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UK Charts: Bayonetta 2 Completely Drops Out Of The Top Forty

This week’s UK charts are now in thanks to GFK Chart Track. Sadly it seems as though the well-received Bayonetta 2 has completely dropped out of the top forty, despite entering last week at number six. This isn’t great news for either Platinum or Nintendo. Anyway, here’s the best-selling video games this week in the United Kingdom.

03 (02) 360 FIFA 15 (ELECTRONIC ARTS)
08 (NE) 360 WWE 2K15 (TAKE 2)
12 (NE) PS3 WWE 2K15 (TAKE 2)
35 (39) 360 GRAND THEFT AUTO V (TAKE 2)
39 (__) 360 TERRARIA (505 GAMES)


236 thoughts on “UK Charts: Bayonetta 2 Completely Drops Out Of The Top Forty”

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          If I need to point something out to you, it means that you are too primitive to understand advanced logic…

                        2. And you do understand advanced logic? I’m primitive? Well, I suppose that is why you can’t disprove these points that I made. Me, a person you call primitive.



                          Come on, evade the points, run. You will never be able to have a debate with me.

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                I can’t win or lose because you lost by default the minute you trolled commented on my post the first time ever…

                                This is why it’s amusing to see your very life depend on me…

                              2. Finally, there’s someone with common sense! Sadly, you’re wasting time here. They’re simply too dumb to question themselves.

                                1. Don’t bother trying to argue with Commander. He’s a trolling RP’ing dumbass who ignores reason and facts and wears his bias on his sleeve with pride.

                                1. It would need a RING for that to happen. -_- plus Overheating issues arecrare with it so that can’t be it.

                          1. Yes. Someone here gets it. People are sad on this website. It’s like a downgraded IGN but instead of all the console wars that go on around there, it’s Nintendofans boys trying to argue with fan boys from the other consoles that don’t exist.

                  1. The only nitpick I have with Sunset is that besides it being an Xbox exclusive(seriously, the console looks like a crappy VCR) the ending sucked in my opinion. I don’t mean the fake ending but the real ending.

                    1. 1st of all, X1 doesn’t look like a VCR and it sure as fuck doesn’t look like a crappy one. It look better than Wii U which looks like a worse designed Wii, the only thing you can say is that X1 is big, and that is objective, and I agree.

                      And why is it a nitpick that it’s on Xbox? It’s an exclusive game for another console. Are you retarded?

                          1. I’m sorry but the PS4 is plain sexy. Unfortunately the xbox one sitting right next to it is indeed big, XBox one does resemble a vcr and about the size of one at that. WiiU looks better than xboxone but that’s mostly due to the smaller size, and the fact that it can stand,

                              1. Comments like this is why we know you are a troll. Looks are not facts idiot if he say is look better than a xbone it is because it does for him(for me too the wiiu looks better) But im enjoying both instead of bitching cuz i don’t like one.

                            1. Sony went out of line with the slant the ps4 has and their weird alien dildo controllers. The xbox one is exactly what it is, a box. I love how it looks.

                          2. So would you rather want Nintendo keep making colorful consoles like GameCube and call them childish or would you rather have them make typical black boxes for function over fashion like a wise manufacturer should build tech and still criticize the, for being stale? Make up your fucking mind.

                            Wii U design is typical but not terrible.
                            PS4 looks oddly cool and surprisingly slim
                            Xbox DOne is so fucking big it’s ridiculous and for all of that space where they can put in good specs, it still sucks ass compare to PS4 horsepower and even Wii U’s spec efficiency.

                            1. I’d like for Nintendo to actually make a different looking console. 3DS looks like the DS, and the Wii U looks like a Wii. What? They ran out of ideas. Spec efficiency? What? It is more powerful than the Wii U. That is a fact.

                                1. Oh, no I didn’t know that, you idiot. Obviously I was talking about the last 2 generations. Are you serious? Are you fucking serious? Are you so pathetic that you will take anything even if out of context just to try and prove me wrong?

                                  Oh, well, why wouldn’t you. You are the person that said that logic doesn’t matter.

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    And next generation if they make something different when it comes todesign, I bet you will complain and say…

                                    “Why couldn’t Nintendo just make a normal console with no gimmick design features? Why not like a Wii model?”…

                                  2. No, I liked the Wii’s design, I liked GCN’s design….older consoles, not so much. Of course I don’t want gimmicks, fuck that shit. If they are going to make them, make them optional, or unintrusive.

