creed after all, but this interview turned them away. Don’t want to give the big games to “kids” after all. I just hope that this doesn’t seriously hurt the Wii U version’s sales more than they already are from the 3DS.

      1. Annoyed because you think it affects you? Good, anyone would if a bunch of opinions of how a game the creator wants it to be.

      2. Such a prophet, you are, you outlined Nintendo’s fate based on one comment. He lost form, true. But it’s not the end of the world. This is his greatest undertaking, he made deadline, tons of characters, so to hear whining should be expected, but he called it like it is whether you like it or not.

    2. So much truth in what Sakurai said. He should be a preacher. You “Nintendo fans” and a bunch of greedy punk kids who are never satisfied and don’t realized making a game isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s his damn game that he’s spending his precious time to make for us but you greedy low lives are never happy.

    3. Oh shut the fuck up, you act as though Sakurai didn’t have a valid point. People are being whiny as hell about nothing and Sakurai having to hear those millions of people bitch isn’t fair considering he put the effort to make a 50 character roster but oh no let’s completely ignore that fact and complain about like 3 characters.

  1. Or maybe it’s people who want unique characters, I wouldn’t of mind Dark Pit if you didn’t give him THE SAME moveset as regular Pit. That spells laziness to me.

    1. You miss the point. Dark Pit was just going to be a costume for Pit again, but they added some tweaks and he became his own character, but they didn’t spend much time on him, because there wasn’t anytime to make him his own “unique” character. Same for Dr. Mario and Lucina.

      If they weren’t their own caracters, then we would not have gotten any more characters AND these three clones would have just been costumes anyway.

      So Sakurai felt it was best to add in as much variety as possible, instead of removing the variety from the clones JUST to avoid children complaining about clone characters.

      1. The only thing I hate of Dark Pit is that he has a different weapon (forgot the name) in his stance. Other than that, I don’t mind clones.

      2. Finally, someone who makes sense. I mean its so well explained, and still the children complain. Theres nothing wrong wanting a new character. But..freaking..TIME. PRAY FOR DLC

      3. Well said. Would’ve still prefered if Flaco, Toon Link and Ganondorf were changed though and had different movesets but to complain (and not call it nitpicking) when there is so much variety is ridiculous.

        Anyway point is, these three guys were not occupying a character slot that was reserved for someone else (hence why they are placed away from their franchises, in their own clone section).

        1. Falco has his own moveset (reflector beam is different and only blocks in the direction he’s facing, but can launch people, moveset is more based around short, staccato bursts of damage rather than rapidfire, falco does a headbutt for his sidesmash instead, etc.)

          Ganondorf is different in terms of slowness. He is VERY slow, even slower than Ike, and is classified as a heavy character, whearas captain falcon is more of a mid-weight character. Ganondorf also happens to have a different move, which is his equivalent to cpt. falcon’s uppercut, but grabs the player instead and forces them to the ground.

          Dark pit is a clone. No denying that.

          Toon link is VERY different. HE has no kicks at all and is entirely based around sword slashing (legs are too small), his bombs are more powerful, his arrow is more powerful, his boomerang, although slower and lacking the pulling effect, deals more damage, and he has a better meteor smash with his sword. He also only does one slash for his up smash, and his up special is much stronger. He’s floatier, as well, and his bombs have a larger smoke effect than normal link. He’s much higher on the tier list than link, as well.

          Lucina has a few major differences, making her only a partial clone–she’s more based on power and slash combos than speed, but has a slightly larger hitbox. She is equally suitable for both ground and air combat, but Marth is much better at air combat.Marth’s speed combined with air abilities make him a few spots higher than her in the mid-tier.

          Doctor Mario is a partial clone, as he replaces some of Mario’s moveset with his own things…his pills being his own example. I haven’t played with him that much, however, so I can’t really say much else about him.

    2. Looks like someone didn’t read the article. It’s was vital they couldn’t go over the man hours and they needed to get done by November 21. Looms like someone is retarded

    3. Did you even read this article? What your asking for requires more man hours. He makes games, you don’t. Take a seat.

    4. you do knw he was only in the game because he had extra time and like sakurai said it is like making the ENTIRE moveset allover again

  2. Still would have liked to see dark pit with more variation from pit. There’s so much they could have done with him as far as different weapons

    1. He wasnt talking directly to you. He was aiming to those who TRASH him. And he’s not being rude. He’s being direct, serious, and u can tell he’s tired of people who dont understand or appreciate how the game is done.

      1. People trash companies all the time. I don’t see EA, Ubisoft, Activision attacking their fanbase and placing them into just a specific group. This will do more harm than good in the end

        1. You have a point, but were is NINTENDO as a company insulting its cotumers? All I see is Sakurai, a single developer speaking his mind. If you think that’s insulting then fine, but he doesn’t represent Nintendo as a whole. And yes, individuals from big Publishing/developing companies have insulted their costumers. Those are the headlines that get more hits on gaming sites.

    2. He isn’t insulting anyone… why is it that whenever someone is called a “child” that it has a negative connotation. People shouldn’t associate children with stupidity.

      In this day and age when people are fighting for their rights, people forget that the humans with the LEAST amount of human rights, are children. This is a fact undebatable.

      Plus, Sakurai isn’t actually “calling” anyone a “child.” He is literally saying that the majority of the ones complaining are literally and physically “children.” As in, anyone below the age 19.

      1. Child = immature. Unless you’ve never had a child and were stuck in your house in your entire life, that mentality is pretty obvious. What does bitching have to do with children anyways? Everyone does it. His commets just don’t make sense imo

        Children the LEAST amount of rights? They get the most! Lower prices, free education, EVERYTHING. Anything thay isn’t given to them is either not suitable or unsafe for it to be around them

  3. And he’s absolutely right. Clones don’t take up slots of other more original characters. They take up slots that just otherwise wouldn’t be there.

  4. People are looking at this the wrong way, I think. I mean, is it that we’re supposed to have 48 fighters and we got shortchanged because 3 of those were clones? Or as Sakurai alluded to free dessert, we were only supposed to get 45 fighters but they threw in 3 additional fighters that were just tweaked versions of existing fighters? Should we be angry that we got those 3 additional fighters (free dessert)?

