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Link & Zelda Hyrule Warriors Costumes Revealed For Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3

samurai_warriors_cross_hyrule_warriorsKoei Tecmo has announced during a livestream event that Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 for the Nintendo 3DS will feature a special collaboration with Hyrule Warriors. Due for release on December 4 in Japan, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 incorporates more than 50 military characters, along with new events and character edit slots. Though it’s a spin-off from the game’s main hack-and-slash series, the 3DS version will support a Link and Zelda costume – which can be seen above – from the recently released Hyrule Warriors.

Aside from the two new costumes, fans of the franchise will be able to take the demo out for a spin when it hits the Japanese 3DS eShop tomorrow, November 6. The game is yet to be confirmed for a western release, however, there’s still a slim possibility given the success of the Samurai Warriors franchise overseas.

21 thoughts on “Link & Zelda Hyrule Warriors Costumes Revealed For Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3”

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  2. It’s as if Koei really wants Hyrule Warriors to be the next big Musou spinoff. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

    or Nintendo really gets rid of region locking…..hmmmm idk which one is more likely :$ lol

  4. Do they really think that this will make the game sell more? I want another Hyrule Warriors. Even though I’m still playing it.

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