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Has Nintendo Under-shipped Bayonetta 2 In The US?

Reports are coming in from online forum NeoGAF that consumers in the US are finding it difficult to acquire copies of the recently released Bayonetta 2. While the game is in stock at US retailer Amazon, a number of brick and mortar stores such as GameStop and Best Buy reportedly only had a handful of copies to sell to customers. Did you have trouble purchasing Bayonetta 2?

Thanks, KillBill

265 thoughts on “Has Nintendo Under-shipped Bayonetta 2 In The US?”

    1. Damn right.

      When I went to obtain my pre-ordered copy, the clerk at GameStop told me that they were only carrying copies to those that have reserved it in advance.

        1. the first time i hade no problem to get a special edition
          here in switzerland is it still possible to get the first print edition for 70 € :-)
          on ebay you pay 200€ for the same:-(

      1. What he said.

        Guy told me the same thing and had to go to another GameStop. I got the last copy, but the game was hard to find when I asked if any other stores have it.

    2. Digital man, lol also now you can even pre order digital. And with Nintendo they plan to add more unification and such with the eshop with the next system they plan to support download transferring. Digital is just better

      1. Digital is only good on pc right now. When next gen comes around you probably won’t be able to play the digits, games you buy right now whereas if you buy a steam game now in 10 years it’ll still work, and you can’t resell the game if you dont like it or just dont want it anymore.

    3. I preordered at kmart and they sent me an email telling me they didn’t have enough copies for everyone who preordered

        1. Yea they sent the fucken email on the day the game releases. What kind of shit is that? Luckily I had the game preordered at gamestop on the side. Just got done playing.

      1. Exactly. I work at kmart and i sware the people over the internet are horrible. I preorderd both hyrule warriors and smash and i was waiting for a confirmation for hyrule warriors which i didnt get and they cancelled it without telling me. Then they gave me 1 reason that was retarded and another reason which stated that they sold out of the copies…… Like what?

    4. Exactly. Everyone who is an idiot and doesn’t understand how both retail and the industry works deserves every second without their game. I still can’t believe people are too stupid to understand how basic stocking procedures work in real life

      1. OR… maybe people don’t have the time and money to buy every game they want before it releases. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT?

    5. They Did the same to mexico.
      GamersRetail (a well known videogame store) delayed the game up to oct 30… even on preorder.

    1. You have got to be kidding me. The main reason I even wanted Amiibo was because of the amazing quality. Absolutely ridiculous…

      1. Yeah the link one looked great at first but now it looks like garbage. half the reason i wanted an amiibo was to display it. now it just looks cheap and tacky.

        1. Saw displays in the Nintendo World store (not for sale yet)….they look like they have in previous pictures. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

          FYI I wasn’t looking up the dress so I wouldn’t know if they changed that.

      2. You people believe everything you see on the internet ._. Where did these pics come from?! For all we know, they’re replicas made in China :|

        1. Umm maybe because in the official video released by Nintendo you can see the same god damn figures we are showing you… They even show the Peach Kurisu is showing, as well as the downgraded Link I’m takling about.

          Just watch the freaking video then, if you can’t believe us, you’ll surely believe Nintendo right?

          1. I didn’t even know there was a video, I saw the video by IGN and they look good. Did I say I’m gonna believe everything I’m fed? No. Kurisu didn’t mention the video. She just put those up, and they look like poor quality pictures as well, do you blame me for being skeptical?

    2. I submitted an article about this, they changed the Link Amiibo too, it looks so cheap now. I’m really disappointed in Nintendo for doing this, showing much higher quality made ones at first and taking pre-orders on what people think are those, then they give you this cheap crap.

      You don’t really need a source, just watch the new Amiibo commercial Nintendo put up recently, it shows you the Link Amiibo and you can see how much it has changed in quality. They even put the stand in front of the figure now, it no longer has that nice thin silver stand behind it, it has a thick yellow stand that is in front of the figurine.

      Also if you can’t tell from that picture alone, you need to get your eyes checked because even my eye sight is not 100% and I can see the differences, the paint is of higher quality, the detail is lacking compared to the older Peach and just look at how much her face changed. A dead giveaway is the gold on her dress, notice how in the first Amiibo, they actually cut depth into the gold adornments on her dress, now they are completely flat.

      I cancelled my pre-orders on them, if they aren’t going to look like how they were first shown, that is a complete rip off. They even have these so called cheapened final designs, yet everywhere they are still advertising they higher quality ones. It isn’t right.

      If you’re going to change the quality that much, then update your packaging being used at retailers for pre-orders, otherwise it looks a lot like false advertisement.

