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Wii U Accounted For 1% Of Ubisoft’s Software Sales Q2 2014/15


Ubisoft has released its financial results and its pleasant reading for the company. Ubisoft saw a whopping 65 percent revenue increase year over year. What wasn’t so great was Wii U software sales. The Wii U accounted for 1% in Q2 2014-2015, the Wii accounted for 2% and the Nintendo 3DS accounted for 1%.

122 thoughts on “Wii U Accounted For 1% Of Ubisoft’s Software Sales Q2 2014/15”

    1. Ohh ! Thanks god we got rid of that crap of ubisoft. Now we have platinum games which is AWESOME !!! #OperationPlatinum

      1. But platinum is also make games for XB1 and PS4. I’m looking forward to playing Scalebound, it looks really good.

        1. I actually just bought Zombi U last night for Halloween. I think it is my only Ubisoft game though, was also thinking of Blacklist, but went with Zombi U instead. Both are $20 though.

  1. Boy can’t wait for Stranga to tell us that we got buttfucked in the ass by Ubisoft and people that like Ubisoft come to defend it and a whole war starts raging in the comment section. Better get popcorn :D

  2. Well let me see uh…oh yeah. YOU MADE NO GAMES FOR IT!!! I actuallly like Microsoft and EA more than you retards!! Atleast they don’t scrrew Nintendo fans over!! WOW YOU DO NOT KNOW HO HARD IT WAS FOR ME TO SA THAT!!

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        It makes perfect sense. The first buyers go online & make a review that shows the game is shitty in some form or another & others see this review & quickly run the other way because they trust the reviewer’s review.

    1. no it won’t. i’ll be really surprised if it sells well at all. Watchdogs is a mediocre game and they’ve insulted all their nintendo supporters to death.

    2. A delayed and gimped DLC-less POS GTA ripoff is gonna get some respect back from Nintendo fans? Did somebody swing a fucking bat to your head? If so, then that’s good because you deserve another serving of that shit for even thinking that this crap excuse for a “mature” and “3rd party/Ubisoft support” is gonna turn something around when Ubisoft treated the fans like utter shit and with Pokemon OR/AS and Smash Bros. 4 is coming right after this garbage which they deliberately release it near Smash Bros. so the sales can suck and, of fucking course, blame the fans AGAIN for not bending over and buy their trash ports.

          1. thank and I am glad to read that some people have enough common sense to see you don’t have to like ALL the nintendo product and still enjoy some of 3rd party game. Saying that I won’t buy watch dog now, I just wait and see if it is any good.

        1. Alright, I respect that and happy to know that you are supporting 3rd party. As for me, Ubisoft lost my trust. They had a lot of time during this fall to choose a more convenient date for the release and they choose the wrong month to release it with. I would have buy watch_dogs, but now I can’t because of Smash.

          1. tbh I understand how you feel, I don’t trust ubisoft either and I won’t buy it straight away. I will wait and see. In fact I hesitate between the PC version or the Wii U version. What I want to understand it how well the gamepad will be use with this game. If they delay the game for 6 months just to display the map on the gamepad well that will be a no Wii U version purchase for me. For smash it just a matter of taste I never fancy it.

        1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

          Says you. Ruby & Sapphire had one of the best features ever in a Pokemon series: secret bases. It definitely deserved remakes as the online capabilities made secret bases more fun. Back when they originally released, only those in Japan or big ass cities like New York or London could get the fullest out of them.

  3. I wonder how much Ubi made off ESPN Sports Collection for Wii U. Unfortunately, I bought this terrible game, only to hear my disapointed 9 year old son declare it as the worst game ever made. I trusted them as a respected publisher to not produce junk. I am not sure if I will ever buy another Ubisoft game again. They should refund the money to anyone who bought this game.

      1. I don’t think he knew it was terrible before purchasing, that’s why he said he trusted them as a publisher not to produce junk.

        1. Yeah… no. Ubisoft has better games than that. He just didn’t bother looking it up. The box art alone should’ve told him the game was trash.

          1. I didn’t say anything about their games, I didn’t even know they made an ESPN game lol. I was just trying to clarify the situation lol. Just looked at the cover and it looks like a Wii sports kinekt kind of game at first glance.

  4. 1. Old news and 2. Geez I wonder why that’s the case Ubisoft…oh, maybe it’s because YOU KEEP FUCKING AROUND, LYING AND MAKING CRAP FOR NINTENDO FANS FROM THE VERY FIRST WII U/3DS LAUNCH! X(

      1. And same for PS4/Xbox DOne having lack of originals and exclusives. Oh wait, nobody is bitching about those consoles..actually, one console plus a fucking cable box, but whenever Nintendo has similar issues or does something bad that you retards dont squeal about when Sony/M$ and 3rd party does ya lose your minds? Well, fuck you too hypocrites.

