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Here’s Some New Splatoon Information


The Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon has been on fire lately delivering some superb screenshots and trickles of information regarding the game. We’ve got a while to wait, but these gorgeous screens should keep you occupied in the meantime.

  • While in squid form, Inklings can climb walls
  • Walls don’t count toward the result of Turf Battles
  • A painted wall might mean that someone climbed up it
  • Some inklings can jump like rockets
  • This happens when they touched the icon of a team member on the map
  • Inklings can move freely while inside their own ink
  • When in enemy ink they move slower and can’t become a squid


Thanks, Michelle

80 thoughts on “Here’s Some New Splatoon Information”

    1. Your right, this is all old news. But those screen shots look amazing.

      This game is looking so good. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The idea of being able to swim up walls is cool sounding. The entire game is so different from anything on the market. Thats what I love about Nintendo. Miyamoto was right, 3rd party devs have no creativity.

        1. He’s an idiot. I wouldn’t take anything he says seriously. This guy is so damn bias towards Nintendo it isn’t even funny.

          1. But no one can deny he’s kinda right. 3rd Parties aren’t creative anymore. Not all of them but most of them. I’m a lot more into indies than 3rd Party games because other than Nintendo and a few 3rd Parties they aren’t creative. Also maybe Sony too but not much. Of course these games are not bad by any means but they aren’t anything special anymore.

            1. 99% of indie games are utter shit. 3rd parties are many times more creative then indie devs. Indie is a fad that poor people buy into because they can’t afford real games. I’m not saying you’re poor but chances are…you are.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                It’s because of things like you that the rest of your sheep friends buys unoriginal rehashed annual garbage like CoD and AC…

                    1. Sure ya could have…

                      You could have said you weren’t a fanboy and instead an enthusiast even though we both know the truth.

                1. Yet again someone on the internet unable to differentiate between their own opinion and that of others. Just because you think “99% of indies are shit” doesn’t mean they actually are. As for “3rd parties are many times more creative”? Well, if you honestly think that it shows how little you know about video games.

                2. Mighty No 9, Shantae The Pirates Curse, and Shovel Knight are all shit games ? Plus there are even some coming to PS4 that I forgot the names of. Indie games are not shit. They’re a lot more better than the 3rd party games we get nowadays… I mean come on! You can’t tell me that you’re not tired games we’ve been getting! Just look at all the new 3rd party games were getting now: We’re getting another Batman game, another AC, another Far Cry, another COD, another Fifa, another 2K Basket Ball game and more I’m having trouble thinking of right now. Plus more FPS games! I mean the only reason I would get PS4 is KH3, FF15, and the indies games(the PS4 has really awesome indie games right now! so cool!!) And btw no Im not poor. I just don’t have a job yet and I plan on getting one next year so ha!!!

                  1. I didn’t say all indie games. Some are great…like shovel knight. You named four but probably don’t even know about the other 500 that were released at the same time which all sucked shit.

                    Those 3rd party games are annual and not the games I mean when I refer to 3rd party. I don’t buy any of those ones except batman and yes they are tiring to hear about but like I said I don’t play them and so they make little difference to me.
                    They have been doing it a long time though and the shock that people have when they find out that there is another nhl game or whatever it is, is puzzling. There will be probably be a new one of those games you said every year for the entire lifespan of the industry. I made peace with it long ago.

          2. Yea, paint on the walls is creative. The entire game is creative and really a slap in the face to every other copy and paste shooter. I didn’t say I disliked all 3rd party games. I just said they lack creativity. Which they do. I’m not biased towards Nintendo as much as i’m biased to quality. It just so happens Nintendo has higher quality.

            3rd party games have been lackluster all year. Destiny, Assassins Creed, CoD, Halo hd remake, .. just to name a few. And Farcry 3.5 will be a huge disappointment. The only 3rd party game worth a shit so far is Dragon Age. I was actually suprised at how much I liked that game.

            Major companies like E.A., Ubisoft, Activision are to scared to be creative. They would rather sell you the same old shit becouse it’s guarenteed profit. And as long as people like lame and and The True Anonymous buy up the shit they sale nothing will ever change. Quality in 3rd parties is on a downward spiral if you haven’t noticed. AC Unity actually tries to sell you IAP through in game treasure chests. Can you actually believe that shit? Open up a treasure chest thinking your gonna get a bad ass weapon, or something cool.. Nope! A fucking advertisement to buy a Uplay phone app or something.

