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Take A Closer Look At Eight Player Smash Bros Wii U

It seems as though a number of publications recently managed to get some quality time with Super Smash Bros Wii U. We’ve already given you a closer look at the Stage Builder mode for the game, now we’ve got some footage of the chaotic eight player mode, which is only featured in the home console version of Super Smash Bros. You can get ahold of the game in the United States on November 21st.

46 thoughts on “Take A Closer Look At Eight Player Smash Bros Wii U”

    1. Ummm, it’s not online. I mean who the fuck is gonna have 8 people come over to play smash bros? Lol.

      Nintendo please fire Iwata and Miyamoto, they fucking suck the big one. There are much better choices out there, like me. God bless.

      1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

        Ignoring even if you don’t have 7 friends you can have 3 or 4 friends and have the rest of the character s CPUs.

  1. @ 60fps 1080p industry exposed as liars ubisoft exposed

    wiiu 1080p capable @ 60 flickers with 8 seperate players on screen

    the butt hurt continues another 10/10 review fest incoming ps4 is a joke

        1. Dont feed the fucking trolls, i cant bloody stand all the sasori clones, its so childish and pathetic. Please stop replying to them

          1. Lol they’re definitely annoying but he ain’t going anywhere. Usually I ignore him but I felt like feeding today

    1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

      Also the PS4 is being forced to max resolutions before gameplay to make Wii U look weak. But the truth is the PS4 is weak. The developers are just maxing it out that’s why its loud. Those small 6 cores are forced to live up to the hype. The PS4 us a weak ass struggling system. And that’s the fucking truth. Don’t like it too bad. I got the fhcking truth. Its like dogging the RPM in a corolla to the Audi A6 standards. That strategy will trick people to thinking the corolla is the most powerful car in its class.

    2. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

      What’s even more incredible is it can do 60fps on stages not build with the game from stage builder. You would think it would struggle with this with foreign custom made stages it’s not familiar with judging by the lie if Wii U being weak.

      1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

        Xbox is another console forced into maxing out graphics and resolutions before gameplay. That’s why the system gets so hot. It forced to do something to make the Wii U look weak. But its not the Wii U its the Xbox that is struggling. Think about it the CGI on theose supposed to be powerful consoles look good but the actual gameplayhardly looks any better than Wii U or PS3 actual gameplay. That’s why 3rd party makes more CGI on Sony and Microsoft than gameplay.

        1. It’s not racism! It’s not our fault Sasori is a dumb little shit that actually should be in a trash can.

    1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

      Flop? Just salty because Super smash proved Wii U can do PS4 can do? All PS4 has is CGI let’s see some actual gameplay and performance besides movies! Wii U is the only console that has shown performance of a CPU that is supposed to be weak. The Wii U can identify like 7 controllers. And it knows the GameCube controllers have triggers. And it knows which controllers have motion and doesn’t. MK8 knows pro controller is a traditional controller. It knows the gamepad can be used anyway. It knows the Wii remote can be used as a steering wheel. And it knows how to handle all 4 differences at the same time. And you can’t say the pro controller is a classic because the Wii mode can’t identify it because the Pro controller is a next generation controller. It will need an update for the Wii in order for it to recgonize the Wii U’s controllers. BTW did anyone ever tell you how your video makes Flavor Flav look like Will Smith?

      1. All it took for jtz to stop talking about how the Wii U is weak & Nintendo was stupid for not thinking of 2013/14 back in 2008 was to show him that the Wii U can actually have 8 different controllers being used at once & the system wouldn’t give confused by the fact one has motion control, one has a touch screen, one is a Gamecube controller, one is a Wii U Pro Controller, etc.

        Welcome back on board, bub! *pats back*

        1. Yeah I knew this guys was jtz the whole time! I wonder why he started talking mad shit about Nintendo and the Wii U.

    1. I have it right now, got it in an e-mail for being a 3 year platinum club nintendo member. The 8 player matches are epic!

        1. He’s joking, A demo wouldn’t give characters access to 8 players, not to mention a mode other than basic Smash

          1. It’s ok no harm, no foul. I just wanted to know if I needed to check my spam. :P

            Btw if you have the special ORAS Demo you can get Glalie and his mega stone. I sent this news to MNN staff, but they haven’t posted it yet.

  2. Wait… do you NEED the Gamecube adapter to play 8 player smash with friends? I really don’t plan on playing with that many friends but I’m still curious.

      1. Really? Are you sure? Because I’ve been watching videos from IGN and other gaming sites who were also invited to play Smash Bros Wii U and anytime they talked about 8 player Smash they ALWAYS mentioned the adapter. Even in this video on this article. Plus it would make sense since the Wii U is mainly a 4 player console. Like if you press the Home Menu there’s only 4 player slots like the Wii. Just trying to break out of my confusion box that I’m stuck in right now.

      1. You don’t need it though, your can also use You can use the gamepad, wimote, pro/classic controllers gamecube controllers and 3ds controllers

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