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Check Out The US Super Smash Bros Wii U Commercial

Nintendo of America have uploaded an extremely energetic commercial for the long-awaited Super Smash Bros Wii U which finally launches this month in the United States. The advert gives consumers a nice look at the brand new eight player mode which is sure to pop up at party’s everywhere.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

74 thoughts on “Check Out The US Super Smash Bros Wii U Commercial”

          1. Yah, I’m not a fan of this one in general, he sound like he’s trying too hard to sound dramatic or cool. I liked Melees announcer the most and I would have had no prob even if they put the announcer like Brawls but this one is probably the worst (IMO). I even turn off the voices in ssb3ds to avoid his voice.

          1. Nintendo Usurper Apollo

            Here is a joke: Quadraxis’ commandership. Let me takeover, Sega Conspirator Quadraxis!

            Also, I can’t wait for Smash U.

    1. I agree with all of these points.. no kids, or grandmas… but I want to say minus 10 for no older Japanese men saying Wii want to play. Of course would only have led to chaos in confusion. But miss them.. just gotta say’.

      Yay for there being a commercial at all!

      1. I know that lol. the direct was just the first thing I thought about when I saw this commercial. They are basically breaking the fourth wall.

                1. When you’re done warming up with them and move onto whooping my ass up and down the wall, I wall-tech. Then it’s all over for you.

              1. Sounds good to me, whenever is good for you, I am done vacationing for a while so I should be available fairly often.

    1. They should be advertising smash Wii U during the football season since basically the entire population of America watches it.

  1. My god Nintendo you SUCK. The game comes out 11 days from now and you ain’t advertised worth of shit until now. But they hyped up the 3DS version MONTHS before it released. If this game doesn’t get Wii U’s off the shelf, Nintendo has only themselves to blame.

  2. yeah because kids wont play it GROW UP OR BUY A PS4 AND BRODUDE YOU PATHETIC CUNTS




  3. wii remote -plus /gamepad/pro pad/classic pad pro/gamecube pad/ even dualshock 3and4 with adaptor

    wiiU a GAMERS console

  4. Truly one of the best Nintendo commercials ever made since Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart 8. And you’re welcome as always, Sickr.

  5. Ok Nintendo I’ve been watching tv a lot recently and I’ve only seen skylanders commercials. Let people know you have a console! Get this commercial out there

  6. I’m going to hold a party on the day of release just to get 8 player smash going, but looking at that ad, only now do I realise how crowded my living room will get!

      1. Thew only gaming parties i get (if you can even call it that) is some retarded cod or battlefiled online. FUCKING LAME!!!!! MY AGE GROUP SUCKS DICK!!! At least when i was younger i could always play in the same room with nes n64 and gamecube with games and they still were the best times in multiplayer gaming. Though most people moved on to online shooters and crap. Depressing.

    1. I don’t even know 8 people. I have no friends. All I have is my niece and one of my brothers to play with. But I usually only play alone. I’m anti-social most of the time.

  7. And btw, these Wii U commercials must only air on kids channels like Nickelodeon or something. Or whatever channel the WWE airs on these days. Because I NEVER see any Wii U commercials when my mom is watching tv. And she has the tv on all day.

  8. Great commercial but Nintendo you must get it aired during prime time on as many networks as you can because that’s when people are watching tv the most. The way you guys advertised Mario Kart 8 during the NBA playoffs was ingenious, please have that same type of thinking for Smash Bros. Your competitors have no answer for that game….take advantage

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