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Despite Kickstarter Failure UCraft Will Still Come Out But Will No Longer Be A Wii U Exclusive

We reported yesterday that Nexis Games campaign to fund UCraft failed spectacularly on Kickstarter. However, the company says this isn’t the end of UCraft and they will continue developing it. Interestingly Nexis says that the game will no longer be exclusive to the Wii U, which presumably means it’s coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, where it faces stiff competition against the immensely popular title, Minecraft.

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143 thoughts on “Despite Kickstarter Failure UCraft Will Still Come Out But Will No Longer Be A Wii U Exclusive”

    1. Because it was supposed to be a Wii U exclusive, since the platform doesn’t have minecraft. I honestly don’t see the reason of them developing this game for platforms that already have Minecraft…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Now that it’s possibly coming out to the Xbox Done and PS4, they should call it the Multimediacraft…

                      1. Hey now, I was actually really excited for this, I was 100% behind them supporting them all the way, I’ve even been in contact with a member of Nexis Games, he gave me a free early code for SDK Paint on the E-Shop and is giving me an early Beta code for U Craft when its about to launch. However this news is BS.

          1. Champion, the Drinker

            well, the dude is trying. you gotta give him that. probably wont do well on the other platforms, but might find love on Wii U for those of us who would like a Mincecraft type game to play

            1. If anyone buys this game, they become an enormous knob. And will be used to penetrate Roseanne Barrs…anus. Soooo, good luck with that.

          2. …..Sooooo whats the point then?, seriously I thought the whole point of this was because Nintendo did’nt have minecraft, it’ll be slaughtered on the other systems when it could’ve made a decent run on the wii u due to the popularity of mc games and them being nonexistent on the console..

              1. Well, most of the wii u community probbly does’nt use kickstarter, chances are this is the kinda game people see while browsing the eshop, see that it looks like minecraft and just buy it, not the kind of thing people really would get hyped up about or anything so I still say it could’ve possibly made a good run on the wii u but it’s just gonna get slaughtered on the other consoles XD.

          3. If they can finish development without funds, what was the the kickstarter for then ?
            Either way, I think it’s needless to say the game most likely will fail miserably on those other platforms. Why choose a knockoff over the original with a huge community ?

              1. Sadly, it very much seems like it.
                If they truly needed funds for the WiiU version to happen, how come they can develop the game for multiple platforms without any funds now ? Seems dubious.

                1. These Kickstarter campaigns are actually excellent market indicators. If the UCraft campaign failed, it’s because no Wii U owner have the current interest in having a Miecraft clone for Wii U, especially when an ok PC can run the original one, and this thing is now Microsoft exclusive.

                  They should cancel this game, all the purpose of its creation (which is precisely being Minecraft for Wii U) just became worthless.

                  1. I agree. There’s absolutely no point in bringing the game to the other platforms; as I’ve said in my first comment, why would anyone choose a bootleg Minecraft over the original Minecraft which has a huge community/install base + experienced developers ?
                    And I honestly don’t think the campaign failed because WiiU owners aren’t interested in a Minecraft clone, but more like because they’re not interested in a badly made Minecraft clone. The trailer we saw a few weeks ago here on MNN was absolutely terrible, it was difficult to take the game seriously with a trailer like that. A trailer is supposed to take the consumers’ attention and show them why the game is worth buying, it’s the first impression for potential buyers and the first impression is undoubtedly very important. But if they can’t even give us a decent trailer, how am I supposed to expect the game itself to turn out decent ? Yes, I do know the trailer consisted of alpha footage, but it’s not about the game itself, but about how it seemed like they put 0 effort into the trailer. If the developers don’t even bother to put effort into a trailer and make it seem serious, I’m going to question their seriousness about the game I’m supposed to pay for.

            1. The Kickstarter was to help speed up development, they wanted UCraft out (Beta form) before the end of the year, it didn’t happen. Also they kinda used it in bad taste, they wanted to see how supportive the Wii U fans were, since they didn’t get $20,000 in a 2 week kickstarter they think that means Wii U owners don’t care about the game and wont get it.

              1. Ooh I see, that makes sense. But still, the whole thing was kinda sketchy from the beginning, in my opinion. Like, in the trailer they said “they don’t want our money”, but the next thing they do is starting a kickstarter campaign shortly after. And as you’ve said, the campaign went for 2 weeks only. They were hoping to get a whopping $20,000 for a fairly unknown project they barely put any effort into the promotion of. That lame excuse of a trailer really can’t be called “promotion”.
                Even if I was interested in a game like that for the WiiU, I sure as hell wouldn’t have paid a single cent for a project so poorly executed.

                1. None of their BS makes any sense from lying about having a kickstarter they failed to mention before, lying about its failures as an excuse to suddenly change their minds from aiding Wii U and now porting that trash to other platforms that already have Minecraft with a huge install base.

