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Here’s All 51 Character Final Smashes In Smash Bros On Wii U

Wondering what the final smashes look like on the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros? Well wonder no more. YouTube site GameXplain have uploaded a brand new video detailing the final smashes for all 51 characters featured in the game. If you don’t want to be spoiled then it would be a good idea to try to refrain from watching the video. Enjoy.

51 thoughts on “Here’s All 51 Character Final Smashes In Smash Bros On Wii U”

  1. Meh… I’ve already seen them all on the 3DS version. Not that I’m downplaying the Wii U version in any way, I’m still getting both versions. It’s just disappointing the Wii U version wasn’t released first. Most of the advertising went to the 3DS version. Most of the people I know don’t even realise there is a Wii U version and think it only came out on 3DS…

    1. I used to think that too. That it should have released on the Wii U first. But actually if it was released on the Wii U first, nobody would want the 3ds version. Why would somebody buy a lesser version of the game when you could have the superior version. It was a smart business decision to release on the 3ds first.

      1. Because it’s cheaper and on a handheld. People will buy the version they prefer, but I really hope they can advertise the Wii U version better than just being able to use gamecube controllers. I know there is a ton of content in the Wii U version, I’m just concerned the casual consumer will just see the cheaper pricetag on the 3DS and the Wii U version will flop.

      2. @Deepsouth The 3DS has a way bigger install base. The game would have sold well regardless there. All those 3DS owners do not have Wii U’s so they can’t just go get the Wii U version. And if they just happened to think that the Wii U version would’ve been better, they would’ve bought a Wii U with Smash Bros which means more sales and attention for the Wii U. Like I said before, 3DS version was gonna sell well anyways. The Wii U version needed more attention than the 3DS does. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone just walked by Smash Bros for Wii U and thought “Hey, I can already buy that game for my 3DS. I don’t need a Wii U to play it.”

        1. Like I said to General Sony, I used to share these exact thoughts. I argued this same point for quite a while. But after thinking on it for a long time, I have come to the conclusion that putting it on the 3ds first was the best decision, strictly from a business perspective.(i still wanted it first on Wii U) The 3ds is Nintendos bread and butter this generation. They make most of thier profit from the 3ds. The large install base on the 3ds had a better potential for sales. By releasing it for the Wii U first it would have took sales from the 3ds version. Like you said people would have still bought it on the 3ds, but not nearly as many. It practically would have flopped in the U.S…The 3ds is the weaker version, the lesser version. I know I would not have bought it for the 3ds if I owned the Wii U copy first. Nintendo didn’t want to risk that. I can assure you that if the Wii U had a bigger install base than the 3ds it would have released on the Wii U first. Think about it. How many times do you hear people saying, “Nintendo better give me a good reason to buy the Wii U version I already own it on the 3ds.” Imagine people saying this, “Nintendo better give me a good reason to buy it on the 3ds, I already own it for the Wii U.” Except heres the thing, there wouldn’t have been a reason to buy it for the 3ds … anyways, sorry for the long post I cant

          1. Yeah. Except you’re totally wrong. Lol. I keep telling you not that many people own Wii U’s. We’re not talking about just gamers here. The average consumer counts too. Almost everyone and their mother has a 3DS. They ain’t going to skip out on the 3DS version to get a version for a console that they’ve never even heard of before. The smart thing to do would’ve been if Nintendo released the Wii U version first and gave that version all the hype and advertisement instead since after all, it is the better version. It would’ve meant more sales for the Wii U version and the Wii U as well. Which means that install base would’ve grown! Which means better sales for future games! All those 40+ million 3DS owners would’ve done either one of two things. 1: They would’ve went and bought the 3DS version regardless since they do not own Wii U’s which means Nintendo would’ve still gotten money off of that. And 2: They would’ve went out and bought a Wii U with Smash Bros. The way they’re doing it now is wrong because the 3DS version is selling well and a lot of people are having doubts of double dipping again for the Wii U version. And add the fact that the average consumer still doesn’t even know the Wii U exists is going to make it sell even worse. And it costs more too. Unless Nintendo manages to truly advertise the living crap out of Smash Bros for Wii U, it isn’t going to pull in any new customers. It’ll do like all the other Wii U games. Sales spike for the game for a period of time, but the console sales barely go up because they didn’t convince new people to buy one. Which is exactly what I’m afraid of.