        1. Just look at details in the tunic, the shield and his boots. It isn’t the same at all. It even looks like it might be smaller than it was originally.

            1. Like I said, you can still tell. You can watch the video in 1080p to get a better idea of what I mean, no doubt more photos like this will surface, so it will be only a matter of time before more people notice. The Peach photo clearly proves they aren’t looking the same. Another dead giveaway just like with Peach’s gold on her dress no longer being cut in, Link’s shields is not longer cut around the edges to give the shield a better look and more depth. Even in that image, you can notice the details in the shield, tunic and his boots aren’t the same.

              Also you can notice in the higher quality Amiibo, in Link’s tunic, he is wearing chain mail, the paint isn’t even the same in the new Amiibo, the old one had this nice high quality metallic paint on the chain mail showing through his shirt at the top, now it just looks like silver paint.

              Even his hair isn’t in the same detail it was before. Just like with Peach also, you can clearly tell the paint they’re using is cheaper now. They obviously made the stands a lot cheaper also.

              1. Right he has inlays on his tunic and in the other one they painted on… well, I will check them out first hand before i buy more than just one for my kid… sucks if that is what we get

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      When it comes to Link, I would like the same lightsource lit upon Link as it does with the original one to see if they really downgraded it a bit…

                      I agree with Peach though, that face looks horrible…

                      1. Well here you go, I’ll even give you extra. I dug a little and I actually found someone who took recent pictures of the final designs up close and personal at the EB Expo in Austrailia, they all look cheaper now. Link looks worse than I even thought with these images, ugh, look how cheap his sword looks.

                        For everyone saying Kurisu’s image is fake and has no source, here is better source that proves his image isn’t a fake or a knock off. They snapped a shot of the same Peach.


                        Photos from E3 2014, look at how high quality those were –


                        Photos from EB Expo 2014, now look at them –


                        The other figures have been downgraded as well. They changed all the stands also, they look god awful now.

                        First design Link –


                        Final design Link –


                        First Design Villager –


                        Final Design Villager –


                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          I’ll give you Link and Peach but the rest don’t look to horrible, except they probably didn’t put some polished material on them as they would on the unveilling day…

                          However, it does seem as they have switched materials…

                  1. Who gives a shit? For $12 they’re still the cheaper than any figurine on the market and have added value in that they have a function in-game. No one is forcing you to buy them, so forcing people not to buy them based on your overanalytical whining and high-expectations is nothing but detrimental to sales for something that could lead to higher quality figures if supported. Boycotting would do nothing but hurt sales.

            2. God, that yellow stand is horrible. X.x
              I preordered all of them, I think I’m canceling as well. This is bullshit.

            3. Just saw the video, link isn’t the only one on a stand. I wonder why he has that yellow column holding him up. DK looked unchanged, also ign has a video where they’re using them and I think those were unchanged too. Their video is like a day old

              1. I don’t know… But I love figurines (have 10 of different animes from $50 to $300)
                So can I ask something to you kids?…
                WHAT DO YOU SPECT FOR $12??? It also has a chip inside!!!

                1. @Newcomer: Exactly! Thank you!! Some people….
                  Though, nintendo shouldn’t advertise a version of figs that aren’t quite like it.

                    -Amazon- (and probably every single store)
                    Is not Nintendo’s fault if this kids can’t read…

                2. Its not that they expect great quality from $12, its that they expect to get what’s being advertise. You’re a fucken idiot if you think its ok for them to keep advertising the better product but ship and sell an inferior one.

          1. If you order them from Game stop or Amazon it says its not the final design …of course when they showed them off they were going to be the best looking ones when they mass produce something it goes down thats how it works

        2. Daily reminder im going to get the ones I want and a few butt hurt fanboys who listen to sources on /v/ wont change my mind

          1. please have some respect for me thanks. I’m doing people a service here by opening your eyes to the deception nintendo are conveying :) Amiibo’s are cheap, bad quality and overpriced.

            1. You are not archiving anything specialy with promotions of toys, figures like amiibos, is obvious that the final product will have changes
              Remember this are figures with chips inside of them which are not cheap to make that’s why this figures are so expensive as some one who collect superheroes and anime figures i can tell that they are indeed very expensive and hard to make and i can only think on how expensive the amiibos production truly is and keep in mind this figures are gonna be sell on mass is obvious that they will reduce the quality a little in order to save money to produce more besides the amiibos still look great i mean is not McFarlane figures top quality but they still look Good

              1. No, I’m sorry, when you advertise something that looks of higher quality, only to see that quality diminish greatly later on, while you still use the high quality figures to sell them. It isn’t right.

