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Nintendo Says It Isn’t Working On Premium DLC For Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS And Wii U

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed to Video Gamer that the Kyoto based company has no plans to release premium downloadable content for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions. Sakurai says the reason behind this is that he wants fans to feel content that they’ve got the full version of each game.

“I understand that DLC could add a lot to the appeal of Smash Bros.,” Sakurai said, “and I appreciate that a major part of the excitement for these games come from which characters will appear in the roster, so I think fans could really enjoy DLC that could keep this excitement going. However, I think there might be criticism that we are cutting up content to sell characters one by one, or that we are adding things later that should have been there from the start.”

“Creating a single fighter involves a huge investment, and we’ve already been giving it our all and investing a lot of work in the characters currently available in the game and, I think it’s an incredible package in terms of the sheer amount of content in the game. But it might be that people may not understand and may think that I am not offering enough by just looking at DLC itself.

“In light of this, we always need to weigh up both sides of this topic and carefully consider whether it really is best to have DLC or not.”

“However, what I can say now about paid DLC is that we aren’t working on anything at the moment,” he continued. “We’ve put all our efforts into making the actual game. Creating DLC would involve large additional costs and require the involvement of a lot of people. I can’t yet give you an answer about whether the price would justify the costs and criticisms mentioned above.”

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207 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It Isn’t Working On Premium DLC For Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS And Wii U”

    1. I disagree. It’s not Call of Duty. It’s not XBOX. It’s not Candy Crush. They’re business isn’t centered around nickel and diming, it’s center around brand strength, quality, and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, roster Add-on’s don’t improve quality and customer satisfaction with their target market. It means you can buy this game today, or in a year, and get the same game and experience. There’s something to be said for that.

        1. Because, unlike other games, it is complicated to make a character for a beat ’em up game, not to mention the production cost. THNK for once.

          1. If the production costs end up being so much that they have to charge $5 a fighter or even more than I don’t know. As long as I feel it is a good value for the effort put in, I may purchase whatever DLC they come out with.

          2. First of all, this isn’t a beat ’em up game. Second of all, production cost? What? WHAT!? Ok, is this the real life, is it just fantasy? Caught in this retatded site, no escape from stupidity.

            1. I agree, that comment made little sense. I don’t consider smash a beat em up, whatever the hell that is anyway. Making a character for smash is about as hard as making a character for any other fighting game. As for the whole production cost thing, well I don’t know what to tell you. Isn’t that how business works, you spend money to make money.

              1. Of course it’s just as hard to make fighters in other games. The only difference is companies like Capcom and others work on dlc during the main games production. Some Companies spend an equal amount of time and resources on dlc. It’s a crying fucking shame when you get a glitchy, half assed game that has on disc dlc. It’s a common practice now. You should welcome Nintendo’s approach.

              2. Obviously, yes. It’s not like Smash is a balanced game. People put characters in tiers for a reason but if Riot can put more characters in LoL which is an actual esport, it really shouldn’t be that hard for Nintendo to put a character in this, especially since Nintendo charges for extra characters.

        2. you are the type of gamer I hate. you are a cancer for video game. It’s sheep like you who allow developer to take the mick and sale us 1/2 a game and the other half is sale via shitty DLC. It’s your bloody fault we have to endure DLC for Mario kart and hyrule warrrior. DLC should be ban but with people like you EA,Square-Enix, Capcom, WB and co will try to milk us…pff

          1. Oh, boy, oh boy, oh bigldy banglidy bam. You don’t know who I am, do you? Well goddammit. I am everything, but what you just said and I’ve had countless arguments with people on this site over DLC, Amiibos, over other shit… Some guy even made a video about me.



            Read that, then come back and apologize.