            1. Well you raise some valid points, however Nintendo still has a window of oppurtunity; amiibo. The only game that’s FULLY* compatible with amiibo is smash brothers, and I think that’s a strong marketing point.

              *I know other games are compatible like MK8 or hyrule warriors but only smash uses them to their full extent (so far)

              1. Amiibo isn’t going to make a difference to the Wii U’s sales. Literally anyone can buy them without the need for any Nintendo system.

    2. Duck Hunt Rulzzzzzz!!!! I can’t wait to kick ass on the Wii U version with them!! Olimar Diddy and Duck Hunt all day!!!! Once I get WiiU smash bros those three will be all on one team whipping ass. My Pro Controller is ready!!! I like that over my Gamecube controller. It’s so confortable to hold and fits perfectly.

  2. I’m hoping that Mewtwo doesn’t get a mega evolution as a final smash. Maybe give it Psystrike (Mewtwo’s exclusive move in Pokemon games) and put Mega Mewtwo X and Y as alternate costumes.

    1. I actually was kinda disappointed that Charzard Y isn’t a customization option for Charzards final smash in the 3DS. I really love his Y design and was sad he didn’t show up on the 3DS. So if Mewtwo just used a special attack and had his mega evolve as alt costumes, I wouldn’t mind that much. Just as long as I could choose Mewtwo Y. Mewtwo is just looks awful imo.

    1. The best smash is my boy Diddy Kong. After all he, Olimar and Duck Hunt are my favorite characters. The funniest smash is Jigglypuff’s. I love that character. Smash bros. is never complete with out that pink little cute aggressive balloon. Till this day, I still wonder out of alll Pokemon why Jigglypuff was picked for N64 Smash? But I’m glad.

  3. The Final Smashes in Wii U are no different from 3DS (Half of them being imports from Brawl, unfortunately), so I don’t see how someone would spoil themselves looking at the video.
    Unless you’re one of the super duper patient types that hasn’t touched the 3DS version.

      1. Well, this being a new game in the series I was expecting things to be a bit different with everyone’s Final Smash. And to top it off there are the clone/semi-clone characters that share the EXACT same thing.
        Mario/Dr. Mario, Fox/Falco, Marth/Lucina, Link/Toon Link, etc.
        They could have given Falco an Arwing tbh based on his phrase: “Personally, I prefer the air”.

        1. Some characters did need their Final Smashes revved up and some of them didn’t need it. I agree with you on the clone department. Instead of Falco they should of had added crystal with her staff.
          For some odd reason I always thought he said “egg” instead of air and thought it was some sort of “who came first” reference.

            1. Shoot… Well Falco and Fox do have their differences. They doth feel totally different to me like Link and Toon Link.


                1. They could put Krystal in the game but without her staff, which is the weapon I think Rare still owns, she would just be a cloned starfox. Anyone seen her staff in Starfox Assult? Hell Rareware still owns the tittle Dinosaur Planet. On Starfox Assult they called the planet something else.

  4. I think Luigi’s should have never been changed. His was the most unique out of the bunch and it still would of had been, just the best, but they had to strip that away from him. I shed a tear for it… :'(

    1. Because he’s a clone of Mario.
      And a lot of people are bitter towards having the exact same character stealing a slot for more deserving ones.
      As a palette swap it would have been fine, but as an actual character not really. It would just be one character taking two spots, and not many people like that idea.

  5. I think Mewtwo might go mega Y for his final smash but it will take a few months before he releases. Final smashes are more balanced in this game than in SSBB but I usually play without items. I can’t wait to see people’s custom stages in ssb Wii U!

  6. How is this exactly newsworthy?
    Seeing as how 90% of the old content was hauled directly from Brawl and the rest of it as well as ALL the new content had been readily available on the 3DS.

  7. How is this exactly newsworthy?
    Considering the fact that the old ideas were hauled directly from Brawl without as much as a redesign and the new ones have been readily available for almost two months on the 3DS.

  8. Videos like this annoy me…Games not even out in most places and yet you can see just about everything onyoutube already…It’s a piss take. The people who make these videos are spoil sports. Nintendo are SOOOOOO right to want to take ad revenue from it

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