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Super Smash Bros 3-Poster Set up On US Club Nintendo


Wondering what to spend your hard-earned coins on? Well Nintendo of America is now offering a Super Smash Bros themed three poster set for 700 coins. There’s the Villager from Animal Crossing, Palutena and Rosalina and Luma. You can check them out in the image above.

Surround yourself with “smashing” style with this Super Smash Bros. 3-poster set. Each gorgeous, full-color poster stars a Smash fighter in top form against three challengers.

Feast your eyes on Villager from Animal Crossing, Rosalina & Luma from Super Mario Galaxy, and Palutena from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

  • Paper size: 22″ x 28″
  • Ships in a poster tube
  • Features art inspired by the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U game.

Thanks, Erich and David


80 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros 3-Poster Set up On US Club Nintendo”

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        It depends on what you like…

        If you don’t like any of these figures then you probably should wait…

        1. … I don’t think Gandalf’s services will be needed at that department anymore…

          He should go back to providing the fireworks for SSB4’s Classic Mode’s end credits.

        1. I agree that Metroid seriously needs another playable rep that isn’t Samus, but who else but Ridley is important enough in the series?

          I swear to god if anyone says Adam…

          1. I push for Kraid! That idea should definitely piss people off since, unlike Ridley, he’s actually too big for Smash Brothers. Not to mention his arms & legs are too short to be used. Also unlike Ridley, they’d have to completely remake the character of Kraid for him to even look good as a playable character. xD

    1. Sakurai apparently hates Metroid. That’s all I can really think of. Only Samus as a playable Metroid rep, all of her alternate “costumes” (least her Power Suit playable version) are just fucking palette swaps, & he was only doing the size references over the past year just to troll the people that wanted a playable Ridley. Although, I bet he could probably make a killing by selling Ridley off as a DLC playable character. I know I’d buy it.

  1. 700 dollars for 5 dollars worth of posters. Terrible deal. I mean sure they don’t have to give us anything extra, but to spend so much money and to get so little is a let down. Give me a free amibo or something

  2. Could they not have made these posters any girlier? I shouldn’t be complaining though, as this is the first physical prize Club Nintendo has offered in months.

    1. exactly my thought! … and, it’s close to halloween … geez … i love horror themes

      poster 1.) everyone being hit by a huge explosion
      poster 2.) a pause in the fight, as the level is getting dangerous
      poster 3.) a challenger approaches title screen.

  3. Woo! Ordered them! My Club Nintendo points expire this year anyway and I seriously doubt they will upload anything super amazing and spectacular that I will regret my purchase.

  4. Why the fuck are they using this shitty format and not the standard 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x 36″… -_-” now I can’t place them in my poster frames without adding a white padding… ow… well… it’s better than nothing I guess…

  5. 700 coins? That’s insane! You know how many Nintendo games you need to buy to get that? Ugh… Just let me but it with cash. >_>

  6. Yeah, 700 coins for something that will eventually suffer from wear and tear sounds a bit over the top. (Unless you plan to keep them as unopened collectibles)
    But then again it’s not like US Club Nintendo frequently gets better rewards.

      1. I have 1,900 coins. ; D
        Only 150 untilI reach platinum status yet again. And next year’s platinum reward better be something physical (as long as it’s not more posters or calanders).

        1. There is no way you have that many coins. I refuse to believe it. That’s impossible. You have got to be one of the most hardcore Nintendo fan ever to buy that many games.

          1. Well, I’ve been saving my coins for a long time. Club Nintendo never gets any good rewards. So there’s never anything to spend them on.

  7. Darn it! Posters are for little kids. Come on Nintendo, bring us some cool physical rewards like that Game & Watch replica and those Game & Watch DS games. Even those Mario hanafuda cards were better than posters. WHERE ARE THE GOOD REWARDS?

      1. Well, I can see your point Commander. What I mean is, kids are usually the only ones who put posters all over their wall. My brother gave me a Super Mario Galaxy poster for my 36th birthday this year. But I never opened it. It’s still rolled up in a tube.

        1. I had a feeling you were still a kid/teen, HollowGrapeJ. Just from the fact that you said you only recently heard of the NES in that other post in the past. At least I think that was you.

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  9. Damn. I’m short by 80 coins! Oh well. I got enough posters from Club Nintendo, anyway. And they are still in their poster tubes for safe keeping for when I can actually put them up on walls.

  10. Hoping there is more on the way. What they should do is allow the user to choose 3 posters they prefer instead of a set piece and/or have the posters not be in a set. Because really, some people don’t wanna spend that many coins on a set that only has one or maybe two poster theylike

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