                                  1. Wii U has no 1st party games that are 1080p 60 fps. Smash Bros will be the first. Sorry, bro. Also, SNES had 60 fps games, does that make it more powerful than PS4? Oh, you poor retard.

                                  2. Comparing a game like Sunset Overdrive or AC: Unity to Mario Kart is like apples to oranges. The reason you can get 60fps on Wii U is because the graphics are more stylized, cartoony, and the games require less memory and processing power than a game where you have to display hundreds of characters at once or with far more realistic and intense graphics.

                                2. So you can make fun of how childish it looks like N64 and GameCube? Fuck off with your hypocrisy Xbot.

                                  And what I mean about efficiency is the power is great and for how much electricity it consumes to utilize it (less than Wii) plus doing everything else like downloading updates automatically, streaming picture/audio to the Gamepad screen and initialize online play without a single lag is pretty damn impressive for its hardware.

                                  What can your Xbox DOne do? Oh, shove DRM up your ass by scanning and installing games for over an hour before playing instead of playing from the disc on start as what Microsoft once promised and lied about! TV display from the Xbox? No one cares about TV on a game console because they’re gonna be playing the games if there was any of them that’s good or original to begin with. Voice commands? Why need it when there’s a freaking controller in your hands to do the job a lot faster? Skype? Where NSA is constantly spying on people illegally? No thanks. IE, the shittiest web browser on the planet? Wii U works wonders and better than that shit and its runs Opera browser which is good, not Firefox good but it’s good. Xbox Live? I’m not paying a video games worth for online play that’s free virtually everywhere else. PS4 does it cheaper and offer more perks like discounts and free games. Kinect? EVERYONE hates that failed POS for two generations straight and should’ve stayed dead so maybe the Xbox DOne wouldn’t have had a rocky launch and start at $400 like the entire fan base have asked for.

                                  1. Yes, FBI is spying on everyone over the kinect, but not over the gamepad…no, or smartphones, pc cameras, laptops…no,no,no. You have no idea what you are talking about. I said that I liked GCN’s design. It takes more power? Oh, man, that is the thing we are most worried today, I’m sure you are using candles, you fucking retard. DRM? That never happened.

                                    1. So you agree and disagree about my Kinect/NSA/Skype spying? What a double standard ass you are. And you still don’t believe DRM is still there?


                                      Watch this video around 15:25 mark as he explains that DRM is still alive and Microsoft lied to your face. Don’t say you watched it and still disagree because this is no BS and your a complete idiot to deny that shit.

                                    2. I don’t own an X1 nor PS4, but what he says is not a proof. He himself isn’t sure. I want definitive proof of that, not him just assuming. He could just as well try his disc on another X1 and see if it’s working. The disc stops spinning because it’s downloading a patch from the internet. There is no reason for it to spin.

                                      1. One video was uploaded before they said that they won’t do DRM, look at the date, another is Rich saying that he doesn’t like Xbox 1, again it has nothing to do with DRM.

                                          1. Look at the fucking video I just showed you. The dude just explained that DRM is present when the internet is turned on and the game is inserted.

                                            What game? Halo? Its on PC. Gears of War? Also on PC. Virtually ALL XBOX GAMES ARE ON PC BECAUSE ITS MICROSOFT YOU DUNCE.

                                    3. No way! The PS4 is hideous, the Wii U doesnt look that good but its the best out of the three IMO. That’s is why my lovely Wii U rests on top of my bros PS4 to cover that ugliness.

                                    4. Ok this time I’m going with Donko. You fanboys are out of hand. You guys are so blind that you think every other console suck but they all produce excellent games in their respective consoles. I’m a Nintendo fanboy myself this is embarrassing that some Nintendo fanboys can’t control themselves over pieced of plastic. STOP MAKING NINTENDO FANS LOOK BAD ;(

                                      1. I agree but i will not side with donko since he is a troll’ also there are retards here saying that mario kart is 1080p cuz it a cartoon looking game but sunset also is a cartoom looking game.

                                      2. Based on this comment, you’re not a fanboy, just a fan. Fanboys are what these people are who as you put it: “can’t control themselves over pieced of plastic.” Being a fan is good. Being a fanboy is bad.

