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Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Will Take Advantage Of The New Nintendo 3DS

The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D will somehow take advantage of the New Nintendo 3DS and the power it offers. Aonuma says that both versions will look identical, but there’s some changes that will be announced at a future date. What that means remains unclear, but it will certainly be interesting to see the difference between the two versions once the game is nearer to release.

“Please wait for the opportunity to discuss how playing on the New 3DS differs at a later date.”

Thanks, khalidmr93

38 thoughts on “Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Will Take Advantage Of The New Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Hopefully the changes are just cosmetic or something. It would suck if they gave the New 3DS version something like more sidequests or whatever.

  2. Whatever it is, it should be either super huge to warrant the purchase of a New 3DS, or something cosmetic to not justify a purchase. Maybe they’ll make Skullkid Playable, with stripper Great Fountain Fairies and dewitos instead of red potion.

    1. Enhanced 3D, for first person view, c stik support, Amiibo support (hinting that OOT 3D might get a update as well) and may get support for smoother frame rate, maybe support for the additional buttons as well…

  3. Probably something like the Color Dungeon from Links Awakening DX. That level was only playable if you played the game on a Gameboy Color but the game was still payable on the original Gameboy.

  4. I always feel a little sad when I hear about Majora’s Mask 3D. Because I REALLY wanted to see it in HD on the Wii U. This and Ocarina Of Time. In fact, when Nintendo made The Wind Waker HD, I was surprised. Because Wind Waker was already the best looking game on Gamecube. It didn’t really even need to be improved.

    Not that I’m complaining. But Ocarina and Majora are the two games that would have benefited the most from the HD treatment. And the differences would have been WAY more noticable.

    1. Yeah, I wanted them in HD too. What they should have done is make one game that contains both Ocarina of Time HD and Majora’s Mask HD.

          1. Exactly. Also, imagine if the parallel worlds of Oot and MM collide and turns into a whole new game, being part of that Oot HD and MM HD collection.

    2. It’d be almost as much work to completely remake games from that gen as it is to remaster them in HD. That’s why you never see HD remasters of any games before the Gamecube/PS2 generation. The point of making remasters is to keep work to a minimum and still come up with a sellable product. So it makes perfect sense why Wind Waker was remastered.

    3. Some of us would strongly disagree. Especially when it comes to that god damn Triforce fetch quest. I spent more time getting rupees for the charts than I did on the quest itself!

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  7. Take full advantage of the new 3ds, eh?……it comes out Spring 2015….Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate also comes in the spring….the New 3DS was released alongside MH4U in Japan…..will the new 3ds be available worldwide in the spring?

  8. probably using mario and peach and bowser for milking mario into a zelda game which in truth is NOT needed ! if it’s more dungeons fine but mask of mario and that would ruin the game.

  9. I’m putting my money on being able to share images taken with the Pictobox, posting them on Miiverse and other features like that.

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