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Japan Lines Up For Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate And The New Nintendo 3DS

Eager Japanese gamers have already begun queuing up for the launch of both Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and the New Nintendo 3DS. The images were taken at Tsutaya in Shibuya and Bic Camera and were shot at around 6-7am. No doubt the queues will be getting bigger and bigger. The New Nintendo 3DS won’t launch in Europe or America until 2015 and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate from Capcom is coming sometime in early 2015.


japan_mh4u_new3ds_queue2Thanks, Kallum


36 thoughts on “Japan Lines Up For Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate And The New Nintendo 3DS”

    1. If you think about it, it’s actually a pretty smart move on Nintendo’s part, Japan loves Monster Hunter, Japan loves handhelds, releasing the New 3DS alongside Monster Hunter might get some people tempted to buy the New 3DS for the better gaming experience…:D

      1. You would have to be a stupid fucking cunt bag sheep to buy the new 3ds. How the fuck can anyone support Nintendo now, I mean releasing the new 3ds with the small fucking screen !!! Fuck you Nintendo. You will never get another fucking dime from me you cheap fucking cunts. Nintendo should change their name to sheep wranglers. If you defend Nintendo on this move, you ARE the sheep everyone pokes fun at. I can’t believe it. I went from Hardcore Nintendo fanboy to Nintendo hater. Honestly, I can’t fucking believe it.

        1. Err Don’t they offer the XL version too for the “NEW 3DS”
          If screen size is what worries you. But I agree I’m probably not going to buy this new system. If it’s anything like DSi it will only be around for a few years maybe 2 I’d guess before the real successor comes.

        2. Well I only have the original 3DS. I always wanted an XL but managed to hold off. For me, the New 3DS XL variant means my patience paid off and it’s a good time to upgrade when it comes out.

          But thanks for sharing your opinion that anybody who does is a “cunt bag”.

  1. Nintendo has to launch and sell and advertise in : Eastern and Southern Europe, South America and China.

    They are strong in chille, you saw that one line of lights in Smash Spectator? Yeah…they like Smash and import from somewhere.

    But Nintendo stubborn and slow and ……..old.


    1. I live in Spain, Southern Europe, and Nintendo sells well here, Nintendo 3DS is the best seller console, however Ps4 stays second so Nintendo should try to improve WiiU sells. I think in UK WiiU is selling worse than here so perhaps Nintendo should focus on the north.

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  3. They are so lucky. I would stand in line for five days straight if it meant I could get that game early. And to be able to play it on the new 3ds? So jealous.

    1. Last time I stood up for a line was marvel vs capcom 3 and waiting a few hours just to play this game early aint worth the time bro.

  4. Halt all yee Sonyans and Xbots, for thou would see that the day of reckoning is upon us, praise the prophet 3DS has begun a new testament in the book of Iwata.

  5. lord ghost : king of the federation

    this has to be noghtmare. this did not happened that was the lien up for the e xbox one :'(

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