                                3. X1 doesn’t look like a VCR. In fact, VCRs looked better than that shit. It’s more of a bland ass bulky DVR on steroids that shrinks and dysfunctions penises and in this case, Xbox DOne specs performances.

                                  How does Wii U look worse? It’s a curved, taller version of Wii hardware box with beefier PS3 specs. Now that right there exposes what a Xbot fanboy you are.

                                  1. Oh, man, I didn’t know specs were important to you or that they count as design, because you think it’s great when a 2 year old console is barely stronger than a 8 year old one. You idiot.

                                    Wii U is duller looking than the original Wii. The original at least had that angle missing, so it looked kinda cool.

                                    X1 has an Xbox logo lit and surely has more interesting design. not to mention how much more powerful it is, now that you are bringing specs into this.

                                    1. None of your argument makes sense. Wii’s design looks as basic as Wii U and if your only defense is because it had the slanted stand, that’s fucking sad of you to say.

                                      “Oh Xbox DOne has a logo that lights up! It’s so cool” Boo fucking hoo. You gotta be a pure fucking idiot to buy a $500 box for that only reason and if it’s specs are good, WTF Deadrising 3 looks like shit? Ryse plays like shit? Titanfall lags like shit? On top of that, not one game on that platform pulled off the so called “promised 1080P/60FPS” without hiccups yet? And no Halo Master Chief Edition don’t count because of course they’re all last gen games ported over. If Halo 5, an original game which is gonna be on OC regardless, can pull off true native “1080P/60FPS” gameplay and resolution, then they have proven me wrong. Until that time IF it’ll ever happen, Xbox DOne is shit and pointless since PC is like sitting right there which offers the same and more for lesser money.

                                      1. Wii had a more original design when it first came out than the Wii U when it first came out. Wii is also more uniquely designed.

                                        We are not debating if I would buy a console for a flashing light. We are debating it’s looks. X1 has more interesting design than the Wii U. Also it is more powerful and that is a fact. I don’t know who promised you 1080p 60fps, but that won’t happen in all of the games. It won’t happen in majority of the games, but it is more powerful than the Wii U.

                                        1. You sir are so fucking retarded and reality warped it’s unbelievable to keep reading the garbage you type.

                                          Wii is just a typically shaped white/black/pink/red/blue boxes. Wii U is just a curved, taller version of it. None of them look better than the other. Xbox DOne is huge ass bland box, which explodes when drawing too much electricity, that looks like a triple sized NES spray painted in black and pretty much has the primitive specs like NES but NES actually works.

                                    2. Exactly how many games can it run at full 1080p w/ 60 fps. Because the Wii u a FAR WEAKER console can run full a full 1080p 60fps smash bros game. It doesnt even fucking drop to 30 fps when there are eight fucking players at once/ with items on.

                              1. meh have you even played both games? Sure, from the videos there are similiarities, but both games do feel quite unique. Even if they copied it, then they did a better job. I liked Infamous 1 but that’s it. SS is OK but nothing above. But yeah, maybe that’s just me.

                                1. THEY did a better job? lol That was funny to hear because if that were true, then the colossal fuck up of Xbox DOne wouldn’t have happened and this game wouldn’t scream “Infamous ripoff” in my head in an instant. lol

                          3. Have you played it? I dont own an Xbox by myself but played it with a friend for a few times and its fun like hell. But thats my opinion. It is a great game, but i am also sad, that Bayonetta slipped out of the top 40.

                              1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                                But I thought you didn’t like objective stuffs. (๑ ́ᄇ`๑) I don’t know sometimes. You seem like the kind of person who gets annoyed easily. But I’m sure there’s something good about this place since you’re still with us. It’s nice to have people with such wide variety in preference and stuffs. It makes things more interesting and brings perspective. I think it would be really great if we could all get along and be nice! \(^▽^@)ノ
                                But if you wanna start fights, that’s okay too. *^_^* I think that’s what makes this place so great. People who have bad days can come here and laugh at the silly stuffs we get megas angry about. Have a good day Noa sempai~ uguuu.