  5. Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, and Lucina play almost identical to Pit, Marth, and Mario. And he also forgot to make some other characters like Ganondorf stand out on their own instead of copying Captain Falcon yet again. The game is great but the characters don’t really feel all that different from Brawl. I actually miss some of the things in Brawl like some of the stages, that SSE story mode, and Ice Climbers. I’m getting a lot less enjoyment from the game than I thought I would. They probably should’ve just focused on making it for Wii U to include the most content possible. Oh well. *sigh*

    1. Yep, all the characters feel the same to me. The old character that made a return play almost identically as they did in brawl. The new characters seem to all have the same basic, smash, and air attacks. It’s why I am having trouble liking any of the characters this time around. That being said…Link, Sonic, and Ganondorf got massive upgrades from brawl. That did make me happy.

    2. I disagree with Dark Pit, Mario and Lucina, but I agree with Ganondorf.

      He is Sakurai’s greatest mistake in the new Smash Bros. Ganondorf should NOT be a clone character… Oh and according to Sakurai, doesn’t him being a clone mean that he was just thrown in at the end? Why wasn’t he a priority???

    3. My Brawl main feels totally different. Sonic finally has moves that can send people flying but as a trade in almost everything he does seems to end in landing lag or a weird animation that leaves him open. That said i’ve only used him like 4 or 5 times in this game so far because of that, so maybe i’ll like him more as time goes by. There are a lot of similarities but a lot of differences. I miss SSE, Ice Climbers and certain stages too but i’m not too worried yet considering we got a game practically as big as Brawl with plenty of content that’s still hidden. The Wii U is WAAAAY more powerful than the 3DS and we got all this in the 3DS version. There’s still so much potential and i’m sure(at least I hope) fan favorite stages like Hyrule Temple, etc. will be on the Wii U version along with new ones so that’s fine. My main issue here is what replaces Subspace Emissary. If it’s just a mini-game or something along the lines of Melee’s Adventure mode i’ll be a little sad. But I think we have to wait before judging until we play both versions- who knows what secrets are left.

  6. Look. We get it. They have different movesets. Barely different. Why would you include the ability to change movesets, but have these clone characters, when they could have been made with the pallet swap and custom move set? Just so they can be used online? IDK. It’s whatever for me I suppose, I do prefer Mario’s Melee moveset, so there is that I guess.

  7. This guy is really polemic. First he says he doesn’t want a too big rooster. So characters must be chosen carefully.
    Second, he says each character should give something unique to gameplay. And now he is calling children to the people against clones.

    Listen Sakurai, you can say whatever you want, but please be coherent.
    Clones are not even a thing. If you consider them “extra” or “dessert” as you say, then don’t complain about limits of making a big rooster. These “spaces” could be used for something better than a clone. What you consider dessert for the main dish, I consider it the traces of yesterday’s meal. Coherency, please.

    1. Again, to create a new character requires TIME. Probably there are more characters coming via DLC, or else the game was going to be delayed to 2015 and they needed to get it out for 2014 season. And these 3 characters doesnt take as much data as a complete different character.

    2. But you don’t know what he meant by “big roster.” For all we know, “big roster” meant 50 or 60 characters which is why Sakurai kept it in the late forties.

      He does believe characters should bring something unique to the gameplay… not including clone characters. He specifically says the clone characters are added in to change up the variety that otherwise would not be there if they don’t add in the clone characters. Every main character (not a clone) does bring something unique to the roster.

      He isn’t calling people children, he is saying the majority of people complaining are “physically” children.

  8. If you are still crying and dont understand what he meant, congatulations. You are a kid. But this guy’s right and talked how he should have talked. Although It may offend some fans, I dont give a crap. Man up.

  9. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Damn him to hell, he gave us 48 characters, a multitude of modes such as Classic, Smash Run, Multi Man Smash, a couple of minigames like Trophy Rush, Home Run Contest and Bomb Target and graphics that could make this one of the best looking games on 3DS.

    But 3 of those 48 characters are clones? kill him and his loved ones.

    If anyone was too stupid to get that, it was sarcasm.

    1. He gave you that? Gave? For free? Gave? For free? You dang beast, you. You genius. I’m so jealous of your intellect.

      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        Better than Crapcom or EA, they would give you 10 characters and the rest you have to buy in DLC


          Well…Nintendo is doing shit like that as well. Microtransactions in NSMB2, Fire Emblem, DLC in Mario Kart 8, Amiibo, Hyrule Warriors DLC, Most likely SSB will have it too…Nintendo has gone that path already. They make 6 babies in Mario Kart 8 just so they can sell you more likeable characters later.

    2. It is disappointing that we only got 48 characters. We needed at least 50 to keep up with the Street Fighter franchise. 2 more clones (Pichu and Mewtwo(Make him a clone of Palutena) would have definitely helped))

  10. He forgot to mention that returning clones (Ganondorf, Falco, Toon Link, Luigi) make it easy to reduce man hours too, cuz you have the excuse to keep tweaking them slightly with each game instead of giving them a unique moveset.

    If it meant losing three clones to get one newcomer with a unique moveset, I’d take it.

  11. It’s pretty childish to complain about charecters being clones, especially sense it changes the functionality just enough to make a horrible character (mario prefrence) to amazing (Dr. Mario)

  12. Dr. Mario has more launch power on his up B. That’s all the change I need. The other characters and their originals suck anyway.

  13. People complain about the clones, yes – they’ve been in since Melee, so we need to expect this from here on out. But what is the purpose of adding them, when characters like Ganondorf, Toon Link, Luigi and Falco continue to get the same movesets based on their original copy? (Though Luigi has come a decent way). Clones are in and it’s Sakurai’s final decision and I can accept that, but calling certain fans mere children and saying things like “have you made a game?” makes it seem like he’s very self-righteous. Not really the way to treat and call out fans of the series… He lost a few respect points in my book.

  14. So much is lost in translation. What in english sounds impolite or even rude is merely pointing out things in japanese. I hate when the things japanese developers say are translated this way.

    Besides most of the complainers are whiny kids or whiny kidlikes. Most of us are just very very excited about the game.

  15. Really, people complaining about getting too much? I was happy to get Dark Pit, and Dr Mario. Who gives a shit anyway, people complain about too much.

  16. It make sense those who complain about it are just kids. To be honest even with this explanation they will still complain. Not because they are stupid (for some it may be the case) but most of them don’t understand the term cost and man hours. I like the explanation and the analogy

  17. Shots fired, lmaooo.
    But yea, my personal problem about the issue aren’t the clones themselves, as it was said many times before, they didn’t replace any other possible characters; without them, the roster simply would have been smaller. The thing, for me personally, is the fact that he tried too hard explaining his decisions and ended up contradicting himself, giving us unreasonable explanations while there was clear evidence speaking against what he said.
    But anyway, I’m looking forward to the WiiU version.

