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YouTube Now Supports 60FPS

Most of the video game trailers we watch nowadays have been uploaded through YouTube so it’s great to finally hear that 60fps videos are now supported. That means that a number of Wii U games such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World will look as smooth as butter on YouTube. To be able to watch the videos in 60fps you will need to use Google Chrome and set the videos to HD.

85 thoughts on “YouTube Now Supports 60FPS”

    1. If this is a sample of 60FPS video, not only it looks like shit but it runs like shit and I’m playing it from my iPhone 6 which plays and records videos at 60FPS. They didn’t improve shit.

  1. About damn time. But hearing that they’re planning to add more BS ads on screen and force people to pay up to remove it is the final straw and when it happens, I’m shutting down my account.

      1. My iPhone 6 is 60FPS compatible so IDK HTF its not playing videos at 60FPS unless its Youtube not being updated yet, updated right or its still the same POS Google has turned it into.

            1. Wait, you have an iPhone 6? LOL Why would you buy that? There are much better phones. Apple rehashes the same stuff all the time.

              1. does every fucking type of technology in existence. Tablets, TVs, Microwaves and especially Xbox DOne compare to 360 and if you ever dare start that BS saying about Galaxy being better than iPhone because its Android which is a Malware magnet, I will stop talking to you for good.

                  1. Okay. I bought it because I always wanted an iPhone for so long and that nobody help me get it for cheap so I STUPIDLY agree to get a Galaxy phone which is the Note 3 suggested by my mother saying (Oh get the Galaxy. You’ll love it. It can do this and that” so I caved in and oh boy it was a HUGE fucking mistake. I have never seen such dull ass, vulnerably screwed software in my entire life. The app store is shit, its stability is okay after a while until some trust certified app you thought was safe to download shoves an unremovable ad bug that keeps popping up every time you close an app. That high RAM count is a wasted shame. 3GB of RAM which half of it by default is taken up while a few open apps completely uses it up because the optimization of software and hardware is PATHETIC. Its like 3rd parties (Ubishit for example) makes a game port without as much of a thought of making sure the software uses the hardware intelligently for efficiency. They just make the software and say “fuck it. I’m sure it’ll run without much of a problem”. The camera was the only decent part of Galaxy phones except for the fact that it can’t take pictures in between shots as fast as iPhone and basically DISABLES THE CAMERA AT 10% BATTERY LIFE! The music via earphone pop ups pisses me off everytime I start playing music and its not even compatible to other 3rd party headphones with mic/remote since it can’t change volume or understand playback commands by tapping the button at certain amount of times. Speaking of apps, they crash, close and freezes far too often even after you cleaned out the memory usage and on top of that, its ridiculously annoying to keep cleaning the RAM due to apps taking up the 1.4GB of remaining RAM so quickly.

                    Anyway, I’m done explaining why I chose iPhone which I should’ve bought iPhone 5S instead. I was right before and I’m still right now about one thing: ANDROID OS BLOWS.

                    1. Lol it does. I may get an iPhone in the future cause this Android phone (the one I’m using to post this comment) sucks and it’s dumb. But tbh, I haven’t seen any improvements between all these iPhones and that’s the only thing that prevents me from really getting one. I see other phones like that LG phone (forgot the name) having 1440p resolution! Lol that’s super clear. I also saw the Windows phones and they look great too. Idk. I just think that for releasing a phone that is pretty much the same as the other and then charging super high ass prices just seems ridiculous. iPhone 5C costs like as much as a PS4. WTF? Lol.

                      1. Trust me, iPhone improves itself in many ways. Maybe not as huge for every phone but noticable to justify it. Camera is better, speed/loading/downloading is faster, resolution/graphics are improved and has an additional hardware inclusion or two like NFC with Apple Pay, Fingerprint and Metal engine with 64-Bit Architecture.

                          1. The iPhone 6 128GB Gold model that I have is $850 total after two years payment with T-Mobile but believe me, compare to that shitty ass Note 3 that I wasted $708 over, this iPhone is worth every penny.

                                    1. Lol you can’t afford a PS4 but you can apparently afford to buy two phone plans that cost you almost $1000 each. :P

                                      1. Because I’m waiting for the right time and game to buy the PS4. I’m not buying it now for the disappointing overhyped POS titles like Destiny or Watchdogs. I would get Infamous but its not enough to warrant a buy for PS4.