            1. I’m sorry, but almost none of that is reality.

              Splatoon is just Othello with squids. With hints of Epic Mickey and de Blob theres nothing creative here. You run, you camp, you jump, you climb, you shoot, you dodge, you die, you spawn and do it again. It’s just like any other shooter except you play as a child squid… which is not that compelling to play as, when you’re over the age of 18.

              I’m sure it will be an arcade style game. Nintendo does them very well. Unremarkable story, balanced for that 13 year old girl who picks it up once a month can win. No depth, but fun gameplay, for about 2 weeks and then you forget the game exists.

              Nintendo does not make higher quality games. it only seems like it since their games are so much less complex and hell of a lot easier to make. There are a couple of games that are an exception to this rule though.

              No creativity in these games i’ll bet…

              Diablo 3
              Shadow of Mordor
              Child of Light
              Tomb Raider
              Xenoblade X
              Valkyria Chronicles
              Sunset Overdrive
              Bayonetta 2
              Beyond Earth
              Dark Souls 2
              The walking Dead S2
              Alien Isolation

              Also, the Halo collection is great and by no stretch of the imagination is it lackluster.. I doubt very much that you have an Xbox One…

              The ad in the chest is not cool, it’s a fucking bullshit, dick move, but it does not mean all 3rd party games are like that… I don’t have any respect for Ubisoft…

              Some Future releases

              Fallout 4
              Battlefront 3
              Mass Effect 4
              Red Dead Redemption 2
              La Noire 2


              The only Nintendo games that could even touch these 3rd party games in creativity and depth are Zelda and Metroid. However, Nintendo games have lost all the difficulty since they want to make sure a fucking baby can complete the game now, so I’m not too excited for Nintendo’s “hardcore” games anymore. I’ll buy them but this is the last gen I will support Nintendo. They want so much to be our parents and when you become an adult you will see and agree that this is not desirable and will probably be time to move on.

                1. Wow, you agree with all that jibberish he said? Maybe it’s time to step down as commander. I could be your replacement. Maybe it’s time. These Nintendo haters have been spreading in these forums like wildfire. This place needs someone like me to clean this mess up…Do your job or get demoted.

              1. Lost people’s attention when you claimed Titanfall is creative. Oh, and those future releases? Red Dead Redemption 2 is a rumour and LA Noire 2 isn’t happening. The other problem with your example is most of them aren’t creative, ‘just’ very good games in typical genres.

              2. First off I should say I was mainly referring to recent third party games that lack creativity, hence the whole downward spiral comment I made? Maybe I wasn’t very clear on that point. And you seem to know an awful lot about splatoon before the game has even been finished. Splatoon reeks of creativity, and using Epic Mickey as example to prove your incorrect point is ridiculous. Why becouse they both have ink? Thats like saying Mass Effect and Dead Space are the same becouse they are both in ‘outer space’. Dead Space was an amazing game btw, one you should have included on your list.

                You mentioned that Nintendo games are much more easy to create. Yet you didn’t lend any type of rational argument to back that ridiculous claim up. Especially since Ubisoft, EA and Activision have been reusing the same character models in thier games for years now. Madden, COD, AC, Far Cry, all use the same character models from their previous iterations. You say Nintendo games are easier to make? Why becouse they have cartoony graphics? Nintendo games take years to make, with hundreds of developers working around the clock, usually split up across different locations. You obviously know NOTHING about game development to make such an uneducated comment. I’m sorry, but I almost can’t take anything else you say seriously becouse of that…… but i’ll try..

                I’m not going to refute every single game that you mentioned, just make a few points. Xenoblade Chronicles is being made by Monolith Soft, who is a Nintendo developer. Which further proves my point, but anyways. So you named a couple good games. Are you going to sit there and deny that 3rd party devs have not lost creativity? Becouse if thats what your saying your lieing to yourself. Every CoD is the same. Every AC is the same. Every major 3rd party game that has released this quarter has been buggy as hell. You defend them if you want. I defend quality. Nintendo is quality. When you grow up you will realise the laziness of these major 3rd party developers that are literally ruining gaming as we know it. Your gonna be ashamed you ever supported those crooks.

