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Latest Super Smash Bros US TV Commercial Presents Another 8-Player Showdown

Nintendo of America is beginning to churn out the adverts for the upcoming brawler, Super Smash Bros for Wii U. It was only a few days ago since the game’s previous advert which showed off the 8-player battles. Now, the company has brought another advert for fans to feast their eyes on, reiterating that you’ve got to settle it in Smash. And it’s not just limited to Zac Efron as he tweeted earlier. You can view the latest advert in the video embedded above.

73 thoughts on “Latest Super Smash Bros US TV Commercial Presents Another 8-Player Showdown”

      1. I did my own detective work and found the answer myself…

        So apparently Nintendo thinks that you’re going to have 8 people in the same room playing smash bros.


        8 virgins
        65″ TV
        8 controllers
        2x gamecube adapters
        2 large couches
        Central Air( its gonna get real hot )
        Parents(since only kids will do this) that wont mind the roar of 8 players continuously yelling and occasional swearing.

        Another brilliant decision Nintendo…

        1. First… only losers are virgins (after at least 2 years high, you NEED to lose vinigitiy – as a male, I don’t believe any SANE woman is virgin that age)….

          Second – 5 is as fun as 8, comfority starts at the 4th person, so anything after creates a linear pattern of decreased satifaction but 8 levels (and “evens”, for those who are OCD freaks) at the right balance of party and SMASH….

          Third – Who the hell are you?… Probably incompentant or just a loser as explained earlier….

          – Your lord, NintendoCore, in all his glory, to protect the people who enjoy this site, and to all who love Nintendo…

          Please rejoice here, this is our home, weed out the weak, give meaning to the cause…


          1. This video was about playing with other people, ya retard. Who the fuck would get excited about playing the cpu? Now, I know the only possible friends you could have are npcs but I doubt you even have a WiiU and you’re not going to get smash anyways.

    1. Horse shite ad. Nothing against the game, it’s brilliant but this is lame. I look forward to a European or Japanese ad because it’ll be far better. Look at them all smiling, like that’s what really happens?

  1. Great commercial and well done in regards of Nintendo selling the 8 player feature as the main attraction once again now……all Nintendo has to do is air these commercials during prime time television and the rest is history 😀

    1. Xbox DOne’s only excuse for sales “Halo MCC” is broken on release like AC Unity and Advanced Warfare was. lol 3rd parties really suck ass on making games work these days. I’m glad none of that headache is on Wii U. We’re busy enjoying truly well designed fun games. ^_^

              1. It’s published by Microsoft! It’s an Xbox One exclusive by the exact same reason of why Bayonetta 2 is Wii U exclusive. Maybe, and just maybe, it may come to PCs, but only because of Windows.

            1. I would love for Platinum Games to make a Wonderful 101 sequel exclusively for the Wii U. Hopefully Nintendo will release a a Wii U bundle called ” The Double-Platinum bundle ” which would include physical copies of both Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 in order to increase sales to get sequels to both of those magnificent franchises

  2. Why do people say that non-fanboys always ruin the site but you Nintendo fanboys kinds ruin it for yourselves. Like the xbone has nothing to do with this convo. and you guys bash the PS4 and XBONE while praising the Wii U. If you want the trolls to die out a bit then stop bashing other consoles when the trolls didn’t do anything. ㅠ.ㅠ

      1. Pothead - Master of stoners

        I know, *grabs lighter* a bunch of crybabies is what they are. OWWW that was not smart i was trying to smoke my pot on my penis and i burned it with the lighter!

        UHHH yeah but i challenge any of you losers to a smoke off.

    1. Actually they’ve been heavily advertising Smash Bros for the Wii U hence why it’s the Wii U’s most preordered game ever. Thing about Nintendo is that sometimes they don’t know what time slots or television shows to aim their commercials at. They’ve got to bite the bullet and advertise the shit out of Smash on television if they really wanna move a shitload of Wii Us this holiday season in which I think will or at least I hope so

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        They should advertise exclusive non Nintendo games a lot more…

        I’ve never seen a Bayonetta 2 commercial compared to TW101 where they at least had commercials…

        1. Really? Because I got tired of seeing Mario Kart 8 commercials. Hell they even aired those during the NBA playoffs and Dancing With The Stars. Hopefully Nintendo has an even bigger goal for the advertisement for Smash

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