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Here’s 18 Minutes Of Just Dance 2015 Wii U Footage

Tilmen from Nintendomination has acquired a copy of Ubisoft’s just released, Just Dance 2015. You can watch him test out a variety of the game modes that are on offer in this year’s instalment of the hit franchise. Just Dance 2015 Wii U is available to purchase right now.

21 thoughts on “Here’s 18 Minutes Of Just Dance 2015 Wii U Footage”

  1. OMG did you guys watch that video!!? That was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! looool Ubisoft really believes Wii U owners are a bunch of five year olds. Thats something you would find in leap frog.

  2. Honestly, it’s about on par with guitar hero or other interactive party games. I honestly don’t see why it is instantly being labbled as a “bad game”. It’s not really the type of thing that I would buy, but I think everyone is being WAY to over critical about this game. The Tetris dance was hilarious. I’ve got too much of an ego to dance like that, but I can see why some people would have a lot of fun playing it.

  3. It looks ridiculous to me. And it’s Ubisofts assumption that these type of games is all Nintendo fans want. The reality is that Ubisoft has no idea what Nintendo fans want. They can only sell thier games to the mainstream hype train.

  4. I really wish Ubisoft would piss off! They refuse to bring their GOOD games to Wii U. And instead they bring crap like this. Something that mostly teenage girls would like. I’s raher Ubisoft just leave Nintendo consoles altogether until they get their sh** together.

  5. I wish it will bomb in the worst way which is possible! Why? Cause it doesn’t matter: Even if this piece of stupid game would be a success it wouldn’t change anything for us U owners! We won’t get any mature games anymore: So Just Pi$$ Off Ubishame!

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