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UCraft Classes And Characters Revealed


Nexis Games has given us another glimpse of what to expect when their Minecraft clone UCraft comes to the Wii U. The development studio have said on their blog that there will initially be three types of players classes including Warrior, Magician and Engineer.

In the world of UCraft players will have the opportunity of choosing between 3 types of player classes. The types of classes available at launch will be Warrior, Magician and Engineer with more to come in future updates. As you may have guessed some things in the world of UCraft will only be accessible to players possessing a certain type of skill or ability so it’s best to explore the world with a couple of friends because some challenges will be impossible to face alone.

Thanks, Michelle

121 thoughts on “UCraft Classes And Characters Revealed”


          Graphics? Hey Mr. Hypocrite, talimi banana. How often is it that you Nintendo fanboys say “Graphics aren’t important, the gameplay is the most important”? Oh yes, almost always. What happened to that? You all did the same thing with Mario Kart 8, you all did the same shit with Wind Waker HD. You are a bunch of graphics whores when it’s convenient to be that, and a bunch of hypocrites at other times.

          Come on. I’m wondering what your next reply is going to be now and I’m waiting for other fanboys to try and defend you and their hypocrisy .

            1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

              I didn’t know it’s already out….Oh wait. It isn’t.

              Also, “unlike the graphicwhoring games that are boring for the most part…” Give me an example, and don’t just say “Crysis 3, Battlefield, Gears of War…” Because those are all cliche answers and those are all pretty great shooters. Subjectivity, it exists.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                Just as much as you haters name Mario Kart and Zelda all the time, hypocrite as usual…

                Besides the 3 games you listed, add all the pathetic “realistic” racing “games” to that garbage along with overrated games like TLoU and Metro Last Night…

                Crysis 3 is so not a great shooter or game by any standard except graphics…

                1. *Metro Last Light* And Crysis 3 is actually pretty fun from what I’ve played. I never had a PS3 so I never got to TLOU but I don’t really care for the story. Anyways, the games aren’t boring, it’s all a matter of opinion. No one has to like the same games.

                      1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                        Subjectivity is a thing, like I said, you imbecilic shit. You may not like it, but many people do. Never did I say they are masterpieces, but they are good games. You cannot tell me that they are terrible games. I played both of them on my PC, and I know what I’m talking about. I can’t say the same about you.

                        But you are now just trying to steer me away from the topic at hand.

                        Almost all of you are hypocrites and you should just accept that and go with it. Graphics matter to you as much as they matter to Sony and MS fanboys and when it’s convenient not to care about visuals, you don’t. When it’s convenient to care and to praise the living Jesus out of them, you do. You are an idiot if you don’t see it.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          -Subject Donko: Subjectivity is a thing, like I said, you imbecilic shit.-

                          There is no subjectivity existing within you at all…

                          And for the rest, I’m 1/3 PC “Master Race” so I know what I’m talking about and I only praise “graphics” if the gameplay is already great…

                          Unlike others, I don’t praise graphics as my first priority ever, no matter what game it is…

                          And don’t ever compare me to those corrupted imbeciles, one of them praises power and graphics over anything else while the other one praises non gaming media gimmicks and violations…

                      2. Speaking of overrated, that reminds me… I know I’m usually one of Ubisoft’s biggest defenders on this site, but they’ve actually pushed it too far with me now. I’m tired of seeing what they’re doing and I just can’t keep defending them anymore. Watch Dogs was severely downgraded and they lied about everything. That mission in the E3 demo from 2012 (the epic one that made people want the game to begin with) isn’t even in the game. Everything from the lighting, the shadows, the rain, the hacking, the physics, hell even the sound of the gun is downgraded. Lmao. And then I see they downgrade Far Cry 4 (for PC users) just like they did with 3! As well as AC Unity. They downgraded it to 900p on PS4 and I know that’s not really important, but still… Their PC ports are always never good from what I’ve seen and that’s not good at all considering that I was planning on getting a PC. I don’t think I can trust them anymore. I’m hoping that they do not screw up the PC version of AC Unity. You already know by now that I’m a sucker for this series and if they mess it up, they won’t get my money anymore. This is stupid. I see what you mean now, Commander. Can’t believe I was actually defending their bullshit before.

