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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Announced For Nintendo 3DS, Coming Spring 2015

Nintendo has announced that the long-awaited and fan favourite Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. It’s been teased for so long from Nintendo, but fans will finally be able to experience the game in stereoscopic 3D when it arrives for Spring 2015. Make sure you check out the announcement trailer above in all its creepy glory.

62 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D Announced For Nintendo 3DS, Coming Spring 2015”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Nintendo lead us, Nintendo guide us…

    In the holy N we trust, we’ll follow your command…

    Your leadership is ours to follow, let the rest become hollow…

    Hallowed is the holy N…

    1. ben drounded is just a creepyer version of the link statues that apear when you play a certain song (it was found by someone and then they made a creppypasta about it)

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  3. I may get this game. I don’t know. It should be played on home console. I do have Ocarina of Time on 3ds but undecided on this one. I like OoT just a bit more.

  4. The moon is freakier than ever.

    Now lets get working on a deal for banjo kazooie 3d! (Or conker. Or 3d ssb classics. Or kirby 64 3d.)

    1. Same here! This’ll be just the excuse to play that cult favorite among the Zelda games that has eluded me for so long!

  5. Majora’s Mask is one of my favourite LOZ game and I am disappointed with this. I would have preferred a remake rather than a half-assed looking port that is gonna look like crap in 3D.
    No thanks Nintendo, I’ll skip this one. I know you’ve worked hard on it but I think it would have been better as a remake on Wii-U/
    I’m glad everyone else is pleased, have at it.

    1. I’m sorry to say that your criticism might have had it’s place back in 2011 when OoT 3D was released. Now, it only makes sense that Majora’s Mask would follow suit.

  6. I cried… The game I’ve waited for, for years, is finally coming… I am preordering the minute it pops up on the internet

  7. A portable is the perfect format for a remake of this game! Given its time mechanic, it’s great to tackle this in pieces whether at home or out and about.

  8. I used to call Majora’s Mask my least favorite Zelda game. For over a decade, I got annoyed when anyone said it was their favorite. But after re-playing through the game with my niece not too long ago, I gained a new respect for it. And I actually liked it much more than I did the first time.

    The reasons why I originally hated it was….
    1. A mask is a STUPID main enemy and final boss.
    2. The 3-day cycle.
    3. The time limit causing dungeons to feel stressful instead of fun.
    4. Not being able to save at any time.
    5. None of the characters remembering Link once you go back to the first day. Takes away all satisfaction from helping them.
    6. It didn’t really feel like a sequel to Ocarina Of Time. It had no Princess Zelda in the game (other than flashbacks) and no Ganon.

    When I played it again, I was aware of all of these shortcomings. So I was able to get more enjoyment out of it. Still hate that damn time limit while in dungeons though. And not being able to save at any time.

  9. YES!!! It’s about damn time. Although, this looks more like a port than an actual remake like Ocarina of Time 3D was. Of course, it could just be another shitty youtube video like the ones for Bayonetta 2.

      1. Most likely. I know I’ll get better quality from the Direct on the eShop, so I’m going to watch it once I’m done checking my email for the last time tonight.

  10. I’m glad we finally got this!! SO many people wanted it to happen and it finally did!! I played Majora’s Mask and I had so many nightmares playing this game… BUT NOW THOSE NIGHTMARES WILL BE IN 3D!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!

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