                And that last list of games you listed, the ones you said Nintendo couldn’t touch in creativity? I believe there was seven games listed there? What do all those games have in common? They are all shooters….You proved my point without even realising it.

                1. Unfortunately for you, The True Anonymous was right.

                  Just a couple things though…

                  The entire first list was from 2014 with the exception of X, which I’m not entirely sure why I put that on it. Deadspace is not even a game from this gen why the fuck would I include that? If I included games from previous gens I would still be typing the list.

                  I said Splatoon was othello with squids with hints of epic mickey and de blob not just epic mickey… are you retarded?

                  Nintendo games lack depth and complexity. They are just arcade games. I didn’t say they were easy to make, or didn’t take a long time to make. I said they are easier and because of their lack of complexity they will be naturally prone to less bugs which in turn gives the illusion of higher quality due to easier debugging. If you don’t want to be referred to as an idiot just take your time when you read, make sure you understand it completely.

                  Cod and AC … Fuck, that’s all you fucking fanboys spew, I don’t disagree with you, they are almost the same every year, i don’t play them. There are other games though like street fighter, monster hunter, 2d mario, etc same shit every time.

                  Only one of those games was a shooter… You don’t even know what a shooter is for fucks sakes…Mario has fireballs and so does mario kart, i guess they are shooters as well, pikmin for sure, 101 makes gun form, donkey kong fires out of barrels so that has to be included.

                  You’re in danger of claiming the village idiot from thestrangablog and his drunk driving mom…

                  1. Your posts have such hostility. Calm down a bit. Believe it or not, i’m really not a fanboy. I said to name Dead Space becouse you were naming other past games. Diablo 3 was not released in 2014, just the expansion. Tomb Raider was 2013. Valkyria Chronicle kinda threw me off, but I believe it was just a rerelease of an older game to the PC.? I may be wrong on that one. We’ve already established Xenoblade.. And I could argue the creativity in some of the other games you mentioned. But I wont, I genuinely like some of them. And I just flat out disagree with you about Nintendo games lacking complexity and depth. You are wrong.. Completely wrong. Just becouse games look “real” and have a high texture detail, doesn’t mean they are more complex. Thats a common misconseption by Nintendo haters. And Mario Galaxy? Twilight Princess? Metroid Prime? Mario 3d World? Skyward Sword? Xenoblade Chronicle? Hell even Pikmin 3 and Tropical Freeze have depth and complexity. How could you say Nintendo games lack depth. What a ridiculous comment.

                    The argument is not that there arent any good 3rd party developers. Hell, I think Bethseda and Rockstar are two of the best developers in the world. Skyrim being in my top five favorite games of all time. If Nintendo games started to decrease in quality, I would be the first to jump on it. But their quality is actually improving. These creative less 3rd party devs are on a downard spiral of laziness and greed. It’s getting worse. I can’t believe you don’t see it. Every major reviewer on the internet shares my opinions.

                    And yes, alot of fanboys rag on CoD and AC. With good merit too. But i didn’t just say those two. I also mentioned Madden, and Farcry. I’ll leave destiny alone becouse it was mediocre. Don’t you get tired of the bugs and the lazy garbage they release? Hell, a good 3rd party game is far more rare than a first party Nintendo exclusive! I could go on. There are several points i have not yet proven or explained but I just don’t have the energy right now… That last part of your post did give me a good laugh so i do appreciate that.

                    1. Well I guess I get hostile because people don’t read everything and then assume shit by making up stuff I didn’t say and i’m sick of people bringing up COD and AC(everyone knows about those games) and they do not represent all 3rd party games. Btw, you were not exactly calm yourself…

                      If you reread what I said yesterday, you will notice I mentioned that there are games by Nintendo that are an exception to the rule. Like Zelda, Metroid and Xenoblade etc( I assumed you knew which games I was referring to) I disagree with DK , Mario and Pikmin though. Graphics do add realism therefore injecting some added depth but that is not my main attribute consideration when deciding if a game has depth or not.