  18. nintendo is too entitled

    Yeah shame on us for wanting quality in a game that only comes out every half decade. Cost and time isn’t an issue for,Nintendo. They’re rich. If they’d spend more time making games right and listening to fans maybe the Wii u wouldn’t have only sold 13 consoles world wide.

  19. well if they are not replacing original characters then whatever but if they are replacing possible original characters then fu :3

  20. well this guy lost a little respect from me, i mean i get it yeah as a consumer i can be ungrateful at times, i understood the limitations he worked with when he split the characters, shit i even understood the difference with the clones in some cases. I mean i like playing lucina over marth, it reminds of street fighter and how there are like 5 shotokan fighters and such with different variety. However to call people children because they don’t like clones, he just needs to shut up and take the criticism. I mean i don’t know how long it took to make brawl, but this new smash feels almost the same. granted that it isn’t bad, it just feels like that. However to just call the people haters because they could probably could of waited for new characters( granted all the secret characters should of stayed secret) jump of a bridge guy. At least they aren’t complacent “sheeple” and want something better. At least they don’t settle for the same game all the time. I mean the day it is wrong to want a better game from your favorite Publisher/Developer is the day Nintendo dies. I mean I love them and all but if responses like this keep coming well they eating away at the inner child that made me love them in first place.

    That Aside i am loving lucario, or basically any pokemon character. They awesome.

      1. he didn’t shit on anyone he’s saying why it’s stupid for you and others to shit on him, and become the next capcom? get over yourself.

        1. You make it sound like it cant happen. I mean all it would really take is one bad decision like to cancel a zelda game and then people would be feeling outspoken

  21. I’ve always said this. Clones aren’t taking up slots. Their existence creates slots out of thin air that would have otherwise never existed.

    I think a more profitable discussion to have is “is it a bad idea to declone a clone?” By that I mean, if a character debuts as a clone, is it a bad idea to rework his moveset so heavily that it no longer resembles the character upon which he was based?

    I think the only precedent we have for this is Luigi, who can’t really be called a clone anymore. Any similarity he still has to Mario is justified by virtue of the fact that they play similarly (if not identically) in most Mario games.

    But remember, once a character is introduced, to heavily change their moves would alienate people who became accustomed to their moveset as it was in their debut. Wouldn’t that be a bad thing? I suppose those people could just get over it, but those people are the ones who are taken into consideration when clone movesets aren’t completely overhauled.

    So I think the real mistakes here are making important characters clones in the first place. I can forgive characters like Dr. Mario, Falco, and Dark Pit being clones. Dr. Mario is Mario, Fox’s moveset had to be entirely invented in the first place with no source material to pick from, and Dark Pit literally IS a clone. But Sakurai should have never included Ganondorf in Melee if he didn’t have time to give him a unique moveset. That’s the ONE clone I despise in the Smash Bros games.

    1. i liked melee ganondorf more for his A attacks and tilts. yeah granted he was a straight out of the box clone, they way he fought fit his character IMO.

  22. Also reason blame can be placed on him is because that he is like Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura. If your gonna put his name in it, especially as an(Constant) honorable mention, you better make sure it is well received.

  23. People, calm the fuck down, he was talking about actual kids, not adults that act like them. Kids don’t always understand how much time goes down to create a character. They just want MORE.

    The clones are just clones, they are extra character and they don’t replace anyone. I personally play a lot with Dark Pit so I’m glad he’s in there, I just think he’s cooler than Pit ’cause evil, I dunno, lol I think we got a lot of characters, it’s all good to me.

    1. Idk how to interpret what sakurai said, seeing as how there seems to be resentment in what he is saying. But then again idk what he meant, i didn’t hear him say it.

    1. I wouldn’t mind the clones if he got off his lazy ass and cloned a ton of characters, then it would be justified, people want Mewtwo? Clone Lucario, people want Ice Climbers? Just have them as two separate clones!
      But no, since he can’t be bothered to make quality products we end up with a half baked game on the 3DS and a lazy port on the Wii U.
      I was gonna buy the Wii U game just to show him I cared more about what should have been the real version of the game and not a crippled rehash, but seeing as how I am a child for trying to be an intelligent consumer I can safely say: GO FUCK YOURSELF SAKURAI and instead just buy Bayonetta, Watch Dogs and Pokemon.

  24. 3 clones? What about the other ones? I mean Toon Link, Ganondorf, Falco! They need to have some more tweaks!

    Luigi is a perfect example what I mean: he started as Mario clone, but today he feels so different. That’s a great job! But Toon Link, Ganondorf, and Falco still need to feel different from their original counterparts (Link, Captain Falcon, Fox). Seriously! Falco NEVER used a Landmaster in StarFox series, he’s an ace pilot!

    So, add them to the “3 clones” (Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, Lucina). Dr, Mario feels a little different, he’s stronger, heavier than Mario. But Dark Pit and Lucina feels almost the same as Pit and Marth. I would think Dark Pit would use SSBB Pit’s moveset, I guess that would be fine. But Lucina is just a simple copy. The most disappointing thing is that Chrom was not chosen to be different from the Fire Emblem characters, he’s totally different from each character in Fire Emblem series.

    1. The gender swap characters technically count as clones too, so Robin and the Trainers are also clones.
      But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the fact that he has Ike but not Chrom speaks ton of how he hauled content from Brawl to fill in the blanks, he didn’t care to create a new character because it was easier to recycle those from Brawl.
      And his statements are contradicting, nobody cares about Ike, but he says characters are chosen upon relevance.
      Then cutting characters that are up and running on the Wii U version because they can’t be handled by the 3DS, because he “wants to be fair” but the Wii U game isn’t gonna cost $40, is it? So that’s the end of his fairness.

      1. alt costumes =/= clones. alt costumes have the exact same characteristics whereas clones are tweaked to have different characteristics. did you even read the article or are you just focusing on sakurai saying most of the people who complain are kids, which doesn’t necessarily include you?

  25. The way I see Sakurai’s statement, he’s right. He can’t tell the difference between adults and children on the internet, so he just puts them into one group. Not because they ARE children, but because they act like they are.

    1. So, trying to be an intelligent consumer and demand quality products is being a child?
      Wow, and here I thought that was the mature thing to do.