                Also this isn’t a small reduction in quality, that Peach looks way cheaper than the first one and most likely all the others will, because Link has changed and looks cheaper too. We just haven’t gotten better look at the others yet.

                LOL you think the little memory capacity these have is expensive to put in? Give me a break, very expensive… LOL. That is like saying Gameboy cartridges are still expensive to make because of the memory chips in them. It isn’t like this thing stores gigs or even terabytes of data here, you can buy usb sticks that hold more data than Amiibo’s will, that cost a couple bucks. So yea, I’m so sure it is costing Nintendo an arm and a leg to put in the small memory these figures have.

                I can bet my life on it, the amount of memory used in Amiibo’s is comparable to a floppy disk.

                1. Yes because programing an A.I that can learn on to fight is really easy and cheap and again figures are not cheap have you ever seem the prices of Mcfarlane’s figures or PVC’s figures? The more detail a figure has the expensive it gets and again this will produce in mass not as limited edition figures one of this days compare a normal toy along side a figure the normal toy is cheaper but it lacks all the datail the figure has this is why figure are so expensive and making them is a nightmare some time especially if you have a time period, great figures take Time to make and they expensive Cuz they are Collectible meaning they aren’t been produce in Mass like normal toys amiibos on the other hand are been produce in Mass which kinda takes a way the whole collectible thing which may explain the reduce of quality this things are not easy nor cheap to make trust me when i tell you that there are worst looking figures out there

                  1. The A.I is programmed into and controlled by the game, not the Amiibo. Stop acting like you know anything. All the game has to do is recognize the data and base the difficulty of the A.I on the level and stats saved onto the Amiibo.

                    Nothing more. There isn’t any A.I programming that goes into the Amiibo’s themselves, they are just memory cards that store small amounts of data the system can read. The game already has all this programmed into it before hand, to recognize and work with Amiibo’s.

                    The A.I will always be completely dependent on the game from a programming stand point.

                    1. Agree with everything u said 100%. Main reason I was buying amiibo was cause of the high quality. There’s no point to it now. I wanted to collect them but I don’t want to display happy meal quality (ok not that crappy) figures.

                      1. Exactly. They are memory cards. That’s why you use it at the start to upload your data and then at the end to save the data just like a ……. memory card. The Wii U does all the work.

                      2. They look good in person, I am confused why a few people (the same ones on this board saying it over an over, you know who you are), have their panties in a bunch.

            2. so has nintendo themselves said this was final? These could be demo figs skylanders did a similar thing in the past If I recall when doing demos for the press

            3. Bullshit, see them in person, go to the Nintendo World store. They have them on display. You are doing no one a service with misinformation.

        3. Wow the second pic looks like shit compared to the first one. If this is true I’m cancelling my preorders. I’ll just get my luigi figure and that’ll be it.

        4. The reduction in quality isn’t that huge.
          It’s disappointing, but you’re exaggerating how bad it is.

          Besides, it’s the Amiibo’s function that matters.

          In Smash, that sucker is an EVOLVING AI.
          You can’t get that with other games right now. You rarely ever SEE that sort of thing with ANY console games anymore, and Nintendo is making this a thing in one of its biggest releases.

          So, yeah, don’t go discouraging people from buying Amiibo’s over something as small as the looks going down a bit.

            1. No.
              They really aren’t.
              Because it’s not meant to be used as just a display figure, nor as an action figure.

              The difference is being exaggerated to sound like the figures are horribly ugly now, when that’s not the case.

              1. It’s pretty obvious the messaging is that you can have it as display figures, and also have actual usage in other games. It may not be “horribly ugly”, but no one likes downgraded stuff.

                1. I call such bullshit on everything you are saying, were you ever even intending to buy amiibos (and I mean more than one or two or even 5)
                  What we have been shown is pictures, source-less, different quality pictures.
                  I have no problem with these figures because at the end of the day, they are $13 figures, not $50 masterpieces and I accept that and I am still buying them all.
                  Besides, why are you complaining, Xbox fanboys would pay thousands to purchase Bill Gates’s toenail, so unless you put your money where your mouth is, you have no leg to stand on.

                  1. ” Xbox fanboys would pay thousands to purchase Bill Gates’s toenail,”


                    Seriously dude, sometimes you just go full fucking retardcto try to prove a point don’t you.

                  2. I preordered the whole set, don’t even try.

                    Did you see the Kotaku post on this? Doubt it.

                    $13 is A LOT for a single figure, don’t bother damage controlling that

                    Last paragraph is irrelevant based on my purchase.