                                  1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                                    I should have asked permission beforehand; I’m testing the effects of psychological warfare on organic life forms. I wanted to test how effectively one can eliminate the enemy by lowering the guard, going into a personal place, and then striking below the belt. I happened to notice he likes Anime, so I selected the submissive nature of the Anime girl. I’ve been trying to do this for awhile now actually, but all I’ve done so far is confuse both my enemies and my allies. I hope you don’t think I’ve been acting weak for the past 3 months… Even though.. I HAVE been consciously “acting” weak for the past 3 months.
                                    By your orders commander, I may stop this at once. And I’ll stop acting on my own from now on. I understand the importance of destroying X-bots and Sonyans who trespass and pollute our empire with heresy. By your orders commander!

                                      1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                                        We will stop at nothing to secure the safety of our empire! Because in the end, all that really matters is how enjoyable this place is for everyone. We’re self proclaimed mods. People who come here want to read the news and react, and see the reactions of others. Once in awhile, we’ll get REALLY unpleasant people. As annoying as we seem, they get tired of our endless attacks. Even trolls who only want attention get tired of us. Sasori, who was here for YEARS! and got banned SO MANY TIMES eventually got fed up with us. People with autism are relentless! Forged strong in whatever opinion they have. But even he was no match for how obnoxiously dedicated we were.
                                        We aren’t going anywhere. So please understand, The longer you argue with is, the sillier you look in the end.

                                          1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                                            YES! How do you not know this already?! I love play. I love TO play, and I love the playful nature Nintendo has. What makes you think I wouldn’t engage in role-play? It’s psychology, rocket science. Get with the program Sonyan extremist. We have Sonyan Neutralists who are welcome if you ever want to join in the fun. But not X-bots. We don’t let don’t allow monsters into our empire. Not unless they wish to repent and swear allegiance. This is simply the way things are. Conform or resist. I’d prefer it if you resist though.

                                1. I come to this site claiming to myself that I won’t start anything because I know idiots like Nintendo Commander can’t disprove anything I say and others are pretty much the same deal. I like to prove them wrong, but how many times is too many times? They don’t seem to get it.

                                  Objectivity is the only thing that matters. Wii U is objectively a worse console than PS4 and X1. No questions asked. the types of games you like are subjective, but the fact that it lacks features and that it lacks 3rd party titles is objective. The only things it has over them is free online and backwards compatibility.

                                  People can prefer something objectively worse. I for an example prefer playing OoT on my GCN over playing it on my 3DS. I just like the fact that it’s on the TV and it’s more nostalgic.

                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                            And according to everyone that is sane, you are nothing but a troll, always has been and always will be no matter how much you continue on with your pathetic charade…

                                            I just love having you in my world of agony and despair…

                                            Always going deeper down the road until your very brain will be mine…

                                  1. Do you actually know and experiment the console and its specs to know EXACTLY how it works? If not, stop drinking the 3rd party koolaid because those same motherfuckers who claim Wii U is “weak” can’t even utilize PS4 hardware completely and correctly as well as being honest about it too. Don’t be an idiot. Wii U’s potential is virtually untapped and only Nintendo did because they know the hardware inside and out. 3rd parties never did shit for it and if your excuse for that is “Ubisoft being the only *support* who did it”, I’m gonna stop you right there and tell you to take a look at all of their games outside of Rayman which they pointlessly delayed a completed Wii U port for other systems who went and bought GTA5 instead which BTW is Ubisoft’s fault. ZombiU was great but buggy and was never advertised and Ubisoft killed the sequel idea. Followed by gimping Splinter Cell’s offline play instead of patching that mode later. Assassin’s Creed 3/4 with no DLC on Wii U killed both games sales and anticipation. Now here we are with Watchdogs shit and you should know the story. Another completed port delayed for 6 months and stripped all DLCs as well as graphically gimping the port even worse than PC (not the specs fault, it’s Ubisoft’s deliberate laziness) and charge it at full price NEXT TO SUPER SMASH BROS. 4 RELEASE DATE.

                                    Now tell me with a straight face that is any of that Nintendo’s fault? 3rd parties are welcome to make the games for Wii U if they wanted to but instead, they keep making gimped shit and price it at full like Sniper Elite 2 on Wii U stripping 90% of the game and sell it at $60 compare to $20 of other ports with all the features it had.