                        1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                          I won’t argue in defense of Ubisoft since I don’t really like their games since they are all pretty similar in nature. The last one I liked was AC Revelations, and only because I wanted to see the entire Ezio’s story arc.

                          1. They have been pretty similar tbh. I like to buy the AC games because of the stories though. I just LOVE the historical settings and revolutionary wars. But AC Unity seems drastically changed from the stuff in the other games. Everything from parkour, assassinations, and stealth mechanics,etc. I’m glad they’re changing it because a change is definitely needed for the series. Hopefully you’ll get to try it since the other ones might be too similar to you. :/

                          2. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                            I’ll watch some reviews and see what they are going to say about Unity. I myself also like the historical setting. But all of their games, not just AC are similar. how you unlock parts of the map on the specific places, how quests are given. quests themselves are similar, scattered treasures…

                            I’d like them to really change Unity and I’d like to play it with someone over PC, but my dear friends are all console fanboys and fuck them.

                            1. Lmao well hopefully after I get a PC and if you do plan on getting it, I could join you I guess. Oh yeah, and that’s another thing I’m glad about is the co-op. That was definitely needed imo because I really did not like the whole assassins vs assassins gameplay from the other ones. Always worried about getting killed every 10 seconds. Lol.

                            2. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                              We could one day play it, yes. I never played AC multiplayer, so I don’t know what it’s like and don’t think that I’m qualified to comment on it.

                          3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            My padawan is growing…

                            It seems as if everything ever since 2012 has been about downgrading for the Ubisians…

                            They even downgraded AC Unity for PS4…

                            1. It seems that way. I used to be excited for everything they used to put out, but now I really don’t care anymore. Only franchise I have interest in is Rayman and Assassin’s Creed. And speaking of Rayman, I actually had money ready to buy it back in February 2013 and I read messages on Miiverse with people saying “Rayman Legends delayed for 7 months”. I’m like LOL these people are crazy. It’s obviously coming out in just a few more days. Then I looked up more info and found out it was literally delayed FOR SEVEN MONTHS. I can’t even begin to describe how pissed I was. I haven’t bought it since because of that. I’ll get around to it eventually but I can never forgive them for that. I wasn’t really interested in anything else at the moment and my Wii U was hungry for games.Believe it or not, I actually had plans to play Rayman for the rest of the year. Lol. And all thanks to that in addition to not really having any other big third party games out on the system, I experienced one of the worst fucking droughts of video game history. Thank god Super Mario 3D World came out. I’ve played that game a ton of times and if it weren’t for that, I’d have been sold my Wii U.

                          4. Don’t be against getting a PC just because Ubisoft’s ports on PC aren’t up to snuff. All you need is Valve and GMod for a successful PC experience!

                            1. I’m not. I still plan to get a PC. There are way more games I have to get instead of Ubisoft games anyways. They said they’ll start improving with the ports, but they say a lot of things. I’m not listening until I see the proof. Anyways, yes. Valve games are pretty great from what I’ve heard. I really want to try Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2.

                          5. I’m glad you have finally seen the light! Ubish*t are a bunch of liars. Always giving stupid bs exuses for their laziness. They used to be my fav third party company but now I have no respect for them. I will never buy another Ubish*t game again.

                            1. Lmao I don’t blame you. I just wish they would stop making up excuses and give people what they actually promise. Watch Dogs’ downgrade really made me angry. It’s funny though. I remember actually wanting to get a high end PC JUST for that game. Now I could care less about it. I don’t really care about much of their stuff coming out besides AC Unity, but I hope they don’t screw it up. Otherwise, I’m keeping my money. But with their recent actions, they’re more than likely going to find a way to screw it up. LOL.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Obviously I was refering to the Nintendo games he listed, why would I ever care for Minecrap?…

                        1. Minecraft takes a lot of time to get used to before you actually get to see all the best parts and stuff. Have you ever built a castle or went out at night to face off against the enemies? And if you only played it for a few minutes, you haven’t gotten to experience anything at all.