                2. That’s true, but the downgrade doesn’t justify the extreme response of some people.
                  It’s a mass production model; it’s a given that there would be some drop in quality for the sake of costs and materials.

                  1. No, it’s not a given. If it was or is advertised with figures of a certain level of quality, people will buy based on that, and they shouldn’t receive any less. It’s the same kind of misinformation every fast-food restaurant chain engages in when they dress images of their food to be the fullest, juiciest-looking things in the world, and give you something that is a hollow shell of what your eyes ate (and in this case, we will actually have the product on our shelves for display, though I concede “we don’t have to stare at them” -_-).

                    This is especially jarring coming from a company that has touted and consistently upheld a theme of honorable business practices. Where everyone else might’ve manufactured cheap amiibos after showing pretty ones, Nintendo, in-character, should’ve been the one to ship exactly what they showed. I hold Nintendo to that standard as a minimum because that’s what Nintendo’s been convincing me to be their defining characteristic I can depend on for a long while.

                    1. Expecting the same level of detail to be present on that many figurines is the same as asking Nintendo to dig themselves a rut and bury any profits they’ll make with the figurines.

                      The difference in quality isn’t big enough to be making this big an uproar over it.
                      Frankly, most people that complain about this are being highly unreasonable.

                      1. If it really would dig Amiibo’s profits into a rut, production models should’ve been the ones touted from the start. Anything else is called LYING, and as I said, I especially don’t expect that behaviour from Nintendo.

                        1. It’s called accounting for expenses.
                          Lying would be entirely changing the Amiibo’s so that they didn’t have the functions described.

                          This is a mere cosmetic difference that does not have a major impact on the fact that the figurines still look good.

                          Again, asking for the level of cosmetic design to be kept up to what it was with the demo units, is an unreasonable expectation that completely ignores the expenses involved in doing so.
                          Full stop.

                          1. If Nintendo knew they were going to be expensive to make, then they shouldn’t have used high quality prototypes! Why would they show something they were never going to give to consumers?!? The LEAST they could do is make a statement about this Amiibo thing and explain exactly why this happened. WHY advertise them almost as if they’re the real deal? Didn’t you see how many times they kept on using the god damn prototypes when they tried to show it off? They even have the prototypes as what’s being shown on their official website. They should get rid of that immediately and put the real thing if they’re so confident

                            1. Putting up “the real thing” would eat into the profits too much, and the display models were made with higher quality materials because they were not mass-production models.
                              It’s stupid to expect all of them to show the exact same kind of expense put into them.
                              Full stop.

                3. They are on par with Disney Infinity and Skylander figurines. I am not going by poorly shot photos, saw them already in person.

              2. Doesn’t matter. Not everyone was intending to buy these just for their Smash Bros functionality. And I’m pretty sure the people that will still care about the quality. You do not show off high quality polished figures and then replace it with cheap plastic looking ones. Downgrade is unacceptable. Especially for that price.

                1. As always, it blows my mind seeing people defend this kind of crap. I’ll just post these two links again so you can be the judge yourself. Since everyone assumes we’re all overreacting or just making this up. So I had to go the extra mile…

                  E3 June 2014 –


                  EB Expo October 2014 –


                  1. Man, seeing that E3 Peach Amiibo just makes me sad. She has so much detail on her dress. I also saw the Captain Falcon, Pit, Luigi, and Zelda Amiibo’s not too long ago and they looked really good. Especially Falcon because he had a lot of detail around the boots. Not sure if they got changed as well, but they probably did…

                    1. Have you ever seen High Quality Figures for 13$? Those were the god damn Promo figures only retards thought that’s what they were gonna get for 13$. Pre-orders on Amazon even said Not Final Design.

                      1. Thought that we were getting? Those were the figures that Nintendo were advertising literally the entire time. They even talked about how much detail they had.

                      2. Oh come on, every person who says they wont buy the amiibo will end up buying them anyway….
                        They just like drama…. Like any other troll…

                2. You’d be right, if it were just a figurine with nothing else inside of it, produced in a limited enough number that they could keep the quality that high without the cost sky-rocketing.

                  But that’s not the case.

                  1. Then they shouldn’t have shown off the better figures to begin with. Literally this entire time I’ve been trying to convince some people that these are really high quality and that they would be great for collecting, now I feel like an idiot. I really don’t like false advertisement. These better not be the final version, or I am not buying them. Sorry. :/

                      1. They aren’t that useful in Smash Bros to be honest. All you’re doing is basically purchasing a harder difficulty level. I’ll wait to see what they do in other games because it looks kind of pointless in Smash. I’m also hoping that these Smash figures are not the only ones. If there are some made for MK8, perhaps I MIGHT buy them.