    1. He’s just bitching like a little girl because he doesn’t want people criticizing his laziness and hoarding of the franchise.

    1. Exactly, his statements are so idiotic.
      If clones are cheap and easy to put together where is Wolf? Where is Mewtwo? Where are the solo Ice Climbers? Where is Chrom?
      He’s just putting up excuses for being lazy, and his fantards just go on and on about how he’s sick and whatnot and I say that if he stopped hoarding the franchise and let somebody help we could have gotten something much better in a shorter amount of time?
      Or how about holding back the 3DS version and enhance it for the NEW 3DS? That would give time to the WIi U version to be exclusive for a while and move Wii U units which is what Nintendo needs right now, releasing it in the middle of Pokemon and Watch_Dogs is gonna destroy it.

  26. People this days, don’t appreciate things.
    People just won’t be satisfied what was given, they always want some more.
    All they think is themselves in this game, about their favorite characters, what should have been done…and everything.
    Sakurai gave you just an extra characters, just an extra. Then some of them would say, “He just should bring this character instead.” and when they don’t see their characters? They hate Sakurai.
    I think they’re just overly in-love with SSB. It’s like their whole life depends on it.
    They can’t get over it. It’s just a game. All games have one purpose, to play and enjoy, to have fun, with defined and set rules. Nothing more, nothing less.

    1. Yes, how dare people be intelligent consumers!
      They must throw their cash down the drain on lazy ports and crippled games! That’s how you show that you care, not by complaining but by telling them that anything they churn out is fine; so next time instead of doing something better they just give you even less content and more recycled data.

    2. A game that has Wolf playable (Super Smash Bros. Brawl), for the sequel, he’s unplayable. Do you really think cutting old characters is necessary?

  27. Well to all the people complaining about the same moves and accusing him of being lazy. Take the additional time to go online and read what the difference between pit and dark pit are.

    Dark Pit, known as Black Pit in Japan (ブラックピット, Burakku Pitto), is a character from the Kid Icarus series. He is Pit’s rival who was created after he destroyed the Mirror of Truth. He is almost physically identical to Pit, but wears a black outfit, has black hair and red eyes. He also has a more serious and aggressive personality.

    With that being said why would they have different moves their both exactly the same mirror imaes.

    1. The moves are the lightest part of the programming, the clones are lazy mostly in that they use the same models, drivers and sound cues.

    2. They are different personality-wise, but do you know who else is different personality-wise? Bowser Jr. And the Koopalings, yet he was able to make them alternate costumes for Bowser Jr. This is a simple case of nepotism seeing as Sakurai was the creator behind Kid Icarus: Uprising.

  28. Sakurai needs to stop being a self-righteous cunt, his games are lazy, he’s just annoyed that people are pointing it out.

  29. So him assuming they’re children and going into this whole thing, plus all the other statements he said is making him act like a child too.
    So they were costumes and then changed to characters because they had a sort of difference. Could have gave Alph rock pikmin then bam another new clone character. Shouldn’t have taken Dr. Mario out in the first place if you were just going to put him back in.

    I rather have 1 new character than 3 new clones that could have just been costumes.

    1. Guess trying to be an intelligent consumer and wanting quality products is being childish.
      The mature thing to do is to buy anything he does no matter how mediocre and rehashed it is.

    2. He didn’t say they’re all children, who says there aren’t plans for more characters, and either way do you not already have enough? It’s the biggest roster yet and he just so happened to find a way to throw some extras in for kicks. That’s a bad thing?

      1. Yes it is. All I wanted was one person and I wouldn’t complain. Someone who deserved to be in since Melee yet only appears as a trophy

          1. King K. Rool. I’m not into Metroid so I don’t really care about Ridley but I can understand where the fans are coming from. Metroid, Donkey Kong, Star Fox ……… Are all big franchises in Nintendo at least bigger than the Kirby franchise and Fire Emblem and they don’t get new reps…..

            1. Lol honestly i’ve REALLY wanted K. Rool in since Melee just like you, and seeing the Kremlings in Smash Run had me believing he was in for sure. I haven’t played all the Metroid games so I don’t have a super attachment to Ridley either but if he was in i’d be glad so his fans can finally get what they’ve been waiting for and stop all the madness lol. That said though I saw a long article talking about which franchises would get reps first if it was based on sales and DK beats Kirby but Kirby would beat Metroid and Star Fox. I don’t think Fire Emblem was included in that comparison though but I do know Awakening sold really well globally so I guess that’s why FE got two new reps. A part of me is still holding out on the off chance that King K. Rool and Ridley (if I was being selfish/honest i’d say I rather have Lucas and Wolf over Ridley haha) pop up after the Wii U release but who knows.

  30. Sakurai’s way out of line here. This was downright rude and I would almost consider buying Smash Bros Wii U a few minutes late if not for the translators.

    1. I’m not even gonna touch it, Pokemon comes out at the exact same time and I’m not made of cash, he nerfed the Wii U version to hell, now he has to live with it, nobody is gonna put Pokemon on hold for his crippled port of a game.

        1. The Pokemon games keep blowing me away, especially the megas, I’m in love with most of them, I’m having a really hard time choosing which to put on my team as it is and then bam! Mega Beedrill and Mega Pidgeot!
          Of course Mega Altaria has to be there, but what about the others! And then you have Roserade which is my fave, I don’t wanna push him out but the megas are just so cool!

          1. Let’s not forget about Mega Blaziken! Blaziken was my starter in the original Ruby and I’d certainly keep him in the center spot. That guy’s a beast and while his stats are technically not as great as some of the other fighters, I can’t demote him. Blaziken is still my favorite Pokemon after all!

  31. Everyone is all butthurt thinking Sakurai called them kids- when he was probably just stating a fact. A LOT OF THE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE CLONES ARE LEGITIMATELY CHILDREN. AS IN THEY ARE LITERALLY UNDER 18 AND ARE ACTUALLY KIDS. Have you guys been on Miiverse? There are a bitch-ton of kids asking for Spongebob, Shrek, The PowerPuff Girls and Jake from Adventure Time. He’s just saying the kids playing most likely don’t see the logic behind free quick characters, and that these characters did NOT stop him from including somebody else that they’d rather have.