                            1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                              Yes, except that Spore stars as a creature creation tool and goes to RTS later. The only similar thing is that you can terraform terrain later in the game. And that is like calling Darksiders and Mario similar because you can wall jump in both games.

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                Galactic Adventures changed everything so the original Spore game is insignificant compared to the expansion…

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Creating your own planet in almost any way you want, creatures, vehicles, buildings and ships and giving them commands etc etc, indeed, it’s so “different”…

                                2. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                                  And minecraft is about mining and finding crafting materials to make simple things and the most advanced shit is connecting few redstone blocks to a switch.

                                  Are you really comparing two games just because you can create things in them? Well, why not compare Sim City and any RTS because you can build units to spore. Why not compare Zelda to any medieval RTS just because there are swords in both games, and why not compare Gran Tursimo to Zelda because both games feature grass…Wow you really showed me….you don’t even know what Minecraft is about. It’s a first person crafting game where you start knowing pretty much nothing and the entire game is open and is only going to get easier as you learn about it and it’s rules…while Spore is constantly changing what genre it is and it requires time to come to the point where everything is open to you and it has upgrades, currency, characters…

                                  I hope you’ve been joking with these comparisons, because if you haven’t you are really mentally ill.

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    Says the one that doens’t have a clue of what he’s talking about himself…

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      You never had any points to make to begin with, not today, in the past or in the future…

                                    2. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                                      Yes, I never had any points. You are the one with all of the points. 10/10…100/10, you handicapped moron.

                                      1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                                        Yeah well, when a person is as stupid as you are, at least they can live in delusional world where Nintendo is great, I made no points even though I did, Nintendo cares for their consumers, you are a higher being, and so are Miyamoto, Iwata, Reggie and the rest of the “High Command”, and insults make you “more powerful”… good, good. Were you molested as a child?

                                              1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                                                You are now only insulting me. Why didn’t you try to disprove my points? You can’t. Admit it, and don’t give me “you don’t have any points” bullshit. You just can’t argue me. My intellect is superior to yours. Well, it’s probably superior to anyone’s, so don’t take it so personally when I call myself a genius.

                                      2. …graphics are not important of course, but you have to admit that minecraft looks horrible (even the PC one)…so this time is not about the console…is about the developer who wants a more polished look for the graphics.

                                        1. Minecraft looks horrible? What are you talking about? It’s just made entirely of pixels and blocks. It actually looks great.

                                        2. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                                          If you think that Minecraft’s graphics aren’t deliberate, you are mistaken. And you know what. You can download a billion mods for that game and make it look 20 time better.

                                          You say that graphics aren’t important and you continue saying how they are… 10/10

                                      3. Graphics have always been important on Nintendo games its just gameplay is built 1st then presentation last end of Nintendo get the gameplay perfect and framerate then work on the graphics…

                                        Eitherway Ucraft looks Nextgen in comparison to Minecraft on ps4….

                                      4. Yes gameplay and overall control IS most important, but I love Mario Kart 8 and Windwaker HD because the gameplay is top notch and the controls are air tight. However, the graphics are only important if they are the main focus…

                                        1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                                          Well. Wind Waker HD is proof that graphics do matter to Nintendo fanboys, Whoever had the original and bought this one is obviously a graphics whore. I mean the whole premise of the game is that it has better graphics….Don’t mention other improvements because they are not crucial. They aren’t even worth mentioning. And they are certainly not worth 50, 60$.

