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You Will Be Able To Pre-Download Games On Your Wii U And Nintendo 3DS To Play At Launch

Fed up queuing up for a game to be the first to play it? Well Nintendo has announced that you’ll be able to pre-download games on your Wii U and Nintendo 3DS so you can play them as soon as the game officially launches. You are already able to do this on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so it’s great to hear Nintendo is joining the party. The first game to make use of this feature on Wii U will be Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS titles won’t be ready till next year.

Thanks, HollowGrapeJ

41 thoughts on “You Will Be Able To Pre-Download Games On Your Wii U And Nintendo 3DS To Play At Launch”

  1. I’m glad they’re finally doing this, but I still want a physical copy more, even if it means I have to wait in line. I swore I’d never go to a midnight release ever again earlier this year, but that 50 things extravaganza blew my mind! Smash bros will be worth waiting in line for. All aboard the Hype train! XD

      1. How? My Wii U doesn’t work anymore but that doesn’t mean my excitement for games is just gonna decrease or anything. I’m still getting a new Wii U in the future, you noob.

                  1. You don’t understand though. That’s the rule of being an unbiased gamer. You play all types of games regardless of what system they’re on.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      There is being a gamer, and there is being a total brainwashed enslaved fool that forgives evil empires…

                      1. But you haven’t said anything positive about the XB1 or it’s games. You dissed it, it’s developers, and it’s games. That’s not being a “gamer” if you don’t care about the games simply because they aren’t on your preferred system of choice.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          I see that MNN users have a really serious amnesia problem…

                          Games are the least of my problems with the Xbots…

                          But I’m too tired to re-explain everything again and again…

                              1. hail great pries hollowgrapej
                                the lord ghost king of the fedreration blesses you
                                Church of Sasori

            1. Now, if only the digital games were pricedar a little more fairly. Pretty sick of digital games being sometimes £10 or more more expensive than physical versions…
              it’s the main reason I only have Virtual Console games digitally…

            2. After what happened to me yesterday, I now think that downloading games (instead of buying retail copies) is even more stupid than I already thought it was. Damn piece of s*** flash drive!

            3. This has nothing to do with the game downloading early or getting the game earlier. If you read the original source, the ONLY thing that is implied is that you can purchase the game and have it download while you’re away. You don’t get the game any sooner like people are saying for some reason.

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