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Here’s All The Japanese Nintendo 3DS Themes In One Video

Tilmen from Nintendomination has put together a video showcasing all the lovely themes that are available on the Nintendo 3DS theme shop in Japan. There’s some classic designs available for Japanese consumers so let’s hope some of them make their way over here.

6 thoughts on “Here’s All The Japanese Nintendo 3DS Themes In One Video”


      I still can’t believe that Nintendo is charging for backgrounds…That is so anti consumer, it’s not even funny. And don’t bring Microsoft and Sony into this, because they have a big selection of free backgrounds and you are all saying how “Nintendo isn’t as greedy as them”, when they fucking are. Also don’t tell me “They are not only backgrounds, they come with sound”…Well, then give us the consumer the option to put our Music library which we can already make by putting music files on our SD card and then select them as the music playing…There is no point of making the music library. At least not to most people. What? Do you have no better device to listen music on? And they should give us an option to capture/download any photo and use it for the background.

      Let’s hear what you, Nintendo apologists, have to say now?

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