                      Yes, some 3rd party devs are getting lazy, but I think that the others are doing well and do create some of the best games out there. The bugs are mostly due to deadlines being enforced by the publishers since these are new consoles and they need games asap, so I can accept that and I know that there will be some in the games. I would rather have them release the game with a few minor bugs then wait six months for them to find them and then fix them. They can fix ’em with an update. I will leave it at that I guess.

                1. There are two kinds of people in this world.

                  One that climbs into a Titan and punches foes turning them into a red mist.
                  One that squirts some paint on the floor and splashes around in it doing paint angels or whatever.

                  and then theres you…swimming at the bottom of the fish tank trying to get busy with the scubaman.

                  I guess that makes three types

              3. Wow… now you show how stupid you are. In our days, almost everything we see and saw in games is not original but covered aleady aside the fact of 3D and HD. But next to this… no. It was there in form of pen and paper, 2D and table top. Games didn’t start in 2010.

      1. I know. Advanced Warfare is sucking balls so hard right now with its continuance of repetitive nature using every last sad gimmick they can “borrow” like Kevin Spacey and gimped Exo suits from Deus Ex that behaves exactly like Samus’s strafing movement from Metroid Prime.

          1. He made me laugh when he joked about Kevin Spacey’s character model’s eye looking like a few day old refridgerator something. lol But seriously, the traffic crossing part made me laugh. Not the guy dying so much but how much fucking illogical sense that scene alone made. Why not design the traiffic to stop or attempt to stop when in front of them and maybe cause a pile up or WTF CAN’T THEY LET YOU USE THE PEDESTRIAN CROSSOVER ON THE RIGHT?!

            This garbage is full of fail. lol

    2. Nintendo Commander's Mom

      Whoa this game looks really good. But oh my. It has females in it. I can’t allow my son to play games with females in them. I shall not buy this game and instead buy him Call of Duty Advanced Warfare where he can look at big strong men instead.

    3. I predict a $39.99 price tag though. It might be worth it, it might not. It will depend on the pace of the game as there is not much innovation here, it only seems that way.

    4. Splatoon seems meh…it just reminds me too much of Sonic Boom. Not the characters obviously, but just the environment and types of movement and animation… Did these two developers work together in the past on other games? This really is something everybody should note.

      1. Sonic Boom is a disaster of its own. Sonic hasn’t made a decent 3D game for many years. Only Generations came close to perfection but it’s only a celebratory game with 97% of remastered levels.

        This game however isn’t finished but looks very promising while knowing Nintendo isn’t a huge fuck up like Sega or EA, they make sure their games are as highly valued and properly built as possible for the gamer’s buck. Don’t even get it started because Splatoon is NOTHING like Sonic in any way.

        1. It’s not that modern Sonic games are bad, but rather that they all miss their potential. Sonic Unleashed has amazing day levels, but many complain about the Werehog stages (even though I quite enjoyed them). I never played Sonic Colours, but I hear it’s good. Sonic Lost World is OK, but the concept had much more potential, and the graphics are too bland. Sonic Boom also had some potential, but it wasn’t even close to anything.

          1. You’re very nice to Unleashed. I give the ‘amazing’ day levels a 3/10 and the werehog stages -10/10. I would rather watch paint dry than play the Werehog stages in that game.

            1. Honestly, I didn’t play Unleashed in years, and I don’t know how I’d like the game nowadays. But I played it in like 2008 and I have pretty fond memories. I liked while I played it.

          2. Exactly. They contribute these ideas and at the same time, don’t give a shit about them. Its all a waste of time for them. I promise you, give the IP to Nintendo for a spin, at least once and watch them create a very good 3D Sonic, maybe the best Sonic game period because knowing Nintendo, they can turn any irrelevant character/franchise back into fruition again.

            1. I completely agree. And that could very well happen. The way I see it, SEGA is dying right now, but they are dying on Nintendo territory. When SEGA completely dies, they will give their franchises, or at least Sonic, to Nintendo. That’s how I see it. The chances are probably 60% or more.

    5. Everyone’s complaining about the “new” Splatoon information, while I’m just sitting here waiting for Hyrule Warriors’ Twilight Princess DLC to come out this month. The fact that most of the major TP characters are covered and we are still getting a newcomer from that game doesn’t help.

    6. TO be honest, I would love to see the inkling in Smash Bros. That would be awesome and she would have great movements, I bet.

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