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You Can Grab A Nintendo 2DS For $79 On November 3rd At Walmart

Thinking of purchasing the budget Nintendo 2DS console? Well Walmart will be selling the handheld for only $79 on Monday. The handheld, which plays all your Nintendo 3DS games minus the 3D, generally retails for $129.99. So if you get one you know you’re getting a bargain. The deal starts on shortly after midnight Pacific Time on Monday, November 3rd.

18 thoughts on “You Can Grab A Nintendo 2DS For $79 On November 3rd At Walmart”

    1. Door stopper that is capable of playing some of the greatest handheld games ever including FE:A abd SSB?

      ill be buying definitely

        1. Oh, well most of the time America and Canada have the same sales, especially for big name stores, so probably. I would still call just in case before you drive out there. I’m glad to see your daughter has good taste though. :)

  1. LOL. I bought the 2DS as a gift for my brother before the release of Pokemon X and Y, and he loves it.
    You’d be saving yourself $50, so why wouldn’t a person want to take advantage of this?
    It does everything the 3DS does minus the 3D which I highly doubt is even used often by anyone really.
    The lack of a 3D option is a silly reason for someone to dislike the 2DS.

  2. Man, I wish Wal-Mart had that turquoise, Rosalina colored 2DS that I seen on Gamestop’s website. I’d probably buy that one during this sale if Wal-Mart had it.

  3. Is this website only or can you also buy it inside one of their facilities? I know this would make for a fantastic Christmas present!

  4. I take back that last comment I made. Wal-Mart DOES have the Sea Green 2DS. At least on their website. Didn’t see it in stores. But it’s a bundle with Mario Kart 7.

    @ Sickr,
    Only the 2DS bundles are normally $129.99 ($129.96 at Wal-Mart). But the basic 2DS (with no game) is $99.96. Which makes me wonder, which of these will the sale be for?

  5. Damn! I wish I knew about this Monday! I probably would have spent less money on other stuff, so I could have gotten one for my son.

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