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Could A New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Be In Development?

Spike Chunsoft recently filed a new trademark for Mystery Dungeon in Japan. Hopefully it means that a new entry in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series is in the works, but we won’t know for sure until it’s officially announced. Would you like to see another entry in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon franchise?

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44 thoughts on “Could A New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Be In Development?”

  1. First the Attack on Titan localization potential and now rumors of a mew Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? Damn Spike is on a roll! All they have to do now is confirm Zero Escape 3 and they’ll be company of the year!

    1. I have the first Zero Escape game, and only the limit edition watch of the 3DS sequel.

      I believe Virtue’s Last Reward is about $20 on the eShop right now.

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    1. Yeah, but the previous two games had great plot and gameplay. If they expanded upon what made those games great, I’d be interested. I was disappointed with Gates of Infinity :/

    2. Sadly, I agree w/ this assessment, however, if we’re lucky, it’s a new Shiren game that actually gets localized, rather than a new PMD.

  2. As long it isn’t a slow-paced, shitty ass, empty story, no post-game content, all Unova-mons, lump of Magikarp crap, like GTI was

  3. I don’t fucking want another Mystery Dungeon game unless they don’t half ass it,and I don’t want this 200 out of the existing 600/700 bullshit again that was a cheap move and a cash in on Nintendo and the pokemon companys part,i had more fun with Explorers of Sky,Explorers of Darkness and Red Rescuse Team,and you want to know why the fuck that is? Oh maybe its because ALL MYSTERY DUNGEON GAMES BEFORE INFINITY HAVE MORE POKEMON!

  4. I loved Blue Rescue Team, but Gates to Infinity did everything wrong except for the graphics. It needs to allow for a more fleshed out story, a lot more Legendary pokemon and rival rescue team boss battles, a better customization of your town and base, a lot more playable characters, at least half of all the Pokemon, more starters to choose from, and just better replayability and possibly incorporating more of what makes Pokemon great (breeding, maybe a competitive turn based hide and seek game of treasure with friends/online, way better StreetPass) and dungeon crawlers great (interest in the treasure, danger and a sense of real exploration).

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      I really liked the first one too. I downloaded the demo for the last 3ds one and wasn;t really feeling it.

  5. The 3DS installment was an embarrassment in comparison to its prequels… I’m hoping that if this is a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, it returns to its spinoff-roots.

    If it’s an all-new non-spinoff Mystery Dungeon, that’ll be a welcome surprise. Or maybe crossover with a different franchise.

    Duck Hunt: Mystery Dungeon. Make it happen.

  6. Can PKMN Company bury this damn spin off series already? It’s never that good and the last game was met with so much negative publicity that it deserves to stay dead as they focus heavily on PKMN games that matter and that fans truly want like a full pledged PKMN RPG on home console.

  7. I hope it will return to the epicness the PMD 2 gave us. I loved Explorers of Time, and I would like to live another adventure as epic or maybe even better than Explorers.

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    I really hope they will make it as good as explorers series and red and blue team! They were great! I got aspecially dissapointed that there were only 5 starters… Thats were I know this game is bad.

  10. I’d love a new PMD! It’s one of me and my friends favorite pokémon spin offs… Just lets hope it’s not like gates, and more like Sky/Time/Darkness, Gates did have nice music, and some nice concepts like the paradise builder, an gate opener, but it completely lacked in story and game play compared to the others!

    Would like to see how they’d incorporate mega evolution, and add in shinys! would really like if they brought back the egg reward mechanic too.

  11. Yes! i think there should be a new pmd game! contrary to what many rude comments are saying about it here, the pmd games are practically a cult-classic at this point, sure even devoted pmd fans were rather disappointed with Gates, but if this new game does things right, players of Red/Blue and time/darkness/sky are sure to greatly appreciate it!

  12. uI played the demo of GtI, so maybe what im going to say is wrong.
    GtI did well on graphics, but i still i like the oldtime graphics on Explorers of Sky and Time, they really give you a ‘adventure’ feeling (or just i fe lt it). The story was epic

    1. I played the demo of GtI, so maybe what im going to say is wrong.
      GtI did well on graphics, but i still i like the oldtime graphics in Explorers of Sky and Time, they really give you a ‘adventure’ feeling (or just i felt it). The story was epic, and the music (I am remixing 2 pmd2 songs), best pokemon story in my opinion, original and emotional. I liked the gameplay, it was really an exploration, because the many places you could go. (Also liked the wonder map lol) And many pokemon. It was a nice long story with post stories and special episodes.

      But now… next gen games…
      I loved the old times non stop Pmd2 and Mw2 all 2009 nowadays ‘better graphics’ and stuff, advanced warefare XD GtI XD #RIPoldgreattimes
      Maiby work of the ieluminarty?

  13. God I hope so, I’ve been waiting for ages. I know it has a rather small fanbase overall, when compared to the main games. My brother is not a huge fan of these, and perfers the main, but I, and most people I know who have played these LOVE them. I love most of the pokemon games, always have sence my childhood, save for a few spinoffs, like Rangers. Never liked those for some reason. But Mystery Dungeon was amazing. I always wanted a pokemon game where I could just be a Pokemon in a world of Pokemon. Nintendo delivered, and I loved them. Explorers of the Sky was my favorite by far, and while I certainly enjoyed Gates to Infinity, it had far to many negative changes and flaws. Enough to make me worried that the series was done. I hope if this is true they go back to the Rescue Team roots and expand on that, instead of the less pokemon, no random dungeons, lowered even more difficulty issues from Infinity. Still wish they actually made worthwhile dlc for that one. I don’t want more dungeons, give me more playable pokemon. Or possibly even better, actual extra episodes or an extra endgame story or mini story. I’d pay money for THAT. And I want my Eevee Riolu team back. Not a super constricting amount of pokemon that makes me go, “Eh, well I don’t LOVE this pokemon, but I do like him, out if the others. Guess I’ll choose you.” =p

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