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Here’s More Speculation About Potential Super Smash Bros DLC

It seems fairly obvious that we will eventually be getting some sort of downloadable content for Super Smash Bros in the near future and to back this up it appears as though NeoGAF member PushDustin has found some hidden code in the brawler. Here’s the proof that the game has code to load character and stage DLC:

  • ui/replace/customize/spi_10
  • ui/script/lib ui/replace/field
  • ui/replace ui/replace/image
  • ui/replace/stage
  • ui/replace/profile ui/replace/figure
  • ui/replace/customize
  • test/lumen/resource_font/FOLKH_Light/FOLKH_Light.brf
  • ui/replace/image/com_bg_d_img
  • effect/ui
  • ui/replace/mark
  • ui/script/util
  • ui/replace/item
  • ui/font/lumen
  • ui/script/app
  • ui/replace/popup
  • ui/replace/clear
  • ui/replace/chr
  • test
  • ui/replace/category

And here’s info that a downloadable content store will appear

SMASHOnlineSmash RunGames & MoreChallengeWii UStreetPassTest your skills in classic Smash! Challenge the CPU or nearby players.Connect to the Internet, and test your skills against your friends and the world!Collect boosts in a vast labyrinth to prepare for an epic final battle!Solo and group games, plus Training, custom fighters, the Vault, and more!Take on challenges and win prizes!Connect to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.A StreetSmash of epic proportions! Defeat your rivals and win prizes! ChallengesNotificationsShop

And here’s the conclusion PushDustin came to about the discovery.

The game uses pictures (EFF and BCO for Japanese and English) to animate “A Challenger Appears” on the top screen, so since there is a text version in the dump, either characters are unlocked through connecting to the Wii U, or it will display the text when a character is purchased through the store. Even though I hate to admit it, it’s most likely connected to the Wii U menu as there is no other text for the store (it’ll probably connect to the E-Shop, or download the page from the Internet). However, there are no additional characters files in the game which severely hurts the chances of this being the case (as the 3DS would have to download quite a bit of data from the Wii U in order to utilize the character).

The 3DS can be used as a controller in 8 player Smash for the Wii U, based on the pictures with the file names: 29CE and 279A (Essentially: the 1-8 Player Icons, and numbers with pictures of 8 fighters). Files with CFC13 are the menu pictures (posted above).


54 thoughts on “Here’s More Speculation About Potential Super Smash Bros DLC”

  1. I feel like the DLC will probably come in packs like in MK8, maybe 2 characters with 3-4 stages per pack? I feel like it would work out better in terms of pricing that way.

    1. I was thinking a character with their represented stage and a couple trophies added to the gallery (trophies from their game if it’s a newcomer)

          1. And let’s not forget how the dev team abandoned the game, and Sony needed to get another team to develop patches.

            As a PS+ user, I’ve gotten PlayStation All-Stars (cross-buy) for free at least twice. Sony really wants people to play that game and buy DLC,.,

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      1. There’s a difference. No one said anything about dlc for mario kart.
        Smash on the other hand, sakurai said he isn’t thinking of Dlc.
        Only way is if he changed his mind or nintendo is forcing him too.

        1. He never said he would not do it. What he said is he is not doing dlc until the game is done same thing someone said about mario kart.

        2. Sakurai said “I am not thinking of DLC AT THIS TIME” and he said that many, many months ago. Obviously this means that he could have been thinking of DLC AFTER the response he gave.

          and he probably did. Smash Bros 4 is getting DLC characters and stages, and modes 100%.

    1. Yes it is. Nintendo is diving head first into the world of DLC. I bet you $100 it gets DLC. Nintendo would be pretty stupid not to make DLC. Especially if it is only available if you purchase the Wii U version.

      How else are they going to get people who are content with the 3DS version to buy BOTH games?

      By offering Mewtwo, Ridley, and others as DLC characters that can be traded over to the 3DS version (So that Sakurai keeps his word in saying that both games will have the same characters), this ensures the Wii U version’s success.

    1. There’s already confirmed data in the game for 8 Player Smash including audio files.
      This means Either:
      A: 8 Player Smash was an intended mode in the 3DS Version that they couldn’t get working properly, so they scrapped it, but unfinished data was left on the cart for it.
      B: It’s a mode that’s going to be in the Wii U version, and data exists on the 3DS cart for it due to the connectivity between the two versions.
      C: All of the Above.

  3. Sounds good to me!!! Wii U version definitely has some exclusive characters that aren’t in the 3DS version unless you connect it to the Wii U version. I am sure of this now.

    To get the full experience on the 3DS version, you need the Wii U version, but to get the full experience on the Wii U version, you only need the one game. Sounds perfect to me! :D

    Everyone should buy the Wii U version anyway.

  4. I can seriously see DLC for this game. With all the other Nintendo games getting DLC there’s no doubt this game won’t.

      1. after living without the parents, working and getting money for games are one of the best things of the world, having money to buy your own stuff it’s amazing.

          1. 0-0 I’m so sorry for you not seeing you father since you were 4 =(
            But well, I told that because living by yourself you can make your stuff on your own time.

    1. There is a strange absence of Issac since he was an Assist Trophy in Brawl and now he’s nowhere in Smash 4. Perhaps he will be added later in some form?

  5. How can u do 8 players on the 3DS? You know it would look like a episode of Horders. Sometimes you can lost with 4 players especially if they have simular colors.But i could see it on the WiiU, on the big screen.

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