        1. A drought most likely won’t happen with all the Wii U exclusives about to release. I HAVE to get me another Wii U when Zelda comes. Zelda is the best! Far better than any other Nintendo franchise imo.

          1. You’re going to wait until the next Zelda before getting a new Wii U? But that will most likely be another year from now. Since the new Zelda probably won’t release until the 2015 holiday season.

            1. I’m waiting for a special limited edition Wii U bundle. Hopefully they make a Smash Bros version. If not, then I’m not gonna bother with Wii U. I’ll wait a bit longer.

        2. KI Season 2, Forza Horizon 2, Lords of The Fallen, Sunset Overdrive and some other games have been released in last weeks for Xbox One. Next week is COD Advanced Warfare and after that 11/11 both Halo: MCC and Assassins Creed Unity at sameday. “Cablebox” actually has pretty solid months going now when there is good exclusives and no PSN kind of online outages.

          1. Yeah, the XB1 has really been picking up in terms of exclusives. PS4 looks kind of lackluster right now. I don’t know what happened. :/

            1. Driveclub. Empty promises for free PS+ Edition near PS4’s release day and all those server problems. I really think they get things back in track sometime next year when Order and other games are launched but this holidays exclusives look better for WiiU and Xbox One owners.

          2. WTF is Ki? Forza is familiar to 98% of the other simulator so no big deal or loss. Is it Sunset Overdrive or an Infamous ripoff? WTF STILL CARES ABOUT CALL OF FUCKING DUTY? Braindead fools who still waste $160 a year for the same fucking game with a slight change in story and timeline? Thats it, thats all what COD is now. Halo MasterChief Collection? I already got the entire series on 360 including Reach and knowing NOBODY BUT STUPID FANBOYS buy that fucking cable box which sold maybe far less than 5 million now, its not even enough to entice people to waste $350 for such faulty ass DVR with DRM intact. If it had been Halo 5, thats a different story. But this rehashed port is just an excuse to push Xbox DOne’s out of the door because the sales suck ass.

            1. You should really play some games and not just think blindly that they are bad because they’re not in Nintendo console. KI = Killer Instinct one of best 2D fighters this moment. Forza Horizon 2 is freeroam driving game and totally not a track racing simulator like Forza 5. Sunset Overdrive is more like a combination of Tower Defence, Tony Hawk, [Prototype], and Ratched & Clank. COD usually doesn’t change much between games but this year there is a really big difference in gameplay and weapons. About Halo: MCC it’s remaked graphically updated version like Wind Waker HD was for a WiiU but it includes 4 full games, Beta of Halo 5 and some other extra. Sure some people can have original versions of all those games for older consoles but not everyone.

              1. Killer the “dead” Rare whom Microsoft senselessly took away and destroyed plus the lame ass new Rare that destroyed the Banjo and Conker series? Fuck no. I ain’t wasting a single dime on their asses not after how they ruined two of my favorite series from N64 and KI being the best 2D fighter. Fuck no. Smash Bros. puts ALL fighting games to shame and its the top dog of the genre so no thanks. Smash Bros. will be my solo fighting game I’ll ever need and play. IDGAF about Forza because I already played the same shit before I even heard about it. Horizon 2 being free roam? So is Burnout Paradise which I love the series for sense of speed and crash physics. Sunset Overdrive IS a direct Infamous ripoff if you look at the gameplay and then look at how Infamous plays. You tell me with a straight face that Sunset Overdrive isn’t anything like Infamous? You need glasses dude.

                Don’t even start on trying to justify COD. It sucks, its fucking annoying to play online with a bunch of 10 year old twats camping and spraying all day and I am sick of seeing every new game every year thats exactly 90% the same shit as the last one including its overpriced and crappy DLC packs. The other 10% is, like I said before, a slight change in timeline and story which is the same thing: You play as a solider, you shoot shit, some marines die around you expecting people to cry about it and some cliche villains and twists I’ve already seen in most action movies..from the 90s.

                Halo MasterChief Collection is exactly what I expect: An excuse to sell that fucking bulky DVR box that hasn’t cracked 5 million units sold to consumers yet which is worse than Wii U did last year and as equally worse as the PSVita in 3 years. And don’t forget, Microsoft’s big flagship games like Halo and Gears of War isn’t an Xbox exclsuive because they end up on PC anyway and the PC versions do offer a tons more for the same game than lamebox DOne or 360 can give so WTF would I buy a glorified cable box for a “game console” for the same stuff I can get on PC and more with FREE ONLINE PLAY? Xbox had absolutely NO REASON to all.

                1. I just can’t see why you’re so against Xbox One when all reasons you say to not buy it affects PS4 also? DRM, cost of online gaming, same games available for PC etc.

                  I own both PS4 and Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive is as much like Infamous than New Super Mario Bros is like Donkey Kong Country.