                  This crap of a game and studio is an orgy of EPIC FAILURE.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    This smells like a conspiracy conducted by probably the Xbots as we all know they tried to sabotage us several times to make Nintendo look even worse by blaming them for not supporting their unoriginal garbage…

                    1. It is suspcious but what will Microsoft gain by making them port that garbage over to their Lamebox DOne when they already have Minecraft? lol

                      Its probably that stupid being so stupid on managing their practices right. They can’t blame that BS on Nintendo fans because they never mention kickstarter, they lied about their seriousness of supporting Wii U after M$ bought Minecraft to keep it from Nintendo and also planning to port it over in vain further proves their stupidity.

                      1. Microsoft has basically infinite money they always end up in the red in the Xbox Division but it doesn’t stop them from buying up shit that pisses off other people. Remember how Tomb Raider is now Xbox One only? Look at Rareware, they bought them killed them, and killed our happiness they gave us. Now we can’t say for sure if Microsoft had a hand in this, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. Either way Nexis games stabbed Nintendo fans in the back and only hurt themselves in doing so.

                        1. I dont think they bought them or even threaten to sue them because they have no reason to. But one thing is for sure: Nexis is now an enemy of the Nintendo state for pulling a stunt like that which is retarded in every way.

          4. And my freaking Respect is GONE!1!! REALLY!!! IT’S called “U”Craft!! What’s the point in putting it on XBOne and Ps4?! MINECRAFT….that’s it, i’m sending them a freaking a hate letter

            1. If I go on the Google playstore on my Android, and type in Ucraft, a game will show up called Ucraft a minecraft simulator… So that name doesn’t mean anything.

          5. So it needed Kickstarter support for the Wii U Version and
            that failed and now it will be made available on many platforms without Kickstarter being necessary? Yeah, makes sense, not!

            1. All of this BS makes no sense at all and they never tried to spread any word about the kickstarter. Hell, I had no fucking idea they did a kickstarter for this and I’m sure the majority doesn’t know either.

            2. Kickstarter was to see if Wii U owners were serious about getting it, they wanted Wii U ownsers to fork over $20,000 in 2 weeks to prove it would sell well and that Wii U owners wanted it…a low blow to say the least.

          6. That’s what happens when he or they want to make a game for the Wii U for the fans who wanted Minecraft on the Wii U but can’t since it’s now owned by Microsoft but the fans basically don’t want a “copy and paste” when they really wanted minecraft (doesn’t make sense to me)… So he turns to make it a non exclusive to see if he or they can make money by all systems. Sad. And now he or they will get hate they don’t deserve by people who complain when they should have backed it up if they really wanted it.

          7. You know, this is evidence of why so many third parties are skipping out on the Wii U. If the devs are not being supported, then they would just end up skipping the Wii U for the other platforms.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              If you and Jester did not support them either then you don’t have the right to blame everyone else…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  And neither did Wii U owners which makes your first comment irrelevant…

                  Supporting Indie Tribes is one thing, “Supporting” Third Class Empires is something else, they betrayed us…

                  1. Well it’s you guys who wanted Minecraft for the Wii U; this was the closest you were going to get. And don’t expect to have Minecraft for the Wii U anytime soon since this obviously wont leave a good impression on Notch.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      The civilians’ demands are not mine…

                      I don’t even like Minecraft either and if I did, I would just get it on the PC…

                    2. Exactly. That’s why the fans who wanted minecraft on the wii u knew they weren’t going to get it so they should have backed this up. But did they? Nope

                        1. There’s a difference between console owners supporting a finished product and people sending money prior to a game even being made.

                          This doesn’t mean Wii U owners wouldn’t support a great game, it just means not many were willing to throw money at an unproven product by unproven devs with little information to go on.

                          Not every Watch Dogs purchase on PS4 was a pre-order. I don’t fault people for not pre-ordering this Minecraft clone before the product is even finished.

              1. Problem is, nobody wants this and faking a kickstarter, which was never needed in the first place, to stage a failure as an excuse to skip Wii U to bring this garbage to other platforms that already has the real version of Minecraft with an already hugely established install base without a kickstarter?

                None of that makes any fucking sense and goes to show why third parties are flopping. They don’t know WTF they’re doing anymore when it comes to rational business decisions and planning plus knowing what the consumers want. This is only prove of their continuing stupidity run.

                1. Shut the fuck up. You weren’t even going to buy the damn game in the first place. You just want to find a reason to bitch about something. Idiot.

                  1. lord ghost : king of the federation

                    he always do that? some of the people on this site where hyping this game, now all of a sudden there bashing it.

                    1. I wasn’t even hyping or wanting to buy this shit. But rather be happy for those who wanted Minecraft on Wii U. But this reason of a staged kickstarter failure to make Wii U look bad yet again is rather stupid.