                                          1. Lol the only reason I bought it was because I never played the original.I didn’t really care for it to be honest. It really bored me. They should’ve remade Majora’s Mask like everyone keeps telling them to. XD

                                            1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                                              That is a valid reason. Majora’s Mask should’ve been remade, yes. It’s what the fan community wants, but Nintendo is really full of idiots that do whatever they want. The reason they remade Wind Waker is not what they told us, you know “We found it to be beautiful”, no. The reason they remade Wind Waker is because they didn’t have to invest into re modeling the game. They just put the new textures and the new light engine, and that is it. Majora’s Mask would require re modeling every area and every character which is much more expensive.

                                              I’d personally like to see it on the WIi U, not the 3DS, I’d really like the ability to connect my 3DS to the Wii U and play my games on the big screen by using the 3DS as a controller or transfer the games to the Wii U and use the Gamepad as the controller. That way you need to have a 3DS and the game so there isn’t the possibility of people not buying the 3DS and just playing the games on the Wii U…but even though Nintendo is saying “We are trying to connect the Wii U and the 3DS more” I’m not seeing them doing anything. They can’t even make unified accounts. They are so pathetically incompetent that it’s not even funny.

                                              1. No, your completely wrong. Nintendo took a poll, and asked what game Nintendo fans would rather have, a link to the past sequel or majoras mask. More people voted for a link to the past sequel, so they made the game the fans wanted. And also, they re-made Ocarina of Time, so they could use those models for a Majoras Mask remake. So sorry, but everything you said is just completely wrong.

                                                1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                                                  They could use some character models if they were going to make it on the 3DS, but most of them would have to be new….also the areas. Did you even play the game? There are many new enemies and the entire game’s world is new. ALBW started as a remake and it’s obvious when you play the game. Wind Waker sure as fuck wasn’t in the poll, so why not remake the game that was obviously a more popular choice? Like I said

                                                  You can’t prove me wrong. I know all of you would like to, but you can’t.

                                            1. ĐONKO, GOD OF THE NEW WORLD

                                              It’s the same game…. Don’t like to me. you can hook up a console. You just wanted to play that game in HD.

                                          2. Or we bought it because it makes all the shit that was annoying from the original more bearable and the better graphics was just an added bonus. Or they don’t have the original anymore & want to buy the brand new one because of the better gameplay mechanics.

                                            But as always, you’re probably right and your statement is the only reason people bought Wind Waker HD even though they owned the original. *rolls eyes & laughs*

                                      5. Why are you being an ass about it? I can’t speak for all Nintendo fans, but what I’ve seen is not hypocritical. People used to shit all over the Wii because of its graphics, and N fans defended the Wii by saying graphics aren’t that important, it’s the gameplay that’s most important. That’s true as far as I’m concerned, and most real gamers for that matter. However, that IN NO WAY means we don’t appreciate good graphics. You think because we prioritize gameplay, we can’t call out a pretty looking game when we see it? Why are you looking for reasons to hate on Nintendo fans?

                                1. the cwcville guardian

                                  oh my god, i can’t believe it’s you. i heard rumours back in julay that a new loser would take my place. thank you, thank you very much.

                              2. Let’s all face it. This will be nowhere near as good as Minecraft. But it might be different enough to be worth a try.

                              3. This might make the game worth playing. I’ve already bought Minecraft twice in the past and I thought this was just gonna be a clone missing like 70% of the features but if they’re gonna put their own spin on it a bit I might buy it. Could be fun.

                                1. I’m pretty sure this is for us gamers who don’t have other consoles and don’t want it on PC Hollow. Trust me if I had any other non Nintendo systems, I would be playing Minecraft than hoping for a knock off remake from another company. *Sigh* I really need a PS3 :-S

                                  1. Yep. Except the PC part. If you had a PC, how would you not want it on PC? That’s where it came from and that’s where it’s best played. If somebody didn’t want the best version of a game, I doubt they were really interested in it in the first place. Lol. :P

                                    1. Well I have a tablet/PC hybrid so game space is an issue, and games run much slower on it than a gaming PC or even a regular one. I’m pretty sure the game isn’t that powerful and needs a lot of requirements, but Idk I would just prefer it on a console. :P

