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Happy Birthday Shigeru Miyamoto

Wow, would you believe it? Mr Miyamoto has turned 62 today. As I’m sure you’re all aware, Shigeru Miyamoto is renowned for creating some of the best video game franchises of all-time. He’s been taking a backseat on development lately and training up aspiring video game developers at Nintendo. Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish him a very happy 62nd birthday.

139 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Shigeru Miyamoto”

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                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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                    1. See what I mean? That was fucking lame as hell and in no way provided evidence towards the contrary. People are trying to tell you the truth son. It’s time you listened.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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                          The article isn’t exactly interesting to begin with. What do we do? Wish a guy a happy birthday that we have not met? He will never see any of the wishes anyways and It’s not like he gives us the games for free. He makes his fortune from us, that’s good enough. You’re basically just telling the other people on this site that you like Miyamotto in a non direct way.

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        1. 1. I believe in Miyamoto the Father almighty, creator of Mario and Zelda
          2. I believe in Masahiro Sakurai, his only Son, our Developer.
          3. He was conceived by the power of the arcades and born of the Hiroshi Yamauchi.
          4. Under Virtual Boy, He was ridiculed, stopped making games, and was quiet.
          5. He descended to the Pits of Nintendo. On the N64 he rose again.
          6. He ascended into GameCube and is seated at the right testcle of Iwata.
          7. He will come again to judge the good games and causal garbage.
          8. I believe in the Shigeru Miyamoto,
          9. the holy catholic Nintendo EAD, the communion of Pikmin.
          10. the forgiveness of Nintendo fanboys
          11. the resurrection of the true gamer
          12. and the consoles everlasting.

        2. You are the reason I came home from school and hung out at the laundry mat with a quarter and spend about an hour there just admiring video games mr.miyamoto
          I also got my ass whooped everyday because I didnt come home before my dad. And its all because I wanted to play super mario bros. Lol happy birthday

        3. Happy birthday Mr Miyamoto. You’re probably directly responsible for 50% of my favourite games and indirectly responsible for the rest of them!

        4. Thank you Miyamoto for being part of the dumbest company ever that accidentally fucked up and created one of the best companies ever that now has the best selling console of this generation so far. Playstation. XD

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              We did by accident…

              The Sonyans are nothing more than a mistake that will be rectified in the future…

              1. Sony’s Playstation was due to Nintendo sticking with cartidges and not going CD like Sony suggested, is true, but Sony existed on it’s own before they were working with Nintendo.

        5. Tough_Guy_Don't_Mess_With_Me

          This sorry sack of Japanese organs should be dead already, he hasn’t made a good game in decades. Do us all a favor and kill yourself Miyamotosan.

            1. Tough_Guy_Don't_Mess_With_Me

              He’s a conceited sack of poison that should have been aborted. Or at least murdered 20 years ago. RIP (hopefully).

        6. Wow! 62 and still going! He could’ve retired at 30 if he wanted to but he’s devoted. Thank you Miyamoto for showing your to devotion to us.

        7. Happy Birthday, Shigeru ” Mr.Mario” Miyamoto!!!! Wooooo!!!! Best Luck to Him to continue making the great games for Nintendo. May he become a best mentor for the next generation Nintendo’s video game developers in case that he retires.

        8. I can’t believe how many people are talking about anything BUT the topic. Well I’m going to fix that by saying,

        9. Is it ironic that, in my High School senior year, I turned in a 10-page report about Nintendo history on the SAME DAY that was Mr. Miyamoto’s birthday?

          I still have a word document of that report. And it got me an A in my English Honors class.

        10. Happy Birthday Mr Miyamoto-One of the greatest video game personalities of all time.
          Only 2 more years to go until you reach the magic 64th Birthday…:D

        11. Miyamoto hasn’t really been taking a back seat lately, sure he has been training the Team Garage guys and putting them together, but he has been working on Starfox for the past 6 years secretly, he is working on Project Guard and Project Giant Robot, Also he was doing Pikmin 3, as well as assisting with Zelda Wii U. Then he made Pikmin movies, so he has done a lot of stuff on his own lol.

        12. Happy Birthday Mr. Miyamoto thank you for all the countless years of dedication, spectacular video games, and being a great role model. I only wish to meet you one day.

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