                                        1. I wanted to bring up a big list of PS4 games, but I remembered that you’d probably only be interested in like 1 of them. :/ I was gonna say Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor (you probably don’t even know what that) GTA V( I already know you’re guaranteed to get this) Driveclub (Eh.. You’re probably not gonna buy a system for a racing game) Little Big Planet 3 (Eh… Could be a great platformer, but I really doubt you want a whole system just for this game) Assassin’s Creed Unity, The Crew, and Far Cry 4 (automatically crossed off your list because it’s from Ubisoft) Dragon Age Origins (EA is publishing it, lol) Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (lol, automatically crossed off your list, I don’t even need to explain that one) And that leaves us with… GTA V. Is GTA V alone enough to warrant you a purchase of a PlayStation 4? There’s other titles coming next year like The Witcher 3 (judging by the responses you always give me when I mention this game, I doubt you even care about this one) then there’s Batman Arkham Knight which is pretty much just the other Batmans but with way better graphics. Lol. And Dying Light. The First Person/ Survival Horror game I think… That game is one of my most hyped from the moment I saw it and I don’t even like horror games! And the twist of gameplay at night is going to be intense. There’s also the Resident Evil remake if you want that. I don’t know about any other major type of game you might be interested in, but Uncharted 4 doesn’t even have a release date… And neither does Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV. These are most likely going to be the killer apps for a lot of people and it’s unknown when they’re going to release. Anyways, I think it’s a smart idea to just wait for those games to come, then pick up one.

                                    1. Funny except only your retard ass is laughing in your head thinking you have a shot at stand up comedy.

                                      And usualy when someone like you texts something living with his mother, chances are that you’re basically explaining your own live’s story to the internet. Seriously, I know your life sucks ass a lot worse than a homeless dude so in return, let me say this: You suck. Get a hobby and stop pinning your own pathetic life as mine because you clearly don’t know me and never will. Although, I won’t have a problem with showing you a terrible side of me if you were to have the nerve to say the same thing in my face or someone else’s. Either one will break you on the spot. So behave yourself and get a real life.

                              1. What browser are you using? Chrome tends to have the most supported features, since, well, Google owns both YouTube and Chrome.

                                Also, set your account to automatically use the HTML5 player on default. It tends to have more of the latest features, such as higher resolution, ability to playback at different speeds and probably 60fps.

                            1. Thank you Google.
                              Thank you for giving us an update that’s not a change to the layout and actually matters to the Youtube community. Unlike the random changes you’ve been throwing at us and the destruction you have caused over the course of years since the first day you bought out the site.

                            2. GOOGLE CHROME IS HORRIBLE! And Mozilla Firefox wasn’t too much better. The only browser I never had any problems with (and was the easiest to use) was Internet Explorer. That is, until my computer died and forced me to use my Wii U’s internet browser like I am now.

                              1. I hate using Explorer at work. I work in National Pen as a graphic designer and I use the worst computer in the place – old, shitty computer that runs XP, and the only browser installed is Internet Explorer…why on Earth can we not use something else?! We have no damn admin rights!!!!! lol

                                1. That has nothing to do with why my computer died. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Internet Explorer.

                            3. Yes, now you can watch people’s copyright-infringing videos just like you’re playing the game yourself! Except, of course, you’re not. Which destroys the entire point of video gaming. And there’ll be someone’s annoying voice trying to force their third meme of the week.


                              1. Depends on the game and the amount of people playing for me. Let’s Plays where it’s a group of friends messing around and having fun in a game like Mario Party, Minecraft, etc, are fine (Achievement Hunter is a good example). I don’t care for LPs where it’s a single player game with a single person talking about their day.

                            4. lord ghost : king of the federation

                              is it only on pc? because i want to watch 60fps videos on my wii u and xbox 360 youtube app. i hope my sharp tv can do this.

                            5. This is just a cheap way to get people on google chrome. Google has messed up youtube so bad. Now they are forcing thier bullshit down our throats. They could easily make 60fps videos available without google chrome. Youtube was WAY better before google got it’s greedy hands on it.

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                            7. How thoughtful, Google! Thank you! Now I can enjoy my own videos in 60fps on Mozilla Firefox & Wii U!

                              Wait..! It’s only for Google Chrome? I take it back. Fuck you, Google!

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