    Imagine if Dr. Mario came back as an alt costume. All Melee fans who loved him would use that alt- but it’d have the wrong down special, etc. and the announcer would say “MARIO!” when you chose him, pissing off the Melee guys. Or Dark Pit. I’m not a fan of him but hey, he gets his own victory screens and taunts and stuff. Good for his fans. And Lucina being an alt would be odd I guess considering the slight height/weight change. She’s a woman and would have different attributes like speed, etc. they figured hey we can make her(and all these clones) a separate character without spending hours and hours making new movesets and then if they did that, they’d have to test FOR HOURS(months maybe?) making the clones fight every single character in each possible match-up combination using every move and item hundreds of times testing collisions and balance and AI and blah blah blah. Things that would keep all these people from their families for A LOT more time and costing Nintendo a lot of money to pay him and his team plus Bandai Namco and all the other teams involved. Add that to the fact that people were bitching to get the game ASAP and Nintendo most likely wanting it out as soon as possible (they announced it’s release before the Wii U even came out and he was still making another game then lol) and you’d have a game releasing way too late because of characters that were originally costumes and really don’t matter.

    They’re just free characters and he probably assumed older fans understand that and either don’t care about them or appreciate the work put in and that a lot (Not all, but A LOT) of the people complaining are younger. Still everyone gets their feelings hurt like he specifically told you guys to stop being children or something. Smh. Also remember there is the possibility for DLC. If people were more appreciative and less berating and entitled it could entice him to give you more content and spend more of his life doing things FOR YOU. If someone yelled at me for years and then didn’t appreciate what I made I wouldn’t be going out of my way to give you even more content…

        1. No, you’re a fantard because you think he does what he does in your best interest and not because it is his job and it gets him cash.

          1. Is that what you took away from all that? Wow. If it was in MY best interest a lot of these characters would be gone and replaced with ones that I think are better. Also both versions would have campaign modes that are different- but connect in a cool way if you own and beat them both… I could go on for days. Still, my point was that “a lot” does not mean “all”, a fact is not an insult and clones probably are easier to make than new characters.

            A lot of people are dumb asses though so…

    1. He’s not doing shit for you or for me honey, he’s doing shit to sell it, and it’s good, as long as it is a quality product, there’s no loyalty or generosity, just market.
      If he makes a shitty product, then I’m not gonna buy it, and if he nerfs a product I wanted to buy, I’m gonna be vocally displeased about it too it’s only fair that if he can throw tantrums in websites and magazines I can say what I believe here where it reaches a grand total of 12 people.
      Elitist much?

    2. I stopped where you said they will call him Mario.
      They call Alph by his name. Same with all the Koopalings plus changed their voices. It’ s not hard for him to keep them a Alt. And change their names because he did with others already.

      1. True, but if he called a Mario reskin Dr. Mario but didn’t change that down special and stats to reflect Dr. Mario from Melee all those Melee guys would bitch. Someone’s gonna yell at him either way I just don’t understand why people are mad at extra characters they don’t have to play as. Now if we found out Lucina cost us someone good i’d be pissed as fuck but if she was just a last minute “let’s make her a separate character” thing then I don’t really care.

        For the record i’d rather have Roy than Lucina and ANYONE over Dark Pit but I don’t see the point in raging since it’s not that big of a deal. At the end of the day they’re just clones. I’m more concerned with learning what’s gonna make the Wii U version different and prove that the 3DS version wasn’t a burden on the Wii U one.

  32. Actually Sakurai, a lot of them are not children. Many of us older gamers also feel that Dark Pit is purely a clone and is a waste of a character slot.

  33. Holy shit, I didn’t believe him for a second until I read all the comments from this thread. He’s outspoken, has balls, and he’s right to an extent.

    1. Hideki Kamiya has more balls than this guy. He seriously tells fans to them personally on twitter.
      Sakurai just states crap that people still pick out false on a website that he basically said in a interview.

      What’s more impressive? Writing it personally to fans or writing it somewhere else that you have no control over?

  34. I think that a better analogy would be this:

    You just had a fantastic dinner at a restaurant, and then the waiter brings out a free dessert as a bonus. However, the dessert’s already half eaten and smells off.

    Just let me leave with the great meal, forget the dessert.

    1. Because wolves are scary to children, which Sakurai apparently thinks is the target audience. Therefore he decided to cut one of the best character in Brawl.

    2. That’s actually the biggest mystery. Ice Climbers were cut for technical reasons, Lucas was cut presumably because Earthbound has no future so why keep including more characters, and Snake was cut because we all know THAT SHIT ain’t happening with his games being nowhere near a Nintendo console. But Wolf well… there’s no justifiable explanation. Star Fox definitely always has a future, even if games are few and far between, and there’s no way he had technical difficulties. Hm.

      Well. Guess it’s just a mystery.

  35. Unrelated to the article, but anybody playing Master Core on 9.0? Going through with everyone myself, finished the first two top rows. Fun fight though frustrating, especially Little Mac due his jump. Meta Knight kinda sucked too cause he is too short to hit a lot of his smash attacks, and his aerials don’t do much damage so I ended up losing the first time only cause time ran out on the final mirror form. Got him though the next time or maybe the third :p I find the team battles harder than Master Core sometimes lol it’s two on 1 pretty much.

    1. I accidentally clicked the like button so I thought I’d comment.
      Beating teamed up CPUs is easier if you just focus on the items, and throw in a few fast/light attacks when the CPUs get too close(they kinda read your inputs so fast attacks work best). And you can also screw up Master Core’s Mirror form and make it fall off the stage easier if you have custom moves that changes how to use a character’s recovery move(like Mario Up-B Jump).
      I’ve actually beat Master Core on 9.0 a few times so far, but I usually pick 8.0 or lower when I play with a character I didn’t play with much before(I’m trying to beat those “Clear X with All Characters” challenges).

      1. Yea I usually go for the items in the 2 on 1, I’d say marth and lucina are a nasty team as well as fox and falco. I’ve since beaten core on 9.0 with mac and meta knight, and I’m up to pit, did palutena. So I just need 3 more rows, only one full row left. And I did charizard and lucina already so it’s less than that. I’ll still say mac and meta were the worst. Marth, lucina and ike can counter a lot of master cores attacks so that was a breeze lol. I’ve knocked them off the stage in the mirror form a number of times, there were a few were they did it to me though lol. One time as mac he came right in from his mirror form, knocked me off right off the bat, and it was over cause his useless jumps lol.

        1. Whoa, didn’t know you could counter Master Core’s attacks. I wonder if you’ll unlock a intensity 10 if you beat it with all of the characters on 9.0 (one challenge said beat Classic Mode on intensity “9.0 or higher.” o.O). You might be the first!