                                      1. Really? Uh huh, I see.. So let’s say I put an imaginary gaming PC right in front of you with Minecraft already installed. Then I place a TV next to you alongside a PS3 and a copy of Minecraft. Which one are you going to get on? XD

                                        1. Depends… how comfortable is the desk chair compared to the couch… XD.

                                          But really I would take the gaming PC, but I don’t have one yet, which is sad since I’m a fan of MMOs. I need to work on getting a PC instead of a PS3 now. :P

                                          1. Depends on what you want though. I don’t usually see you talking about AAA games so I’m assuming you don’t really care about those. Lol. I’ve always wanted a PC but could never get one because my family always has to split money on every one of my siblings. That’s annoying, but whatever. I know it sounds kind of greedy wishing the money could all be spent on me but if you have other family members, you know how I feel. Lol. Little kids always get the most stuff anyways… XP

                                              1. Hm… Tbh, it’s alright to me. It seems like the older I got, the more expensive stuff I wanted. I don’t even bother with Christmas anymore because it’s always disappointing. Sometimes I wish my family was rich so I could get whatever I want. I’ve gotten old enough to the point where I have to pretty much buy my own stuff. If you still get presents and birthday parties and stuff, I suggest you enjoy that, DeJ. Because not too long from now you’ll be buying everything just like me. XD I don’t really care about what anyone has for me this Christmas because it’s not what I’m trying to get, but I’d still appreciate it I guess. Now I’m saving up for a $1000 PC which I was never able to do before because I wasn’t old enough to have a job and my birthday that is coming up makes me old enough to buy any mature games I want. The success of getting this PC would be way better than any gift anyone could’ve given me before. LOL.

                                                1. I have to focus on school so I’m not allowed to get a job, but I definitely know the feeling of buying something yourself. Thankfully I’m still being spoiled with parties and presents, but I’m well prepared for the days when I go off to college and nothing is just handed to me anymore. We all have to grow up at some point. 😊

                              4. This game is beginning to tag at my bank account. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis we have a potential winner here. Let them communicate back and forth with Nintendo. back and forth with Shigeru Miyamoto sounds better.


                              5. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                Okay, good, they are not totally ripping off Minecraft, adding a certain zest to it can make it somewhat original.

                                      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                        Don’t take it that way, never been so much of a fan of Minecraft, I just loathe cheap clones of something, especially something like this in which we as Nintendo fans have to copy from Microsoft? We are better than that.

                                        Besides, why would people buy a cheap copy of Minecraft which not only has a large multiplayer community but is more respectable in terms of long term support?

                                              1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                                What can I say? Smash is out, Halloween is coming up, and we are one month closer to Pokemon ORAS, and Obinna has finally left to tend to his ebola infected self, what’s not to love about life now? Haha, life is good.

                                                1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                                                  Doubt it, he will come back like a bad rash but until then, I’m going to enjoy Smash and Pokemon season.

                                                2. not so fast, comrade!. the idiot makes a special mention of the “social rejects” and this blog on his “fabulous” video.
                                                  the idiot thinks allhis videos are excellent and deserve awards for that shit, and the unlikes come from the “clowns on mynintendonews”
                                                  *special mention to selina ruiz

                                        1. They’re not copying anything from Microsoft, they are copying from Mojang. But still, I agree with you we should innovate, not duplicate. Thats Microsoft’s and Sony’s job.

                              6. It would be so easy to get this game right. Add in new terrain, cool enemies, and don’t stray too far from the minecraft formula.

                                And it would be so easy to get this wrong. One simple, over-looked mistake could ruin it’s potential, and cripple the game. The developers need to be very careful here, and learn from the mistakes of the last minecraft clones.

                              7. Wow man!!!!! It looks really amazing and way better than minecraft. I am really thinking about getting this game now after taking a look at the image above.

                              8. I’m obviously going to be a Warrior. I prefer to be up close & personal with my enemies as I beat the shit out of them.

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