                        1. You’re purchasing a companion bot that learns and grows as you yourself train it. One that shows your skill as a player and constantly challenges you as it grows, because by fighting against it you are essentially fighting against yourself, which allows you to more easily identify weaknesses and mistakes in your own combat style.

                          There’s a lot of words I could use to describe that, but the word “pointless” is most definitely not one of them.

            2. How is 12 dollars an absurd price? Did you really think you were going to get top quality production out of a 12 dollar figure? These are figures meant to have functionality outside of just being a shelf prop that some neckbeard collects to display on his bookshelf. Be realistic and stop being so god damn entitled. At the end of the day, game companies are selling a product and trying to turn a profit. Given the multi-purpose use of the Amiibos, 12 dollars is pretty reasonable. Stop throttling Kotaku’s shaft and develop an opinion that doesn’t require the input of an online gaming journalism site that only seeks to sensationalize the topic of video games and their merchandise. I miss when video games were just fun and sales figures and critical theory were topics discussed by businessmen and humanities majors instead of “journalists” who only want to exploit the topic of video game media for their own political purposes. Yes, I mad.

          1. Yes I had Walmart tell me that they weren’t going to have the game until Monday/Tuesday. so I went to best buy, they didn’t have them on display, he had to go get it from the back. I found it strange that they weren’t “ready”.

          2. Got it no problem. Won’t be playing it for a while though lol. Resting my thumbs up after getting 100% in smash for the U version. Poor thumbs are sore as hell from grinding lol.

            1. You realize that 30 copies isn’t that much, right? I mean, unless the population in you’re town is like 40-50 people then yeah.

          3. I thought nintendo was very big on pre orders though. Like they’ll ship out their pre order requests and x more, but not much besides the pre order.

            1. Not at all! In my town each store gets they’re number of pre-ordered copies and than like 3 extra and if there is a special addition 1 of those. When Smash was released GameStop had like 4 copies and Wal-Mart 7 (not including pre-orders. Thankfully mine was pre-ordered. :)

            2. Nope, theyve been limiting stock for a while. It happened to me with DKCR, Fire Emblem, and Zelda. They also only ship preorders preordered 1 week prior to the release date at my local GameStop.

              If you preorder the week of launch your preorder might end up lost. Strange, but Nintendo doesn’t send more than like 5 extra copies after preorders.

          4. Got the last copy at my GameStop, they hadn’t even gotten any yet at Wal-Mart and I went as soon as they opened yesterday.

          5. Same here in Italy, yesterday in the afternoon it was impossible to find Bayo2+1 at GS and others retailers, I was lucky I’ve found a copy going directly to the distributor’s outlet

          6. Either that or the game is just doing incredibly well. O was hoping to go pick up a copy later today so hopefully my store will have it.

            1. It would be doing well. My local gamestop said they have had a bunch of people come in trying to buy Bayonetta. Too bad not a single one of them walked out with a copy.

          7. How can you not get the game? Pre order? Or be at game stop when it opens. Or download it from the eshop. Digital never sells out.

            1. Some people have to wait for funds to purchase games or in my case wait on a birthday, holiday, or allowance to get it.

              1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                My birthday is the 28th. But my parents got it for me early because we tend to be pretty busy. I cant imagine having to wait even longer. That would be torture. @_@

                  1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                    Oah! Thanks. I didn’t expect you to remember. Haha. It’s still my 9:40 pm on my birthday. Hahaha. You’re still on time. I like how a bunch of 3DS games will wish you happy birthday. I got wishes from Tomodachi Life, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem Awakening.

            2. Your missing the point. The game should be readily available for all potential consumers. How the hell can you expect to even have medicore sales if the only way you can get the game is by pre-ordering? And 32 gig download is unaccecptable. It’s a catasrophic blunder on Nintendo’s part. They destroyed any chance this game had to reach one million sales.

              1. why make it readily available when you can create artificial scarcity and potentially create a hype/buzz from that :D

                like omgz it sold out must be so popular !

                1. Yeah because that worked out well with the 3DS. Remember they created artificial scarcity and at launch it sold tremendously well.


          8. The GameStop where I pre-ordered mine told me they had 5 pre-order copies and 5 loose copys…when I went to pick it up the sales guy was like “please tell me you pre-ordered it”

          9. i do believe nintendo playing a dangerous game here by not producing enough copy of bayonetta. the retailer will see it as a collector and the price will be ridiculous. this happenned to zelda twilight princess on game cube, xenoblade, last story and pandora tower on wii U. there is not need to do that at all, the game should be widely available. what the hell Nintendo playing at? it will piss off the wii U owner who let’s face it do not have much software on their console to start with and platinum cause they won’t sell enough for a sequel.

