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Here’s The Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley US Launch Video

Natsume has released a brand new trailer for Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley on the Nintendo 3DS. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is scheduled to be released in North America on November 4th and will come to Europe sometime in early 2015.

Hiking your way through the mountains one day, you become caught in an unexpected snowstorm, and find shelter with the help of a faint voice. When you awaken, you find and help a kindly Harvest Sprite buried under the snow, who tells you all of the seasons in the valley have vanished except for winter. To return all 4 seasons to the valley, you’ll need the help of the villagers, the Harvest Sprites, the Harvest Goddess, and even the King of the Underworld!

You’ve never played a Harvest Moon game quite like this! The first Harvest Moon game with a fully three-dimensional setting, allowing players to dig, stack, and till the soil any way they like!

New and innovative controls! With Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley’s context-sensitive controls, players won’t have to rummage through their rucksack anymore. Players can choose whether to play as a boy or a girl, woo their favorite bachelor or bachelorette, get married, and start a family!

Reinvented crop and animal systems! Discover new kinds of crops depending on where you plant them and each animal you raise will have its own personality.

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9 thoughts on “Here’s The Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley US Launch Video”

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      Yeah I thought that was kinda weird too. But, this video changed my opinion. The game is looking pretty interesting now.

  1. “You’ve never played a Harvest Moon game quite like this!” Because it’s a brand new game, it’s not the same series anymore. The Bokumono games are being taken over by XSEED, so maybe we’ll start to see better localizations.

    That said, I’m not really feeling this game. Everything feels so slow and I’m not into the graphics at all. The world looks like it’s really Minecrafty.

    The narrator’s awful.

  2. This game have many interesting things and its new the people who dont search about the creators or the origin of the developement are retarded

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