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Those Japanese Smash Bros Themes For Nintendo 3DS Are Now Live In Europe

European Nintendo 3DS owners can rejoice as the spectacular Super Smash Bros themes that recently launched in Japan are now available for purchase. You should have a notification saying that they’re ready to purchase for £1.79 / €1.99 each via the Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop. You can check some of them out in the videos above and below. Oh, and there’s also some Nintendogs + Cats themes to check out as well.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

19 thoughts on “Those Japanese Smash Bros Themes For Nintendo 3DS Are Now Live In Europe”

  1. They look cool but I’ll stick with my 8bit Mario theme for the time being. My wife has the Animal Crossing bulletin board theme on hers.

  2. Themes should be free. Paying money for them feels unnatural. It kinda feels like paying for someone else’s advertisement.

    1. They are not advertisements though. The only one seeing the themes is yourself when you use your 3DS. They are just a way to personalize your system.

      1. I disagree. If they want you looking at their own characters and whatnot everytime you do anything on the console, they should be paying you. Personalization has little meaning these days. Unless it’s your own creations you’re not really personalizing anything, you are just buying someone else’s personalization.

        1. Themes are kind of like bumper stickers for your car. Yes, some are given out for free, but do people complain when they have to buy some? No, because they realize it is a product like anything else. If you want to purchase a bumper sticker to personalize your car, then you have to pay for it.

          Same thing goes with the 3DS themes.

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