          10. Not only in the US, I go to 3 different game store in my city, in México, and none of them have Bayonetta, one store told me that maybe in 15 days and another told me i could come the 28 of the month and see if I have any luck.

            I mean, I know Bayonetta is not a Mario or a Zelda game to see in all store on launch day, but not seeing one single copy in 3 big game store? That to me smell like under shipment.

          11. This is weird cause its readily available in retailers such as GAME and HMV in the UK. Plus they were being sold in the London comic con for £5 cheaper o:

            1. So i went into GAME where i lived this morning and Bayonetta 2 was out of stock and the boxes just said ‘coming soon’ on them. our HMV closed down so i dont know about there.

          12. They didnt have any at my Walmart (but they never got in Wonderful 101 or Sonic Lost World until like 2 months after they released) But luckily my local game store got in 12 copies. (Which weirded me out considering they think the Wii U is dead)

            But I got my copy no trouble :)

          13. Nintendo held shipments of the game for small shops. My supplier won’t even have the game to ship out until Monday then making it ship out ready for sale on Tuesday…. This is also maybe going to happen to Smash U and Poke ORAS

          14. I didn’t have any trouble, I preordered mine at GameStop, I did see more copies at Target. If you really want a game he best thing would be to preorder it somewhere.
            Store clerks are jerks sometimes, they just say they don’t have it so they don’t have to go to the back to find it or they’re just too lazy to make up space for it in the shelves, it’s happened to me that’s why I say it.

          15. Pre ordered my game in Sweden. Had no problem picking it up. They had a lot the day it came out but now there’s less. Actually, strike that, there were copies earlier today but now they all seem to be gone at the shop I got it from.

                1. ^this

                  Or take the time to find a physical copy. I loled when I found out Bayonetta 2 alone as a download costs 16 gigs of space. I have nine Wii U games (ten, if Bayonetta 1 is counted), yet I still have around one half of my memory space left, and only that little because of LOZ:WW HD and NSMB U.

                  but either way, yes, a portable hard drive is a good investment.

            1. For me, it really isn’t the space but Nintendo’s account system. I always try to buy physical games when it comes to Nintendo, since they still have this wonky account system where your games are tied to the hardware itself.

              Not very reassuring when your Wii U or 3DS breaks, knowing all your games could be lost. So unless it’s only digital or it’s given to me free in digital format, I don’t buy digital games from Nintendo.

              Not until they make a better account system.

              1. everything is stored on your nintendo id and can be transferred to a different system with no issue or call nintendo they have a great costumer service very fast

                  1. The NNID is a slight step up in the right direction but it was mainly made right now, for merging balances between 3DS and Wii U. It is still not a unified account like other consoles have. The games are still tied to the hardware, because the actual ID is tied to the hardware and has to be transferred in order to access the games again.

                    With a Playstation or Xbox ID, it is as easy as logging into the account again on another system and you can access your games, the only thing is, obviously you can’t be logged into that account on multiple systems at the same time. If your system broke, was stolen or sold, you can easily access your account data again just by logging in on another system, as long as someone else isn’t using your account. So unless your handing out your password everywhere that won’t be happening. It can only be accessed by one user at a time, on one system at a time but it can still be used on any system.

                    It doesn’t work as easy as that with an NNID unfortunately, you might have lucked out (not even sure your exact situation with your Wii U, so that could make all the difference) and it’s a lot easier when you can do an actual transfer of the ID with two working systems, but if you can’t access the hardware at all it’s going to be a problem. It can also take a long time or you may not even receive all the content you had purchased back. All these steps are just unnecessary to have to go through, while everyone else has had unified account systems for years and years now that work much easier than this.

                    Even Nintendo has commented on this and the fact they need to improve their account system. It is also written in the faq and user agreements, how it works.



                    “The Network Services may permit you to transfer some or all of your data, information, account balances, and Digital Content between Nintendo Devices that you own, or between your Network Accounts. Please refer to the User Manual for more information on this feature.”

                    Keywords “may” and “some”, no where does it say the account is unified and you are insured all your content will be restored with a simple login.

                    So until they get an actual unified account system like Sony or Microsoft, I’m sticking with physical for Nintendo games.