          1. Yea I wasn’t sure but I figured why not take a chance. The dog part especially the counter is useful. OWNS him lol. I shall definitely report if there is a 10.0. I wondered the same thing about there being higher since it says “9.0 or higher.” Stuck on fox at the moment, haven’t been able to play today though cause I’ve been busy at work and sick too so the little I did play wasn’t my best lol. You can also reflect the gun shot from master hand with a reflector, not sure if you knew that. Trying to think of any other tips I’ve come across, I’ll post if I do.

            1. Yeah I didn’t know any of that that either. I’ve only beat 9.0 with Dr.Mario, Luigi and Toon Link(with the other characters I usually play a lower level and go to just Master Hand because I be scared I’ll lose to Master Core), but now I really want to try out that awesome stuff you told me about with the other characters. Also, I hope you get better. I’m actually a little sick myself.

              1. Those were some of the easiest ones to do it with I must say. Luigi’s forward A attack in the air is awesome, the quick chop can get 3 hits in easy before landing and they are strong. I don’t blame you for not wanting to lose to core lol. I was just gonna go through classic on easier levels but I saw someone on gamefaqs ask if it could be done with anyone but Ike, so I started off, and now I have come too far to give up lol. Thanks by the way, sorry you are sick too lol. I’m in south florida and apparently there’s a bug going around here and everyones getting it. Feel better too man (or woman :p)

              2. Finished fox and falco and literally just did pikachu, His thunder move (Down B) destroys EVERYONE in the match, hands, first form, dog form, sword form, and mirror.

                1. That Down B move is one of the reasons Pikachu is on my list of hardest CPUs to beat on level 9(up there with Little Mac and..Jigglypuff!?), even my best characters have a ton of trouble with that move, unless I use Dr/Mario’s Cape to reflect it as it comes down, making it shock Pikachu instead lol. I also did notice that Luigi’s Air Chop attack was pretty powerful, especially in Melee.
                  I hope you do get a cool unlockable for beating 9.0 with all characters. You’ll also be able to stop any “beat 9.0 with all characters to unlock Mewtwo1!!!!” rumors from spreading.

                  1. Haha yea I hate fighting pikachu especially human players that spam it like crazy. I always expect it to be coming so I wait and air dodge if I am forced near it. I don’t have too much trouble with 1 on 1 CPUs but the team battles are the hardest part honestly of classic mode I think. Might as well be 2 on 1 lol. Fox and Falco are nasty, and marth lucina combo too. Duck hunt with anyone is annoying cause he just spams the frisbee and cans . Melee is actually where I got the idea to use Luigi’s chop cause my friend used him and that chop. Caught me off guard how quick it was compared to anyone else’s aerials. Haha that would be hilarious if you unlocked mewtwo, and even ridley and ice climbers from doing it. “Yea, we lied about them, they’re in it. But very few will be good enough to unlock them!” Haha that would be Sakurai’s ultimate troll. I’d have to applaud such a move lol

                  2. Ok as of yesterday I finished with every fighter on classic 9.0 including all 3 Mii Fighters and can confirm you get NO recognition whatsoever, no milestone or trophy or anything unlocked. Just the satisfaction that you did it, and nothing else. So only do it if you wanna see a 9.0 next to everyone otherwise you have no need to do it.

                    1. God damn! I can’t even beat master and crazy hand on 6.0! I can only imagine what you would do to me in Smashx o_O

                      1. lol we should play some time friend. Just learn master cores moves and he becomes much much easier. you play on weekends only or during the week?

                        1. I play it every day. Lol but it’s usually night or evening when I’m at home connected to internet.

                          1. True that, I just have 6 challenges left on the 3rd wall and I’m finished offline. Then I’ll be online far more often, but I’ll check for you. I’m at work right now so can’t play online cause no wi fi :(

                            1. I just got off of work at the time of posting this comment. But my 3DS is dead so no Smash for me while I’m walking home. Lol.

                            2. Aw man, I was hoped something really cool would happen for doing that(much cooler than getting a Crazy Hand trophy). But at least all rumors related to that are now destroyed, and you have some MAJOR bragging rights. I guess Nintendo wouldn’t want someone to do something that hard, so they won’t give any kind of prize for it(except on F-Zero GX). But I am glad you found out what happens.

                              Also now I think if there is a intensity 10, it would have something to do with the WiiU version(connecting to the 3DS version?), along with some of those unused announcer clips that might be for the WiiU version.

                              1. Yea no prizes. Haha F-Zero GX was hard. But fun. I wish they offered something for the hard work but I can understand them not wanting stuff some may simply not be able to get. That’s an interesting point with having 10 with the Wii U connectivity. That would be sweet. Maybe another form added to Master Core??

                                1. Sorry it took so long to respond, my internet had issues and stuff. But I’d totally want to see a new form for Master Core, even though it can’t get much more epic than fighting yourself. Also, after that Nintendo Direct, I think Mewtwo and maybe not having a WiiU is probably the only reason people will buy the 3DS, because dang, they took everything cool Brawl and the 3DS version had and made it better.
                                  I might have to remember Mewtwo in order the keep myself from trading-in the 3DS game for the WiiU version! lol

                                  1. No problem lol. And it seems there is another form of Master Core, Master Fortress. Looks interesting, but I don’t think it’s a straight boss fight. If you have club nintendo already, can’t you just put in your club nintendo code now and return the game if you want? Then just add the wii u code when it comes and wouldn’t that do it? Also, not sure if you created a mii or have stuff unlocked for it, but you can carry it over to the wii u version so that’s a reason to hold off on returning if you care about your mii. I am just four hats short of 100% in the game so I definitely wanna transfer all my stuff over. The drop rate for the mii hats is soooo ridiculous and random. You can play for two days and not get a new hat lol. It’s all just random so there’s nothing you can do. You just get them when the game wants you to. Really like that you can draw your own stages with the stage builder, that should be great. I don’t know how creative I will be or not, but I know others will make awesome boards I can download.

                                    1. I used to be all over Brawl’s stage builder, then some fans created a PC Stage Builder with less limits, allowing you to make even better stages on PC then transfer to your SD Card to play in Brawl! Then Project M got rid of the Stage Builder Stages so I kinda forgot about it lol. But the WiiU version should be waaay better than any other version of the Stage Builder. And yeah, the Miis are a good reason to keep the 3DS version, but I also like the customized characters too. Seriously, Mario’s Fludd doing damage! It is really hard to unlock the custom moves and clothes so transferring them would be really good. But the mode I really want to play is 8-Player Smash, that’s more players in a Match than the fangame Super Smash Bros. Crusade(which was 6)!

