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Sakurai Shows Off Super Smash Bros Themed New Nintendo 3DS XL Console

Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has shown off what everyone wants which is a Super Smash Bros themed New Nintendo 3DS XL console. Sakurai shared the box of the Smash Bros XL console on Twitter. Hopefully it will be available when the console launches over here next year. Would you opt for this specific bundle?

Thanks, rafmandx

32 thoughts on “Sakurai Shows Off Super Smash Bros Themed New Nintendo 3DS XL Console”

    1. Why buy the original,mine broke after a year.The product is not durable.Now i look after my wii u like its my kid lol.

        1. Its circle pad is not responding at all,i googled alot and its not that hard to fix if order the part online but i havent touch my 3d from the moment i got my wii u and pc.

      1. Wow, really? I’ve had 2 regular 3DS’s since launch and 2 XL’s since they launched and have had no problem. They’ve been to 2 NY Comic-Con, Distant Worlds, Ballad of the Goddess concert, and to many other public events. Not to mention constantly around NYC and carried everywhere and have had zero problems. Maybe you just don’t know how to handle the device?

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Or maybe it was defect…

          My Wii U “broke” like barely 2 weeks after I bought it and I always treat my sacred machines like my fifth leg…

      2. Mine survived a car crash, being dropped, hitting a rock and 1/4 submerging in a pond, one concrete drop…but the unit scratched it’s own screen resulting in 4+ free repairs. The only thing it couldn’t survive was itself. :/

    1. Like me,lol i like more handheld consoles rather than home consoles because my tv is always occupied by a family member,but now with the wii u i can play games i always wanted freely on the gamepad without bothering any1.

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Indeed, let the civilians deal with their noobish skills while we dark lords fight it out at the real arena…

  1. Yaaaasss I would buy this! So glad if they do release it because I really wanted the 3DS XL version but I already have an XL but wouldn’t get another, but I AM getting a New 3DS XL so I hope to get this one!

    Unless they release an amazing looking purple Majora’s Mask version of the New!

  2. I would like to see a New 3DS that includes Zelda Majora’s Mask even if the console doesn’t have a Majora’s Mask theme.

    1. I hope so, and I hope it’s very nice. It will give me more of reason to replace the gold one I have now. I don’t want to let it go, but I’m not really a collector.

  3. Oh. Yay. I honestly don’t really care. Now if only they’d actually release the New 3DS over here in America. Or even give an ETA on it.

  4. This is awesome but I feel for those who bought that special edition here in Aus, as the new 3ds XL will be here soon.

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