                    1. from my experiance i sent my 3ds and wiiu for repair and they sent me new consoles to replace them with nothing transferred and i have ambassador games for 3ds and over $800 in eshop purchases on wiiu and 3ds and got all my content and dlc with no problems every game is accounted for so dont see whats the worry

          16. some dude on my miiverse post just told me he went to 4 stores n cant find the game lol so cool! also they are gonna stop selling the bayo 1 & 2 bundle pack soon!

              1. I second this question. I’ve heard a small number of people make this blasted statement, but I can’t seem to get a source out of any of them.

          17. Gamestop, Walmart, and Best Buy didn’t have any copies of Bayonetta two. Gamestop said the game is preorder only. Walmart employees never heard of the game, and there is no shelf space made for it.

            Nintendo must have either under shipped, or retailers just don’t want the game. Either way, Bayonetta two sales will hurt becouse of this.

            Strange becouse Hyrule Warriors was easy to find, and in every major retailer on the shelf.

            1. Wasn’t the case for me with Hyrule Warriors. I actually had to go to three different stores before I found one that had the game.

          18. I got mine just fine yesterday.

            Plenty of stores in my area have plenty of copies still, although there are a few reporting low stock. It wouldn’t be surprising though, Nintendo usually always under ships most their games.

            1. I don’t work retail, so I couldn’t say for sure but my guess is maybe they only send more copies to the stores and areas that get more business? As to possibly why some areas get fewer copies or none at all.

          19. I had a hell of a time getting a copy of Bayonetta 2. None at any of the local Walmarts and/or Targets. I went to Gamestop when it opened on the 24th and they had one… one copy.

          20. I’m thankful I played the demo first, and didn’t have to spend my money on a game I don’t like. I’ll never believe hype.

          21. My local gamestop actually had their shipment get lost by ups. The manager had to run to 4 nearby stores and swipe their extra copies to cover preorders

          22. Hamburgers never look like the commercials when you buy them. Of course the amibos look better, they’re the one’s Nintendo is showing off. If they put that much detail into all of them they would be 50 dollars a piece instead of we and everyone would lose their mind over that. It’s always something.

            1. Then they shouldn’t have advertised it that way. I’ll prefer that I see the amiibos as heir final products rather than get burned by getting a downgraded POS. It’s exactly like the Watch Dogs “scandal”.

            2. You talk like that hamburger analogy is a good and reasonable thing, but what it means to me is that Nintendo is engaging in the same false advertisement as most major fast-food chains.

          23. Yeah, actually I had to visit a couple of different Walmarts to find the game and when I did, they only had two copies left

          24. Nintendo should have anticipated this… if they had high preorder numbers they should have realised the potential demand for this game. Those of you who said that people should’ve preordered are missing the point here. Nintendo needs to supply a sufficient amount of Bayo 2 in shops. The more people who’s unable to get the game, the less sales Nintendo gets, and preorder sales just won’t cut it. If this game does bomb I can’t really blame only Nintendo fans I guess… still I did preorder anyways and it’s coming soon :)

            1. Got mine playing the first one freaking amazing so far only thing I hate so far are the quick time event deaths, other then that bayonetta 2 is fun…even more so then devil may cry

              1. Yeah, you realize some people don’t like digital? :D You know this thing called a 32gb storage space? :D You know how much I love Randomly Capitalizing Words? :D

            2. its an old school business tactic when they release a small amount of a specific game making it hard to get, and that creates a demand for the game making it a must have. so when you see the game in the store shelves it will make you impulse buy it on the spot just because they made it seem like its hard to get. remember they did this with the launch of the wii console in 2006.

          25. Just shows Nintendo only give a shit about their child friendly image which they need to cool off on there’s more to life than bloody mario !

              1. I basically mean they only really ship out mario games like an unwed teenage mother popping out babies like a gumball machine

          26. I’ve honestly never had this much of a problem finding a retail game before. Hell, Xenoblade Chronicles was supposedly rare, and it was easier to find than this damn game. I just ordered a copy off amazon, so no big deal. But someone clearly dropped the ball on this one. A video game company thats trying build up a user base shouldn’t have thier biggest blockbuster titles so hard to find.

          27. In the back of my head, I knew something like this would happen. They did this with Fire Emblem Awakening, where outlets had little to no copies available and was damn near impossible to find physically when it first came out. Amazon was out of them too, and out of sheer luck I got the last one through Target’s website.

          28. Amazon is my gaming store. I recieved my Bayonetta 2 discs at 10am Friday October 24th. No extra fees for same day delivery. A knock on the door and the Umbra witch awaits. Awesome!!

          29. The stores filled their pre-orders but did not anticipate extra sales. They send these orders to Nintendo, so they should know how much extra they should request based on the pre-orders.