                                    1. It’s Nintendo’s fault. Their console it the weakest. PS4 and X1 have the power and the simple architecture. PS3 and X360 have the numbers sold. Wii U has neither. Rayman is the only thing I agree on. They delayed Watch Dogs because they really have no reason to release it. It would sell next to nothing. They put their money on Nintendo when the Wii U came out. Ubisoft was the last one supporting it, and now they said “fuck you” to Wii U and it’s fanboys.

                                      I do think that they should’ve released Watch Dogs when they released other versions just to release it and be done with Nintendo, but, all in all, it’s Nintendo’s fault for lacking 3rd party support.

                                      1. If that’s the case, then why PS2, DS and Wii succeeded in their generations and they’re all the weakest consoles? Wii U’s problem was the marketing, not specs because they’re still making ports for 360 which has similar specs and those same ports are all shit with missing features at full price which turned away so many gamers from them and I must say Nintendo fans are the smartest when it comes to seeing and avoiding a bad or incomplete game. You fuckers buy Destiny, a half and falsely advertised game, at full price as they deliberately stripped the story to sell it as $40 DLC a year for ten fucking years.

                                        Look at EA when they released a year old Mass Effect 3 on Wii U at $60 while at the same time, giving PS3/360 owners a trilogy edition for $40 as well as the solo ME3 priced at $20-30. You tell me that the Nintendo fans are stupid to get pissed off at particular stunts like that which is exactly what most of the 3rd party “supporters” have been doing for Wii U owners? 3rd parties are manipulative, greedy and foremost, fucking lazy. I don’t care if they all disappear which they should. I rather wait 5 months in between good releases for a better and polished game with enough content for its price than continue being served shit after shit every month that’s way overpriced, short on content and lying about what the game should’ve been to overhype itself to sucker me and my money for it.

                                      2. DS had a gimmick and it was cheap as fuck. It was for casuals mostly. PS2 was out when the DVDs were popular and it was cheap, not to mention that it had great exclusives, it was cheap. GCN didn’t have many of the games, the games couldn’t be pirated and it looked like a thing for kids. Xbox just came into the market and didn’t have the established fanbase. Wii was a gimmick and most people that bought it were casuals.

                                  2. I like how you say the ONLY thing it has over them is free online and backwards compatability. No big deal right? Who needs free online? Who really wants to be able to play thier entire library of games on thier new system? lol

                                    1. Yes, I was waiting for someone to point that backwards compatibility comes with an entire library of games….it doesn’t. You still have to buy games for it, just not an older system if you want to play it’s games.

                                      You idiot.

                                      Free online? That’s a good one, but ok, PC has free online too, only a billion times better than any of the consoles.

                                  3. I think the WiiU is a great idea, I love the gamepad and ability to play console games off-screen with no lag. It’s also fun to play while having a movie on.

                                    They skimped on horsepower and drug the Wii’s crap-reputation into the next gen- that was a big mistake. :/

                                    I really enjoyed Oot 3D, I thought the graphics were great and I hope MM is released the same way!

                              2. Your arguments are funny, but you sound like a hater….Wii U’s game pad makes it more ‘next gen’ than ps4 and Xbox1. They have the same old controllers znd the same old games. FPS’s are played out and so is the whole army genre…how many COD’s and Aassassin’s creeds and vice city’s do you need..THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.. At least mario’s are different.

                          4. Lol no it’s not you obviously haven’t even played the game. I have both a Wii U and an Xbox One and they are both great systems with great games

                        1. Bayonetta is a master piece… If you dont play it its your LOST. I cant believe so called Gamers are missing out on amazing games like Mario 3D world , Bayonetta , Wonderful 101 , MK8 , Super Smash , Hyrule Warriors , DK tropical Freeze , ZombiU … i can go on and on.

                          At 299$ the Wii U is an amazing console with plenty of amazing games.

                          Bayonetta deserve more sales its a GOTY contender.

                          1. I haven’t played it and won’t for a while due to smash, but I bought it Day 1 to support them, and will play it after I’ve beaten smash wii u. Same with Hyrule Warriors.

                          2. True! Nothing to add!
                            And this trolling here from so called fans of both sides is just annoying: Do you guys really think this will sell more games on the system you love….?
                            Strange behaviour…

                            1. If so, why it hasn’t sold 5 million yet? Around the same time last year, Wii U sold more and had more games. I have never seen a “game console” which is a TV/DVR box, performed so piss poorly since Dreamcast.

