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Nintendo Updates Super Smash Bros For Wii U Box Art With Amiibo Icon

super_smash_bros_for_wii_u_amiibo_box_artThe box art of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has been updated by Nintendo to display the amiibo icon. The upcoming fighting title will be the first game to launch with amiibo integration. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, players can battle, train and level-up their amiibo figures. They can also create their own unique amiibo by adjusting its stats and by modifying their attack, defense and speed. The game will launch alongside amiibo on November 21st.

64 thoughts on “Nintendo Updates Super Smash Bros For Wii U Box Art With Amiibo Icon”

    1. Top reasons why the Nintendo Wii U and Robin Williams share a common legacy…

      Wii U console is black collecting dust.. Robin’s physical state now is actually black dust
      Wii U has electrical cord.. Robin Williams hung himself with an electrical cord..
      Wii U overrated… Robin Williams overrated
      Nintendo killed itself with Wii U… Robin Williams,, well you get the point
      You can play Zelda on Wii U.. Robin Williams played with Zelda’s “Wii”

      Church of Sasori

      1. I mean dude you might be playing or you’re actually being serious but that’s unbelievable far too fucked up to be funny. Either way you need to calm down. Smh…

      2. That’s really not cool. At all. There are some prize idiots on this site. NCQ springs to mind.. but you know what . This will trace back to you somehow and haunt you.

      1. lol no that was a joke, they could take a pic of shit in a toilet and make that the cover on the box and I’d still buy it haha

          1. Ok, so if I move him from 3DS to Wii U I can’t take his hat off? I forgot about the lack of editing part, and that probably answers my own question lol. I would assume the U version has it’s own hats, I was wondering if it would be possible to combine all hats from both systems onto one system, but I guess that won’t really be possible sadly.

        1. I got every hat and smash run power and trophy and everything else in the game so I feel your pain lol. Beat all the challenges, didn’t use a single hammer. But I’m sure there will be more unlocking to do. I don’t mind so much, cause I will have a gamecube controller to use. The 3ds hurts my thumbs and even wrists after playing for a while. The only thing I’m not looking forward to again is grinding due to how low the New Mii Hat appearance rate is. Hopefully it’s not as low in the U version.

          1. Wow and i was complaining lol, yeah i bet it’ll be less painful to get everything, in my case i did use all hammers aome of the challenges were just annoying xD (just the street smash cus i dont find peoplw that easy).

            1. I watched some gameplay, and it seems like it’s easier to unlock stuff in the wiiu version, when you watch the smash bros direct and pay attention to the rewards the toss them around like their nothing, but then again, the wiiu version has more collectables even before you go past the amount of 3ds collectables/challenges they aren’t all the same, so it makes since

            2. Yea lots of people gave up on the streetsmash ones lol. if you go to starbucks or mcdonalds you get lots of hits, I went to both in one day and got all the people I needed for the 5 hits one. All the other streetsmash challenges can be done in the practice thank god lol. Thanks to that I got all of them within an hour or two.

      1. I like how a certain Ape is on this one! Couldn’t believe he wasn’t on the 3ds one, me and the other kongs were about to boycott N.O.A and Crazy bout lost it! XD

  1. I wonder why Nintendo never mentions any more about allowing gamers to have a custom amiibo made of their own Mii? I read about that possibility long ago, but never heard any further news. I’m still hoping that was true.

    1. It is something they’d say they would look into. Im pretty sure it was just to silence the media for a while. Probably all just to bullshit folks.

  2. Wow for Wii u…good job with the name Nintendo, how hard is it to just say smash bros 4 or universe or unity or smash bros U or rumble Nintendo choosing name is becoming a disappointment

    1. Yeah, the names always bugged me too. Just saying “For 3DS” and “For Wii U” sounds SO unprofessional.

      1. They could have at least used the actual number 4 to give it a nice look. In fact, the 4 could have been giant sized behind Super Smash Bros with the version under the name.

  3. Looks so much better than the 3DS box art.
    Did they remove the orange Nintendo Network icon?
    Also, I really like how Nintendo colored the number 3 as well as the letter U red and blue respectively along with the flames behind the logo.
    It sort of gives me a Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue vibe. XD

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