            On the other hand those retailers must have underestimated the number of Wii U owners who Will Buy the game.

            In my country it’s delayed for maybe a week, so it’s either the distributor or Nintendo does have a distribution issue.

          30. I got my copy.
            Though I pre-ordered it the day it appeared on the listings, before we even knew Bayo 1 was coming with.

          31. My game stop had copies but it didn’t have a personal space on the shelves for that game in which it was a disappointment.

          32. Better be conservative when it comes to the number of shipment sent than becoming another Atari’s E.T.

          33. Bayonetta 2 have made its debut at #1 according to the North American Nintendo eShop. If you own a Wii U, go to the eShop and touch “Charts” on the pad.

          34. For THOSE people talking about false advertising with Amiibo, Nintendo stated they were not final products. When you go to Amazon you see this- FIGURES SHOWN NOT ACTUAL SIZE AND DESIGNS MAY VARY.

            1. NO EXCUSES. False advertisement is false advertisement. You don’t try to advertise your product by showing people something that’s better than what it actually is.

          35. Nope, got my day on the release date and have been loving it ever since. It’s absolutely incredible. If you own a Wii U and are of age to play it, you have no excuse not to get this game.

          36. Looks like everyone, including Nintendo, underestimated that selling potential of this game. Hopefully, this shipping situation doesn’t stunt sales any more than they already are as a console exclusive. This game is WAY to good not to get some serious attention from the public.

          37. It’s hard to get your hands on it in Sweden too. I’m off to my local store now cause it’s sold out on the Internet.

          38. Pingback: Bayonetta 2 parece haberse agotado - TierraGamer

          39. yeh, here in Canada, i went to both futureshop and best buy on day one, they didnt have it, they didnt even have the labels for it………i found it in EB games tho

          40. PLOT TWIST: Japan is the only country getting the high quality amiibos! Once again, every other country is getting the middle finger because Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe, etc suck donkey balls!

          41. I went to Target to pick up the game and the clerk told me that “We only got two copies in, and we sold them the minute we opened the store. So I had to go to GameStop to get my copy. They only had 3 copies left.
            So yes, Bayonetta 2 was extremely undershipped.

            1. Well, I wouldn’t use GameStop’s inventory to guage how many units were shipped. I’m not implying whether Bayonetta was adequately or inadequately shipped. But nearly every game I’ve bought from GS @ or near launch has been a display copy (since DS & Wii), & that’s from multiple locations. Granted, most games that I buy are niche, but so is Bayonetta, @ least this gen.

              GS employees have told me that their stores have limited space, & judging by those damn drawers, it seems obvious. &, while GS specializes in games (for now), it’s still the bigger, smorgasbord retailers that deal in bulk. But niche games, especially from smaller publishers, are usually easier to find @ GS. I know Nintendo published Bayonetta 2, but again, limited space & GS’ bias toward Ninty are factors that could skew the overall amount of units shipped.

          42. It seems I went off topic with my comment.

            I sure do hope Gamestop, or a lesser chance Wal-Mart, still has Bayonetta 2 copies when I go to take my son trick or treating on Friday. I’d really love it if I can play Bayonetta for the first time, not counting the demo, on Halloween night.

          43. I live in Las Vegas and there were copies in stock at all the Best Buys, Walmarts, and Gamestops I went to when it came out! Unfortunately, a lot of the Best Buys and Walmarts were slow and still hadn’t put them on the shelves even though they had a lot in the back! It’s pretty sad how slow they are at putting games out on the floor sometimes since the same thing happened with SSB for 3DS at many of these stores as well when that came out! I bet a lot of the stores you guys think didn’t have enough games probably had them in the back and either didn’t check their stock or didn’t even know what game you were looking for! I pre-ordered my game just to be safe, but anybody living in Las Vegas shouldn’t have any problems buying the game! =P

          44. You guys wanna know why the amiibos got downgraded in quality??? Because we saw the leaked price from europe which at the time was 15£ which is close $20 in the U.S. and said oh thats 2 expensive where not paying thay for figures. So nintendo made them cheaper quality so they could lower the price. Maybe if YOU hadnt been so cheap and complained about the price we would have got the better one. If you want quality its not cheap. Just look at first 4 figures Very high quality peices but command a high price. Thats how the workd works. If yoy want high quality stop complaining and pony up some cash

          45. Bought my copy today @ Walmart. Despite their website claiming it was out of stock for the particular store I visited, they had 1 left. I was going to that Walmart anyway, but still decided to check the games out, even if Bayonetta was the only game I was willing to buy. My peek paid off.

            Oddly, the same thing happened to me re Bravely Default.

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