                              1. I agree with him and thats because sony fan buys the conaole but not the games while xbone fans buy more games than sony.

                                1. None of those two have shit. Only Wii U so far has more games to offer and they’re not overrated POS that lies about what its not or what it doesnt/does have or comes out broken like Advanced Warfare and that shit had 3 years of development time and its still fucked on launch day? lol

                        2. Oh ffs I get so annoyed with my fellow Brit’s taste in Video Games, for some reason they shun creative perfectly crafted games and generally just Nintendo in general, but yet they seem to embrace utter annualised churned out shit like FPS’s and Sports Games.

                          1. I’m glad there are people like you in the UK who admit there is bad taste. I’m in the US and can admit we have the same thing with madden and such. If you only play sports games, you’re not a gamer. You’re a sports fan who sucks at sports so you play sports video games lol. If you play lots of games and just happen to love a sports game more than anything, ok. But honestly I don’t know how it is in europe, but the football madden fans in the US tend to but pretty dumb, and most watch football only cause “It’s the American WAY” and probably just do it cause everyone else.

                        3. look at number 40 ._.

                          and why do people buy minecraft for ps and xbox when it’s 100000x better on pc with free online


                          1. Some people love dancing games what’s wrong with that? I still think they best with kinekt(only good reason to own it actually)

                        4. LMFAO B2 goes out of the UK top 40 after JUST ONE WEEK!LMFAO!
                          So now B2 has flopped in Japan,Europe and the UK with USA to follow!
                          This just proves Nintendo are making 3rd party games NO ONE wants or cares about!
                          B2 has got great reviews yet it is ANOTHER huge Nintendo helped 3rd party game that has failed big time!
                          EVERY 3rd party Wii U has flopped and then Nintendo fans cry that 3rd party games skip the Wii U?
                          It just proves that the Wii U is just for Nintendo games only, Nintendo need to realise that they have to make games people want.
                          They keep saying no to F Zero but a new F Zero game would NEVER flop like the 3rd party drivel the Wii U gets!
                          After the Nintendo big guns arrive,Zelda,X,Star Fox etc in 2015 there is NOTHING on the horizon, the Wii U has been a total failure and Nintendo need to release a new console in 2016 or it really is game over for them with home consoles!

                          1. Fzero isn’t that big either I like games, but its not that big. Releaseing a new console in 2016 is terrible idea sega did that with saturn and the dream cast, and look where they are at now. If u find games not selling well funny, thats truly sad. Bayonetta always had a small fanbase, maybe u should watch this before shitting on nintendo’s choose of funding

                          2. If nobody wanted Bayonetta how come all the non-Nintendo fans were enraged when it was announced an exclusive? And why is it funny that a game that did get such good ratings flopped?

                          3. If Nintendo is done with home consoles you can kiss home consoles goobye all together! You really think Playstation and Xbox consoles can survive in a world without Nintendo? The days of consoles will be gone forever, and gaming will be PC only. Microsoft will rule the gaming world. Sony will not be able to financially compete. Downloading every game, no physical copies … DRM out the Ass. Content cut from game to charge you more. Games really costing 120 bucs instead of 60.

                            Thats the future without Nintendo… Enjoy!

                            1. BULL-SHIT! Consoles won’t just disappear, even if Nintendo will vanish one day. Only if game devs will continue with shitty games and an assful of DLC will continue, then the WHOLE gaming industry will suffer and in the end die. Then, even PC won’t do shit to save our fancy games.

                              1. Nintendo falling would be like the first Domino in a line falling, taking the entire thing down with it. Just like the Fingerpoke of Doom from Hollywood Hogan to Kevin Nash was the beginning of the end for WCW. So in a way, it’s not bullshit.

                          4. Based on B1 sales for the previous gen (roughly 20 times larger market), one shouldn’t expect much more than 300k for B2 during the first year.

                          1. This is just the UK list. What do you expect from people that support shitty companies like EA, Microsoft and BETHESDA? Graphic whores and drivelling idiots, that’s all they are. Saying how those companies are bad, but as soon as they make a new game, they forget and their mind goes blink. No wonder why so many dumb and broken games are in the top 10.

