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Check Out The First 65 Minutes Of Tales Of The World: Reve Unitia

NintenDaan has secured himself a copy of Tales of the World: Reve Unitia for the Nintendo 3DS which has just been released in Japan. The strategy role-playing video game developed by Bandai Namco Games has yet to be confirmed for the west. Enjoy the footage.

29 thoughts on “Check Out The First 65 Minutes Of Tales Of The World: Reve Unitia”

  1. lord ghost : king of the federation

    the only tales game i considered great was tales of phantaisa which was the first tales game. the others just play the same, same old apple gels and lemon gels. typical go to the element temple bullcrap and soo called epic adventure to fight a hideous disgusting final boss.

    tales of phantaisa needs a next gen remake.

      1. Remade? Do you mean ported? If so yes, its been ported a few times. If you really mean REMADE, then holy shit, I’ve been living under a rock.

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      It’s really hard to top a game like Tales of Phantasia. I loved that thing. I tried symphonia. The only reason though was because the box-art had megas ninja-boob. It was aright. It’s nice when a company experiments. But I think I’ll be skipping this one. I’ve got my hands full with Fire Emblem Awakening

        1. Because of Sheena, on the game art cover Sheena is jumping forward and somewhat exposing her breast. -_- you can’t really see much though. Silly reason if you ask me.

          1. I still hold Symphonia very close, and I still replay it at least once a year, great game. It’ll forever be a classic but I feel like vesperia improved on it. Without Symphonia to set that standard I don’t think we would have Vesperia though.

    2. Alot of ppl claim Symphonia to be the OoT of the tales games, i played Graces F first and loved it but symphonia had that OoT feel so theyre both the best to me, xillia 1 and 2 were ehh

      1. Graces is one of the few tales games to have different fighting mechanics. Tales of Xillia had more traditional ones with linking. Now Tales of Xillia 2 has a combination of both Graces and Xillia. How did you not like that? Or was the story what you did not liked?

  2. Man… Final Fantasy Tactics A2’s graphics put this game to shame. The tiles used in the combat scenarios is just barren and lifeless. I was just skipping around, but check out 14:30, in the video. The textures and level design is really quite awful.

    The audio is pretty good, by the seems of things. I’m impressed that there was voice acting for every piece of dialog in the cut scenes/ fight scenes. Good for them. The music sounded alright, but was a little tough to hear.

    Game’ looked a little bit easy. I mean- an hour in- it should be at least a little bit tougher. Does anyone (that knows Japanese) know what difficulty they were playing on?

    I loved final fantasy tactics advance (and the original, and A2). And I loved Fire Emblem Awakening. But I’d doubt I would get this game if it was brought over seas.

  3. The tales series are the only reason i still own last gen consoles and the only reason I still have the long forgotten, small electronic “gaming” device called the vita.

      1. I tried playing mercenary but i just cannot do it. It is just sooo uncomfortable to hold and plus the way the game plays the characters feel really heavy so that doesn’t help at all.

        1. Try the Danganronpas if you’re into visual novels. Those are really, really cool games to relax on while in your bed.

        2. Have you tried the PS3 killzones? Those are even worse, tanks. My only issue with the Vita Killzone game is the sensitivity, its so damn slow, but I do understand though, Killzone isn’t for everyone.

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