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Nintendo Files Trademark For Hyrule In Japan, USA And Europe, More Spinoffs Coming?

Nintendo has filed a trademark for Hyrule in Japan on September 8th with filings in Europe and US following this month. Whether this is just Nintendo trying to protect the name remains to be seen, but the company could possibly branch out with future Hyrule themed titles. We won’t know for sure until Nintendo announces something.

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44 thoughts on “Nintendo Files Trademark For Hyrule In Japan, USA And Europe, More Spinoffs Coming?”

    1. like talking shit because the next zelda game is called the legend of zelda shrimpshield even if it is a rumor because you think that it is not real because you are funny in the head

  1. If Koei-Tecmo were to publish a Hyrule Warriors sequel, this could be another epic moment in The Legend of Zelda franchise.

    1. Do you think that the same people make all these games? There are teams of people making each game. Just because people are/were working on Hyrule Warriors doesn’t mean that there aren’t people working on a New Zelda game (which they are considering a new one is supposed to come out next year). Plus it’s not like they are late with releasing a new game. Twilight Princess was released in 2006, Skyward Sword in 2011, and the new Zelda game will be released in 2015.
      They could announce five new Hyrule themed games for release in the next two years and it wont really impact the release of a new Zelda game…Just like they could be making no other games at all and they would still be releasing the new game around the same time.

  2. Please not another Hyrule Warriors! It’s fun and all, but it starts to feel really repetitive each time I play it. I don’t know if it’s the type of game I could stand playing several sequels to.

    It frustrates the hell out of me every time I play. It’s like, there’s constantly someone asking for help. Then when I rush to help them, either I can’t find them or suddenly I get told to go somewhere else to protect some stupid base. It’s like you have to be in several places all at the same time. And I never know which place to go first until after lots of trial and error.

    1. Just so you know, you don’t HAVE to save every person or base that’s in trouble. The Current Status option on the menu when you pause the action tells you exactly which character & base you need to keep safe. Now if you want the achievement for saving your allies 500 times, then I suggest saving every single person that needs saving til you hit the 500 mark.

  3. I wouldn’t mind them continuing the Hyrule Warriors franchise. It was actually pretty refreshing for a Zelda game. I liked the story (even though it was kind of simple) and I liked the new characters.

  4. the legend of zelda shrimpshield is real is any one with me here i want a proper confersation about nintendo but people are being dum about it and talking shit about nintendo and it makes peoples head hurt.

  5. the legend of zelda shrimpshield is the next zelda game that is the next zelda game in the legend of zelda series for 3

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  9. in fact you could say that the second game of the zelda series is the first spin of in the franchise even if is in the chronology the title is “zelda II the adventure of link” the game play is diferent and you could say that both stiles were mixed in ocarina of time and part from there, the characters are the kind to be included in adventure/action kind of games so is almost imposible seeing theme in a game that could affect in a bad way the franchise, is true that they can be added to fighting games (smash bros, soul calibur 2) hyrule warriors is fun and easy to enjoy and some times addictive, and is true that is not the next zelda, the zelda games are great but are the ones who took the more time for developement, and we already enjoy the result,but sadly that amount of time waiting is hard to take, but a few well done spin off games could help to take more easy that time and even expand the universe within the games, the warriors kind is a good example, but is not the only genre that could be done, as i said the races and characters could add another point of view, some kind of stealth game thanks to the gerudo sheika and ikana tribes, as example

  10. Sweet! I look forward to Hyrule Warriors 2 next generation. Oh fuck it! Oh who am I kidding!? I’ll gladly take the sequel in 2 years instead of the entire 5-7 for the generation to end!

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