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Pokken Tournament Was Created To Appeal To The Older Pokemon Fans Out There

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has revealed that they made Pokken Tournament with older Pokemon fans in mind. Harada says that the target audience for Pokken Tournament is primarily those over the age of eighteen. However, he wants everyone to enjoy it. Here’s what Harada had to say about the game.

“Naturally, it’s being developed into something that elementary school children can also enjoy, but if we’re talking about age demographics, we’re aiming for something over 18 years of age to the early 30s.”

“When it comes to Pokémon, everyone says they love it up until the fourth grade, and what’s funny is that there are kids who graduate from it after that,” he continues. “Well… it’s not that they ‘graduate,’ since they’re still fans, but they just don’t show [their enthusiasm], and kind of play it more behind-the-scenes.”

29 thoughts on “Pokken Tournament Was Created To Appeal To The Older Pokemon Fans Out There”

    1. Did you not read what they said? They didn’t say that they stop playing after fourth grade, they just play more “behind-the-scenes”.

  1. I played Pokemon up until freshman year of high school, I was around for the original generation (Had to be about 10 at the time) of Pokemon! I am super excited about this and I need it in my WiiU. I still play Pokemon and I am 25. I prefer Pokemon over Call of duty anyday.

    1. I wouldn’t mind a new Stadium or Snap game, but I don’t see why they can’t make a new Stadium or Snap at the same time they are making Pokken Tournament.

      I would rather all 3 games!!! Why settle with just one?

  2. I just need to know when the U.S version is confirmed. The game looks awesome! I have always been a sucker for 2D and 3D fighters, but the catch for me is that the characters need to be interesting.

    Luckily, Pokemon characters are pretty interesting and I already know and care about them, so this game could hold my attention for a while if (more like “when”) it releases over here in the States.

  3. I have no interest in this game.
    What i want is a Pokemon rpg on Wii U. That would be a system seller! Everyone knows it except Nintendo. :/

    1. Since when has a Tekken been button mashing? If you want button mashing, look at “intense quick-time” interactive movies.

  4. I’m an older Pokemon fan, and all I really want is something like a “Pokemon Stadium 3”, with mini-games, rental Pokemon, and different tournaments (“Little Cup”, “Petit Cup”, etc.). Doesn’t even need to have a story-mode like Colosseum or XD. Just Pokemon Stadium updated for modern times! It could even have online multiplayer, that’d be so cool!

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