                    2. Yup. When this site reported that it failed on kickstarter I recall him laughing and making a joke about it.
                      And now he’s upset because it’s going to different platforms besides being an exclusive…

            2. The game seemed sketchy from the start, but I was willing to support it before this. The thing is, I didn’t even know they needed a kick-starter. They had a trailer and everything so I assumed it was on its way to being developed. Nowhere in the trailer did it even mention the kick-starter. These guys don’t seem to have it together and my faith in them is officially nonexistent now.

              1. They never fucking mentioned anything about kickstarter for this garbage in the first place and that explains why they’re bullshitting they way out of Nintendo platform. Say it’s a failure but failed to mention anything involving it before the fact. I know these idiots are lying through their teeth and also have gotten completely stupid to believe their transparent lie will stick and their plans to move this ripoff to other platforms that already has Minecraft.

                  1. Like I said, they never or hardly mention the kickstarter’s existence but the weirdest part of that is why ask for a kickstarter on Wii U and then move on to porting the same game to other platforms without kickstarter? The more you think about it, the more you realize all of this talk of Wii U support and then a sudden dumb mind changer with this sorry ass excuse of kickstarter flop is bullshit.

            3. *facepalm* HTF is this fool expecting this garbage to sell on other platforms when there’s already a real Minecraft game on those platforms? lol

              Of course this shit was doomed to fail because Minecraft is so overrated and boring. Not even Nintendo wouldn’t waste their time on that shit.

            4. It’s hilarious to me that Microsoft dropped all that money on Mine craft, only to have this game come along to undermine it.

              It does get me thinking though. With the game pads capability, they should bring back Sim City. It would work great with the touch – screen.

              1. They may have gotten a publisher who will help them fund the game but requires them to make it multiplatform. I don’t know, I didn’t look into it.

                But that is a possibility.

            5. lord ghost : king of the federation

              it’s coming to the wii u so whats the hate for… ? other console owners wont even care for ucraft anyway.

              1. Because their excuse behind making it a multi platform all of a sudden doesn’t make any sense: First falsely promise a Minecraft-like game for Wii U only, then start a BS kickstarter while hardly mentioning about it, then make some excuse to port it over to other platforms that already has Minecraft saying Nintendo fans didn’t show any care and continue making the game WITHOUT kickstarter afterwards. So WTF was kickstarter needed in the first place?

                The devs behind all of this Wii U hate circus BS is so fucking retarded is unbelievable.

                1. I agree. I didn’t even know about the kickstarter until I read that it failed. Most people had no idea they were trying to raise money for the game. Especially after that “official trailer”. What a joke.

                  1. Its not just refusal to spread the word but its purpose from the start was rather pointless. They’re now porting the game over to other platforms without the need for Kickstarter which begs this question: Why the fuck would they pointlessly start a kickstarter in the first place? I’ll tell you why: To further damage Wii U’s “lack of third party support” reputation BS. Its all bullshit from the start.

            6. lord ghost : king of the federation

              its longer a exclusive so why are people crying anyway. some people have already started talk trashing the game just because it’s not a wii u exclusive.

            7. I think they should change the name, but it doesn’t make much of a difference whether they changed it or not considering it is still coming to Wii U.

            8. Now what’s the point of this game? It made sense to make a clone of a super successful game on a system that doesn’t already have the game (unless no one wants it), but to release the game on systems that already have the game you’re cloning that is a MUCH more popular game with a super large fan base, is purely stupid. Even if releasing the game on the Wii U was a dumb idea in the first place, this is even worse. Now they’re just goin to spend even more money to fail on multiple systems.

            9. Don’t care if they make for Xbox or PS4 … They shouldn’t make it for Wii U . I guess what I’m saying Is … No one really wants this …@.@ its a complete waste for everyone. But I guess the 6% who want it can have though …

              1. slutty shy gals aside yes! and its so surreal to have link mario and DK racing on the track together. it reels a little like smash!

            10. So this guy says he doesn’t want our money, just our hearts, right? So now what, he wants Sony and Microsoft hearts too? Give me a break. This guys biggest mistake was showing off early trailers of Ucraft. Those lifeless trailers drove people away. He shouldn’t have revealed it until he could impress the fans.

              Next artical we see will say: “Ucraft now for Xbox and Ps4 only”

            11. A Wii u. Exclusive failed, shows how much Nintendo cares about indie developers being exclusive for their console.

            12. So it went from “we need X amount of money to actually make this game for wii u” to “we will now be making this game for even more consoles, even though that takes more money to do”

              So… did they just do kickstarter to steal peoples money?

            13. I can not figure, if the problem is, that folks think it is inferior to Minecraft or just a blatant rip off.

              Comparatively, it is like buying Berry Colossal Crunch cereal, instead of Cap’n Crunch.

              Yeah, they taste the same, but something is just slightly off…..and you just want the original.

            14. “we didn’t make our kickstarter goal.. let’s invest even more money into the game and make it a multiplat title then!”

              sounds more than just fishy

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