                                      1. heard lots of good things about project m but never got it, wasn’t sure if I had to hack my system to get it, and if so wasn’t sure about that. Glad to hear the wii u stage builder will be the best coming from someone who played all the others. The customized moves are awesome. Fludd doing damage indeed lol. That’s what I have on my Mario, the scorching fludd and shocking cape. Pac Man has a fire fire hydrant that I use. Yes I said fire twice lol. Shoots out fire instead of water, but hurts you too. There’s definitely a lot of custom moves I like better than the regular moves, and some custom moves that I don’t like. I wish Mario got an ice ball like Luigi.

                                      2. YESSSSS Just got the Dragon Helmet, been waiting for that one, I thought it was gonna be the last one lol. Just 3 more hats and I am done with the 3DS version and can rest my thumbs up for the U lol. I almost didn’t believe it when I read it. Getting the custom moves and outfits and trophies and even smash run powers were nothing compared to the hats. If you’re trying to get all the custom moves, use the same character who needs the moves you want, and play either smash run or classic on 9.0 and that got me the moves quick. I didn’t have to spend too much time getting everyone’s moves, maybe a day or two which isn’t too bad. I’ve been at the hats for a week or two now lol.

                                        1. Wow, you beat all of the other challanges!? I haven’t even fully beat Panel 2(it’s actually just Get 5 Street Pass Hits and I refuse to use a hammer!). And yeah, getting the Custom Parts can be pretty hard, but I usually went to Trophy Rush to get custom moves with the character I wanted them for.

                                          Also, you should give Project M a try if you liked Melee, you don’t really hack your Wii you have just use a safe exploit in Brawl. But if you liked Brawl better than Melee, Project M won’t be much better than Melee. That’s why another mod called Brawl Minus might be better(It takes Brawl’s gameplay to a whole new level of crazy that not even Smash 4 has).

                                          1. Yea beat every challenge, no hammers used. For your five hits streetsmash, go to mcdonalds and starbucks. I read they are hot spots and sure enough I went to them and got my hits the same day. Let the hit count say 5 t least before you play the match. All the other street smash challenges can be done in the practice. If you don’t have 50 hours or even 10 hours of smash unlocked, leave your game in a 1 vs 1 match against a level 1 cpu, no items, boxing ring normal stage, set damage to .5, and cpu handicap to like 200%. Set it to 99 lives. Leave it like this anytime you sleep with the system open and on a charger, or any time you go to school or work and can’t play, and you’ll get hours quick. Beat that challenge before the first week. Any other challenges you might be working on let me know and I can give you the best and most efficient ways to get them if you like. As for project m, my wii doesn’t play discs anymore so I can’t try lol. And I moved all my save data to my U.

                                          2. Just got my last hat like half an hour ago! 100% complete with the 3DS version! My poor thumbs can rest lol. I’ll be posting a video showing all the hats, outfits, and challenges soon if you wanna see them or wanna see what challenges unlock certain things. Just had to share with someone even though you probably won’t see this for a while lol. Now time to sleep!

                                            1. I’d love to see the video since It’ll probably be a very long time before I beat the game 100%(all of those “beat it with every character” challanges O_o ). Did you get the Rayman Trophy? I haven’t actually heard of anyone unlocking it yet.
                                              Also, how did you beat the 2nd Home Run contest? I’ve only got around 2500ft most, and I even tried that Yoshi Down-Air attack trick from Melee.

                                              BTW, even though you have a WiiU to play your Wii games on, if you get a chance you should buy new Wii, just because of the mods you can do on it lol. There’s tons of cool Homebrew stuff and Game Mods you can use on it, and some hackers managed to bring online back for some Wii games. Used Wiis are very cheep now so I think it’d be worth it. :D

                                              1. I’m off tomorrow so I might post the video. I might remake it cause I was tired and it was late when I made it, didn’t even review it. Plus I left out the last few milestones I got. I think the Rayman trophy is only in the Wii U version. I will look through my trophies when I get home though to confirm that lol. I think I used Yoshi’s classic trick, but it may have been Ganon. I’ll have to check on that when I get home too and see who it was. I didn’t do it myself but apparently if you do a reverse warlock punch (when you face left and press to do the punch then immediately hold right so you turn around and punch) it makes it go extra far cause it’s more powerful. You can try that and if you don’t have it by the time you get home I will post who I got it with and try to retrace my steps on what I did to get it. As for the wii yea that are probably cheap now so I might check into that actually sometime. That’s cool they can bring back the online, didn’t know that was possible lol.

                                              2. Ok just got a new record of over 5,200 feet with Ganon. Start off with two forward smashes, then his strong forward attack (the long quick kick). Do that till about 2-3 seconds left, and make sure the sandbag is to the right of you. Face left, do a warlock punch, and turn around doing it. That should easily get you the challenge in a few tries.

                                                1. Wow I never knew that the Warlock Punch could launch someone farther than the Home Run bat. Thanks for the help. With that done I’ll mostly just have to do those crazy “gotta clear it with ’em all!” challenges.

                                                  Also interesting fact, right after that Mewtwo announcement for Smash 4, on BrawlVault(the main place for SSBB Hacks) the Mewtwo mods for Brawl instantly became the most popular hacks!

                                                  1. Here is the video I told you I would make, which ended up being two cause my camera shut off near the end lol.

                                                    1. I forgot to ask, do you want to exchange friend codes? I don’t have internet fast enough to play direct multiplayer yet, but I think it’d still be a good idea to register the friend codes now.

                                                        1. My code is 0104-0348-1125. My bro shares his 2DS with me.
                                                          Also I had a Wii U, but it was pawned. But I’m going to get it back pretty soon.

                                                          1. True that I added you yesterday, sucks about your Wii U, hope you get it back soon. My roomate uses a pawn shop often so I know how that goes.

                                          1. I’m afraid he totally jumped out of line there. Nintendo needs to discipline their minions before they all grow egos and turn into the next EA. (EA can’t even control its own twitter feed!)

