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Nintendo Reveals Second Batch Of New Nintendo 3DS Faceplates


Nintendo Japan has shown off the second batch of faceplates for the New Nintendo 3DS. The second set of faceplates will be arriving on November 21st and include plenty of lovely designs. Then on December 13th Nintendo will release a Yokai Watch 2 faceplate.

yokai_watch_2_new_nintendo_3ds_faceplateThanks, Charles


16 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals Second Batch Of New Nintendo 3DS Faceplates”

  1. I don’t give a rat’s ass about these because I’m getting the XL, not the tiny one. Nintendo really screwed all of us who want the XL.

    1. Well, if you cared about what you looked like in public carrying around a 3DS, you wouldn’t be buying an XL.

      1. I don’t carry my 3DS where anyone can see it. When I take it with me for street pass, it stays hidden in my pocket.

      1. But.. if they decide to release some Zelda or Metroid plates, then I’ll most likely buy those instead. Those would be awesome. Hopefully a ZSS faceplate? ;)

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