                        5. Nintendo have a ton of money just waiting to be used, advertising your games and your consoles to make people more aware is the best way to use that money, they will make more money and more sales.
                          I like the Wii U, but the fact of the matter is, it’s struggling…Why??? because of lack of advertising, it’s not the name alone that is confusing clueless parents. It’s also the fault of the kids/teenagers as well for not explaining what it actually is. For example, when the Wii U was announced and everytime I saw videos about the console or more information released, I would mention it to my Mom, that way, she got an understanding about it, so she, a non gamer parent understood the Wii U, I earned enough money to buy one by launch and bought one, I still use it for all different things, Games, Youtube, Internet Browser, Drawing on Miiverse.
                          Sigh…Sorry about the rant, but this constant cluelessness on behalf of Nintendo regarding advertising really infuriates me…
                          One good thing about this is that at least Fifa nor a First Peeson Shooter took top spot, so I’m at least a little content….

                            1. Like I said, I’m content that neither Fifa or another generic First Person Shooter topped the list. I other words I’m happy that Sunset Overdrive made the top,…

                          1. It’s not all advertising. Kids from the U.K. know about the Wii U. They just think it’s kiddy. They think it’s uncool to own a Wii U, and thier friends will make fun of them for it. It’s silly really. Maybe Nintendo should give up on that region.

                          1. First Person Shooters are overdone as all hell, it’s the big thing right now and all these companies want a piece of the pie, no matter how bad or unoriginal that game may be…gone are the days of companies taking time to polish games completely and ensure a different expreience to other games of it’s type. For example, Mario and Sonic, are both platformers that play and feel different…

                        6. Damn shame bayonetta is more entertaining then a bloody rehash sports title. I don’t want to knock people’s taste, but why is damn Fifa this popular in UK, I know thry like soccer, but I rather play a sport then a video game of it.

                            1. Then please explain forza. That game doesn’t even work the way it was intended. Online is broken, most people can’t even play the game. Yet it still outsells Bayonetta, and lands right in the top ten. Explain that.

                          1. Same here. Actually playing sports is far more fun than playing them on a console. Basketball games are the only ones I even find to be fun in video game form. Especially NBA Jam types.

                            1. Yet you bring it up all the time. If someone mentions it, bam! you’re right there on the scene. If no one mentions it, bam! You talk about it for no reason.

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    Atleast you are more civilised than I give you credit for…

                                    I’ll lower my hostility towards you by 46.5%…

                          1. I do, but not cause they aren’t Nintendo. I hated them ever since they entered the console market. They just reeked of “We Want Money and don’t care about games.” And then they bought RARE and didn’t do shit with them. And they pushed heavily for the FPS genre that has overtaken the market. And I hate their controllers and systems on top of that. I like Halo 2 and that’s about it from microsofts 3 gens of offerings.

                            1. Is good that they are failing now. They make some no can miss deals when they are losing. Got the sunset bundle for 350$ and they gave me ryse for free which is better than any ps4 launch game.

                              1. Yea game companies tend to put out platinum when they are failing so it’s always good for a company to get knocked off it’s high horse. I will never own a microsoft system, just how I am, but I don’t hate others who do, and I will gladly try a new game with them if my friends have it. I just don’t respect microsoft. I am curious to see what sunset overdrive is about since I’ve heard a lot about it. Is ryse the roman colliseum type game where you survive and battle lots of enemies? If so I saw my friend play it and it looked decent, but not something I would buy on any system. Not a bad game, just not my type. Knack looked like more a game I might like after watching my roomate play on his ps4. I know it didn’t get good reviews but I thought it looked fun lol.

                                1. Yea ryse is that beat em up and Ryse has loots in common with infamous but is comical mischief instead of serious.

                                  1. Yea ryse is that beat em up and Ryse has loots in common with infamous but is comical mischief instead of serious.

                        7. It really is amazing how unpopular Nintendo is in the UK. Are there no kids there that play rated E games other than Minecraft?

                        8. Its more than likely a stock issue, Bayonetta is hard to get in the US unless you are ordering online. I have been in a few stores in NYC while I was out doing other things and its never on display or is sold out.

                          1. I never though it would reach one million sales. Becouse I know what type pf gamers exist out there. 10 years ago Bayonetta 2 would have sold like wildfire on any system. Unfortunatly good games today die out, and shit games linger on. The video game fans of today have nothing in common with me. I enjoy decent, well made games. Gamers of today enjoy shit. Complete and utter shit. I do not relate with gamers of today. You guys stay away from me with your shit games.

