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Refurbished Wii U Consoles Back In Stock In US Complete With Nintendo Land For $200

The refurbished Wii U consoles have been selling pretty quickly since they’ve been on sale. Thankfully, they are back in stock on the Nintendo Store and come complete with Nintendo Land. You can purchase one for $200 and they carry a twelve month warranty.

Thanks, Branden W

21 thoughts on “Refurbished Wii U Consoles Back In Stock In US Complete With Nintendo Land For $200”

  1. Ok folks, real talk:

    is Nintendo Land worth it? I feel like it is old news at this point, but i have not played it yet. thoughts?

    1. It was fun when it first came out and it is still fun at parties. I literally just busted the game out a few days ago to play some Animal Crossing Chase, Find Mii and Spooky Mansion Hide and Seek (P.S. the mini-game names might not be accurate :3)

      If you are looking for a system selling block buster… look the other way. If you have exhausted all your options and want a new experience on the Wii U and have a couple friends or family ready at hand to play with you, then Nintendoland is well worth the $20 or $30 that it is now.

    2. Only buy it if you have friends or family around all the time to play the games with you. There’s not as much fun in the game when you’re playing solo. :/

  2. It comes with the console, so yea, it’s worth it. I wouldn’t purchase it as a stand alone game, but i’ve never been big on party games. However as party games goes, it’s one of the best.

    And btw, $200 for a Wii U is a hell of a deal. I paid $350 for mine. Of course i was an early adopter.

  3. Neat deal for those that don’t already own the Wii U.
    Nintendo Land is not a game that you would put hundreds of hours into, but it’s still something that kills time if you happen to get bored of anything else.

  4. They’ve been doing it for a while, cool they are back in stock. I got one for my brother, it comes packaged in a box and looks like new. Amazing deal. (and comes with full 1yr warrenty)

  5. I still never played NintendoLand, even though I own it. It looked like it was all multi-player games when I looked at it. And I don’t play multi-player.

    Back to the topic, I never trust buying stuff that’s been refurbished. Every time I see “seller refurbished” on eBay items, I instantly leave the listing.

  6. People stops commenting on these posts WAY too soon. I can’t count how many of my comments never got a reply (or probably wasn’t even read).

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