                  1. Look at its reveal you fool. Thats why.

                    Comparing Mario Bros. to Donkey Kong is like conparing a tiger to a jaguar. They don’t mix or compare with each other. One has italian plummer taking place in a world of mushrooms with pipes, turtles and a freaking damisel in distress who gets kidnapped billions of times but a mutant reptile with SNM collars and its easier platformer. Donkey Kong takes place in a jungle starring monkeys and apes overrun by crocs, Tikis and penguin vikings with more of a challenge in platforming, animal friends and bananas. Both are platformers but not the all.

  5. Of course it’s only 1%. It’s not like any games sell on the Wii U let alone 3rd party games…

    Really can’t blame Ubisoft for Nintendo’s terrible choices when making a console like the Wii U.

    1. Can’t blame Nintendo fans for not trusting Ubishit who has shafted them every chance they got after ZombiU didn’t sell millions to a small install base at the beginning of the Wii U’s life.

  6. How many Ubisoft games were even released on Wii U compared to the other consoles?

    I think this needs to be factored in.

    Saying Ubisoft games on WIi U only provided 1% of their overall sales is like saying, 0% of cats win Dog shows, why do cats have no talent as compared to a dog, and then completely side stepping the issue that CATS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN DOG SHOWS.

    Ubisoft doesn’t make many games at all for the console.

  7. It should not come as a surprise… they have hardly released a game on Wii U in the last year (Child of Light is the last one I remember)

  8. Every time I see the name Ubisoft, the word ASS comes to mind. And I’m not just being sarcastic. They really let me down. : (

    Besides, only 1% of games on Wii U was probably Ubisoft games. All they seem to think Wii U gamers like is retarded dance games. Ugh!

  9. I think 1% is good considering they didn’t release any games during Q2 for Wii U. That means they still are selling their old games at a steady pace. All of their old games are heavily discounted by now, so they got 1% of total sales on the backs of $19.99 copies of rayman, assassins creed and just dance 2014. While Xbox one got the big hitter AAA releases at full price $69.99 and still only accounts for 9%. I think a bigger story should come of this.

      1. I d/l AC3 and was so bored. seriously how many people finished all of those quests or sat through the fucking battleship war a million times? Rayman I got so the wife would play and yet, not happening. I’ve tried and I think it’s a cheap ripoff of Donkey Kong… everything else they put on Wii U is a bad port or just bad so I’m pretty sure Sony bought them off.

  10. Uh, are we supposed to be shocked? Upset? What exactly is the point of this? Ubisoft dislikes Nintendo and Wii U and puts out crappy ports and delays games. What do they expect?

  11. Funny, by not releasing WD & their other games on WiiU they manipulated the statistics in their favor. Now they can really justify not making Nintendo systems. Now the delays are making sense.

  12. Isn’t it obvious? Most of your fucking games came out everywhere except Wii U. Also, don’t get me started on what you had done to us with Rayman and Watch_Dogs…

  13. This is a good thing. I really dislike ubisoft games now since they fricken ruined Far Cry 4. That was the last Ubisoft game I was looking forward to, but it’s just FC3 in a new location. Keep Ubisoft away from me….thx

  14. Well, tell me which Ubisoft games have been released on the Wii U that are exclusive, complete, and not just ports or shovelware? NONE!

    Funny, ’cause I have only 2 NIntendo games on my new Wii U, and actually 3 Ubisoft games, so since when we don’t buy their games? But after this, I hope it goes to 0%…

  15. I am actually very sad… that it is not 0%! Even 1% is generous after the whole fiasco and drama with Ubishit and Nintendo. So many delays, false promises and nasty announcements from UBIshit. I cannot believe that their profits are up though. Some gamers are plain #*&^. Now the unity will be another big let down :) NEVER gonna buy a game from them!

  16. I wonder if Wii U Watch Dogs will even make 1% of total number of Wii U owners.

    I’m not buying that because even if it sells well, Ubi will compare its sales from other platforms and the worst, they’ll release the Party Game but not the multiplats.

  17. Maybe cuz all they put out is sh!t versions of sh!t games when they even bother to give a sh!t about Nintendo consoles ?

  18. What’s that? Wii U still waiting on Ubisoft’s biggest seller that was out on other consoles and has the smallest sales? How could anyone see that coming. ……

  19. These statistics are not surprising considering the amount of titles they published on the Wii U compared to all the other platforms.

  20. Damn! Why isn’t it at 0%!? I guess there are still fools hoping Ubishit will quit shafting Nintendo owners. If Rayman Legends & Watch_Dogs had been released ON TIME in the same timeframe as the other games, they might have had a bigger sale percentage. But nope. Instead, they decided to railroad their games with either lack of features or bullshit delays. A shame, too, since Ubisoft made some good games on the Wii. Anyway, if this leads to them dropping all support for the Wii U, good! Get the fuck away & stay away, since you bastards didn’t do the Wii U ANY favors the past 2 years.

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