                        9. Nothing but Xbox fanboys in Europe. Holy cow, this is the worst looking top forty yet. You guys wouldn’t know a good game if it slapped you in the face. And forza in the top ten? Are you f#*%ing serious? That game doesn’t even work properly and it still sells? A polished game that is contender for game of the year outsold by a P.O.S that barely functions.

                          You know this is why companies keep releasing games that are glitchy, and unfinished. Day one dlc, on disc dlc, timed exclusives, chopped up pre-order bonuses. Becouse people in the U.K. will buy anything! They will keep producing unfinished, glitch fest on disc dlc games becouse the people from the U.K. love it! You guys cant get enough. Got some stinky shit you need to sell? Just wrap it up and send it to the U.K.

                        10. The problem is not that we don’t want to buy it, but that the game was horribly undershipped.
                          I’ve been trying to buy it, but since I didn’t fucking pre-order I can’t.

                          1. Thats a valid argument, I had to order mine off Amazon becouse I couldn’t find it in stores. But still, the game didn’t move systems, so my original point stands. The vast majority of people don’t appreciate quality. And yes, the U.S. has a bad taste in gaming too.

                            1. I don’t know the US, but in Mexico the copies meant for day 1 sales flew off the shelves in a couple of hours, the very same day of the launch was the day I was told the only units they had left were the pre-order ones.

                        11. Regardless of which console, the better games are after the top 10. The worst games except Sunset and other adventure games are top 10. Also i thought Bayontta 2 was undershipped so that was th reason for not selling above 40.

                            1. I can. Sunset Overdrive doesn’t look like a bad game, but not worth buying an Xbox One over. And I guarentee you this will become an annual game. Next year Sunset Overdrive 2, then 3 then 4.

                              1. I did not buy it just for sunset though. I also got diablo 3 which is better on consoles than pc I would have preferred diablo 3 on wii u but Activision is retarded when they chose what games they bring to wiiu.

                        12. Long ago Nintendo saved gaming when Atari died. Sony make its first console because the popularity Nintendo gave to gaming and later Microsoft do the same. If Nintendo hadn’t not saved gaming the Plastation and Xbox wouldn’t even exist. That’s why Nintendo is the best and a lot of people have forgotten about this.

                        13. I wonder how would that chart look if all the multy plat games like fifa and destiny are grouped into one. At least five of those spots were Fifa

                        14. So sad… maybe the game has already reached a million copies sold and doesn’t need to sell anymore though?

                          hmmmmm. That would be a dream come true.

                        15. In other news: : Leaked date uploaded recently to Gamestop Italy.Gamestop Italy has gotten the Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros U dates correctly before Nintendo ever OFFICIALLY announced the release date. (Found it on Gamefaqs)

                        16. There are a lot of Mega Man fans that want the return of him and the return of Megaman X gameplay style which ended in Megaman ZX Advent.

                        17. I blame this on Nintendo for bad advertising, I didn’t see any commercial or advertising on YouTube or other game site, only saw CoD advanced warfare advertisements.

                          1. It’s partially Nintendos fault. I’m really disappointed in the Wii U fanbase.

                            Here’s the deal. We can no longer bitch if certain games don’t get released on Nintendo consoles now. We have lost our bitching privilage. If you catch yourself saying, “why don’t they release that on the Wii U”, remember this day…..this was our one time in the spot light to show the world we buy mature games. That we actually support third parties who make quality games. We failed. No Bayonetta 3. No more Platinum games on the Wii U.

                        18. OMG I just noticed…… Frozen: Olafs quest on the ds sold better than Bayonetta 2. Yes, the DS. Notice there is no 3 there. The original ds. Olafs Quest……….a disney game…. on a last generation console…..sold better……. than the best game I have played in three years…….


                        19. I’m pretty curious about the ranking in Americas, where Bayo 2 were actually sold out in many retailers. Even here in Brazil, land of the US$90 games, I had a hard time trying to purchase my copy.

                        20. See, this proves Nintendo fans are fucking idiots who play ONLY Mario & Zelda. Bayonetta 2 is a great game! Buy it you fucking piece of shits.

                        21. Seriously who gives a crap about UK charts, it’s in UK, has nothing to do with the rest of the world, fuk’em charts

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