                                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                              They do…

                                              Just look what happened to Supreme Ambassador Trinen a few years ago when High Command decided to “send him away”…

                                        2. This is phrased in a way that’s intentionally starting shit when tbh it was an innocent remark and a well entitled one at that.
                                          Don’t ask for better free shit when you get free shit that would otherwise be replaced by nothing.

                                        3. I think Sakurai is right. It is thechildren that are whinning about the roster.

                                          But even it those three “clones” were made better, and the roster was bulletproof, and perfect, certain people would still complain. There are just people out there that are never happy, that complain about everything. I’m tired of these people just like Sakurai is, but there is nothing you can do about it. Just tell them to stfu and move on.

                                          Oh, and by calling them children was a good move on his part. Now anyone that complains about the roster will be labeled a whinny child, and that is spot on.

                                          1. agree,with you,deep,i know the pokemon since the platuim CAME out through the X AND Y , i know a lot characters,but i dont pit’s game or metroid,but i know they are good fighters,so i can tell the first season fighters of 12 of them will be the fighting all-star games one they made WILL NOT be cut off.

                                        4. guys,guys,GET load over it it kinda “insult” but im not a whinner,im just telling the look-likes LIKE hello,stop saying bad words and other sort stuff at sakurai,we MAKE mistakes!!!! MISTAKES, i might think that sakurai wanted us play new characters and after that in the future,they will add ALL character from they made from every season, into a big game for all us,so clone is means like same,but diffrent MOVES,looks,voices,EVERY thing. so im trying say is are they going make a game in the future that HAS all fighters in one game some day,or in future?who knows, so try out new characters,i may didnt like some,but they are good new fresh new looking characters on this game! geez,enough madness….

                                        5. im not really a hater person of games,but i but GET load stop posting stupid comments or rude one AT sakurai, i know it total made mad nearly ALL us,but get OVER it,JEEZ.

                                        6. I didn’t bother to read all the comments, I got half way through though. Look I’d be okay with clones if Sakurai hadn’t introduced costume moves, because costume moves should eliminate the need of a clone. For example Dr Mario’s Down B is the that tornado move from Melee, that could’ve easily been a custom move to replace Fludd. As Sakurai said they all started as costumes, they should’ve stayed as costumes. Dr Mario, Dark Pit and Lucina look exactly like the characters they’re cloned off. Dr Mario is the most different physically but Dark Pit was a color swap for Pit in Brawl. But in the end we all can’t win. I’ll never get my Mewtwo, But the game is going to be amazing nonetheless , the Wii U version of course.

                                          1. agree,fluffy,if dark pit was added as a costume on pit,that would BE much better,and Dr. mario should be a costume of mario,too same as lucina as marth’s custome too,is this why sakurai made olimar have another costume,one from new pikmin game .3. same as bowser Jr. because he aslo has costume of OTHER koopa kids,both them are lucky .3.

                                        7. Sakurai has the right of what he wants to do on his games, because he is the director.

                                          All of those who complains are self-righteous and those who are affected think they are the masters of SSB. There’s nothing you can do to change things. The game is finished.

                                          Lazyness is what you call to him, when Sakurai does is to balance every characters and gave you with 3 extras, by doing this he got some injuries with his wrist. How dare to those who said “Its better to have this and that characters instead of clones”? It’s like you still don’t care with Sakurai’s health or wants his whole arm to get injured too. You all are too much, and too much for your favorite characters.
                                          The decision he made in game’s roster is final.
                                          Complain all you can, that’s all you can do and whine.

                                          1. Why should I care if he damages his wrist working? No one is forcing him to stay at the job. Secondly, every consumer has the right to complain, no product is created perfect. Not one. Perhaps if they listened more to those whiney kids, their Wii U wouldn’t be in the dismal state it’s at. Complain all you want, but nothing will change the fact that it’s getting its ass pulverized by PS4.

                                        8. Ironically, he called whiners “children,” and thats just how the whiners reacted. You want my two cents? If you want mewtwo, load up melee. Otherwise, stop being pretentious, learn how to take a joke, and appreciate what you have. My god, 49 characters with customization? No wonder people believe the game industry is crumbling! They have all of this, complete with what sakurai went through to deliver it, the fact that the 3ds version has as much content and plays so well as it does, and they are STILL not happy?!? Stop being prententious and enjoy a great game. Sakurai already won, this game is selling like hot cakes. Like ii said, if you want mewtwo, who wasn’t that great anyway, load up melee and leave this game for the rest of us.

                                        9. What an actual dick.
                                          Advertises that they’re wont be clones anymore. And then includes 6 clones. As soon as someone bitches about the roster.


                                          I can’t believe how many of you are actually defending this fucker.

                                        10. I don’t think that people should be talking about clones yes. Give the pros some time with the game and let them see how similar characters are to each other. Most people thought that fox and falco were the same, but they’ve got pretty much completely different playstyles. Same with Ganon and Falcon.

                                        11. Well its true of what some ppl say but come on let sakurai breath for once hes tierd of ppl with their crap and if u got offended by a post that wasnt ment for us then u got to get ur head checked cuz ur not thinking normaly and then here is where u act childish when u read my post

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                                        13. What’s wrong with a few bonus clones? Its better than just having fewer characters, which is the only other option. These games cannot stay in development forever you know.

                                        14. Nice job with the negative, albeit clickbait, title, Sickr. Good thing I read the article because I was going to rage. I’m okay with the clones he mentioned since they apparently were last minute additions. BUT this just pisses me off about Ganondorf. He knows us true Zelda fans want an original moveset fucking Ganondorf! Why wasn’t he a bloody top priority this time around? Is Sakurai admitting that he once again thought of Ganondorf too late? Or maybe he was too busy giving his characters top priority? Ganondorf could have been vastly unique in that his attacks could be nothing but magical, distant attacks. Yet we once again get Captain Falcon 2.0.

                                          1. It’s time Sakurai stops hoarding most of the work on the characters & actually passes the work on some characters to other personnel.

                                          2. Sakurai mained falcondorf, and some people main ganon, so if Sakurai changes his moveset, people who mained him before won’t get used to it. But i still want him to change his moveset, or make everyone have custom smash.

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                                        16. Does this really matter you guys?
                                          Clones or Not, they have different moves amd skills, Lucina and Marth may be “Clones” but Lucina does lower damage than Marth. Dark Pit has a slower arrow but still maintain the speed as Pit himself. Doctor Mario is combined with Luigi and Mario so enough arguing and Leave Sakurai alone. Clones are Clones. (#WishShovelKnightMadeInSmash)

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