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UK Charts: Super Smash Bros 3DS Slips From Top 10, Places At 11

This week’s UK charts are now in courtesy of GFK Chart-Track. Super Smash Bros for 3DS has slipped out of the top 10 individual chart after its debut at number 7 last week. Unfortunately, the handheld brawler can’t quite meet its match against EA’s FIFA 15, which remains top of the chart for the third week running, as well as new entries such as Driveclub and Alien: Isolation.

While the 3DS life simulation games such as Fantasy Life and Tomodachi Life have been going toe-to-toe with multi-platform games in previous weeks, this week both games take a considerable dip. Tomodachi Life lands at 28 from last week’s 20, while Fantasy Life nosedives from 22 to 39 – the tail-end of the chart. Mario Kart 8 for Wii U is the only entry still standing for the home console as Hyrule Warriors drops out of the top 40 individual chart entirely. You can view the UK top 40 games individual chart in the handy list below.

1. (01) [360] FIFA 15
2. (02) [PS4] FIFA 15
3. (NE) [PS4] Driveclub
4. (03) [PS3] FIFA 15
5. (NE) [PS4] Alien: Isolation
6. (04) [PS4] Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
7. (05) [XBO] FIFA 15
8. (06) [XBO] Forza Horizon 2
9. (NE) [XBO] Alien: Isolation
10. (08) [XBO] Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
11. (07) [3DS] Super Smash Bros
12. (09) [360] Forza Horizon 2
13. (NE) [360] Alien: Isolation
14. (10) [PS4] Destiny
15. (NE) [PS4] NBA 2K15
16. (14) [360] Minecraft: Xbox Edition
17. (11) [XBO] Destiny
18. (12) [PS4] Minecraft: PlayStation Edition
19. (NE) [PS3] Alien: Isolation
20. (15) [PS3] Minecraft: PlayStation Edition
21. (13) [360] Destiny
22. (NE) [XBO] NBA 2K15
23. (16) [PC] The Sims 4
24. (17) [PS3] Destiny
25. (NE) [PS4] Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
26. (18) [360] Disney Infinity 2.0
27. (19) [PS4] The Last of Us: Remastered
28. (20) [3DS] Tomodachi Life
29. (24) [360] Grand Theft Auto V
30. (NE) [PC] Alien: Isolation
31. (26) [360] Terraria
32. (30 [360] Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
33. (28) [WIIU] Mario Kart 8
34. (31) [DS] Frozen: Olaf’s Quest
35. (32) [360] The LEGO Movie Videogame
36. [NE] [360] NBA 2K15
37. (29) [VITA] FIFA 15
38. (21) [PS4] Watch Dogs
39. (22) [3DS] Fantasy Life
40. (NE) [XBO] Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

28 thoughts on “UK Charts: Super Smash Bros 3DS Slips From Top 10, Places At 11”

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      because forza is an awesome large scaled open world racing game with over 200 cars and very large environments to race on. you can’t see this fun in mario kart 8 or lameclub.

        1. Lol at first I thought he was just joking with the name until I checked the list :’D. So I hope no one takes the time to comment to Lord Ghost…… Just “let it go”

    2. Its the UK, what do expect lol.

      On a serious note, as long as a ninty game stays in the top 40 on the UK charts its a good thing.

  1. “can’t quite meet its match against EA’s FIFA 15”? LOL!
    I swear, the UK/Europe has the worst taste in games.

    1. Please don’t generalize. There are several people here from UK/Europe that probably don’t even agree with this list. And it’s all just a matter of opinion anyways.

        1. Lmao I don’t know why you guys fight over sales all the time when it doesn’t even really matter. Why should we care about that? If I was making money off the Wii U based off how much it sold, then I might care. But I’m not, so I could care less. I mean, suppose the Xbone just happens to surpass the Wii U in terms of sales one day? Everyone is going to go insane with Xbone fanboys jumping all about like little girls and Nintendo fanboys yelling and trying to make up other excuses. But I won’t even care. PS4 already did surpass Wii U and I still don’t care!

      1. 5 mllion of xdoomed shipped to retailers and i wonder where are the exact numbers of fucking units sold?
        at least wii u is selling decent everywhere and xdoomed is the laughingstock selling like shit in Japan…wii u has sold more than 1.000 units everywhere.

  2. No wonder since Sony are marketing the living shit out of PS4. I was to the UK a week ago and PS4 adverts are EVERYWHERE!

    There was even a long underground road with nothing but PS4 posters and different games advertised (most often Destiny, FIFA and Driveclub).

    It’s no wonder really that Playstation gets the most attention (I barely saw any Xbox adverts though, so you’d think Nintendo would do better than Microsoft there)..

  3. and here we go we will have of the retard (i.e. the food sucks too, the collector and elfamis) expressing their hatred for a country or a continent. for those I would say: Just look at your bloody chart and then you can talk.

  4. My apologies on behalf of my bird-brained, ignorant and rehash Fifa loving countrymen and women for their horrible taste in games. I however, do not like games like Fifa and the games the the U.K audience here usually buy. I like Mario Kart 8 and am loving constantly playing the ever living daylights out of Smash 3DS. I’m enjoying it so much, that since launch, I have only played other games once, that being Animal Crossing:New Leaf today.
    I apologize once again……………………………

  5. LOL at the BUTT HURT Nintendo guzzlers!!QUIT CRYING!
    The UK and Europe is mad on football, golf, and first person shooters!
    It is Nintendo’s fault making rehash games NO ONE WANTS!
    Like seriously FIFA has ALWAYS sold amazingly well in the UK and Europe so Nintendo decide to release Smash on the 3DS the same time FIFA is released and then people wonder why it sells like crap?
    The hype for FIFA games last months, Nintendo need to fire their marketing team and release games when rival consoles have no huge games released in the same week.
    Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze a game NO ONE wanted sells like crap!
    SMASH a game NO ONE wanted for the 3DS sells like crap!
    If Nintendo actually listened to its fans and released games they ASK FOR like a new F Zero, Metroid etc their games would not always bomb!

  6. so, i hate the uk charts. why? because smash4 isnt in 11th, its in 6th. I hate they multiple spots go the same game i.e. pokemon x is separate fron pokemon y. its literally pokemon x and y. put it as one title. We also never get numbers from the uk.

    This is why the japenese charts are way better

    1. The UK has this weird obsession with soccer (football to them). Even my ex girlfriend (who lived in the UK) couldn’t understand why so many loved FIFA.

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