            1. no I don’t have the pleasure to know you. I must have read some comments from you now and then but that’s it. For all I know you may argue with other just for the sake of it.
              So i read some of your comments and I have not change my mind about you. When I read your comments (especially the long argument with commander) I don’t have the feeling your are against DLC or this kind of business model.if that the case I must have miss it

              1. Yes, I argue with others just for the sake of it. Do you think I actually believe that I can change their mind? They are long lost, and like with people believing in god, they’ll forever believe in Nintendo and stay loyal to Nintendo. No amount of evidence, compeling arguments or logic can convert a true believer or in this case, a fanatic. I am against DLC and I am against Amiibo, New 3DS, and Nintendo charging for fucking backgrounds.

                All in all, if someone sees my comments and says “this guy has a point, maybe Nintendo isn’t such a golden fucking company I thought it was”, good, but when I argue someone like Nintnedo Commander, whose stupidty and ignorance is far beyond repair….I don’t expect people like him to change. They are too far gone.

                1. Again when I read your comments you seems to be the kind of guy who like to pay for DLC hence my comment. If you are against DLC then my mistake and welcome to the elite club of common sense people. :-)

                  I like Nintendo and consider myself a Nintendo but not to the point where all they do is perfect and can’t be criticised (I hate those DLC in MK8).

                  1. I seem like a guy who would buy DLC because I told a guy that him thinking that Smash couldn’t get DLC is stupid since Nintendo makes DLC for their other games? Makes sense.

                    I’ve been in that club for a loooong time.

      1. Mario Kart’s DLC begs to differ. I’m all for DLC if it’s a great value. If it’s one fighter for $5 than that’s not gonna be so great (I think that was how much it was about for fighters in mortal kombat 9) but if you get a great package deal like how in mario kart you get 8 tracks (1/4th of the in games tracks), 3 racers (plus the yoshi and shy guy colors), and 4 new vehicles for $8 than I would be totally happy to have some. But if they don’t release DLC I’m not gonna think I got gipped either on Smash U cause it does have a good amount of content.

      2. but the game needs DLC because it doesn’t have Lucas, the best nintendo character from its best franchise. Without him the game is just meh. They need to just change his side special from PK Fire to PK Ground to make him more different from Ness.

      1. Correct me if I am wrong, Mewtwo is more of a bonus character made for the game if you purchase both 3DS & Wii U version. If you buy just one or the other, I believe, you do not get the character…..

        1. Yeah and if its a bonus character(dont matter how you get it) its still DLC(downloadable content).Also in the trailer they said mewtwo is on the way which he is still being developed and added later to the game.

          My point is why he is saying they arent making any dlc when they are making mewtwo dlc?

          1. My way of thinking is, this was already in development since the beginning of Smash for this reason, as a bonus for buying both versions. Granted it is “DLC” and I use that term lightly here, because you are noy buying it.

            I could be wrong, I honestly feel Sakurai did not want this character in Smash originally or he would have put it in, but the fan fare and love for this character was VERY strong. IMO, It was almost felt forced “DLC” to please the fans.

            I, myself, never cared for Smash or most fighting games, but this is what I am getting.

            Now further down the line if the fans want more, I imagine it will take at half a year or more to correctly develop other characters (Who, Design, Balance Issues etc) and what the “fans” are willing to pay. To much, no one will buy, depending on who, most may not care for or like.

            You run into so many situation, that you can not please everyone. But anyone who is anyone will feel left out at one point or another (example: why did they not include “enter character name you like here”)

            If lets say, they wanted to add Bayonetta and/or Simon Belmont, the issue comes to if the company will allow it. Yes, it might be good PR for the games, but maybe those companies don’t care.

            Mega Man is such a big deal because the series has dropped out of fans sight for a long time, that it peeked interest again. Capcom has not been doing so well in sales lately, that they needed the PR from one of their IP’s. (not going to mention RE6, oops, I just did)

            IF they wanted to add another Nintendo IP, the issue becomes “who”
            So many people want SO many characters of like a 100 or more then the game I feel becomes a bit ridiculous and cumbersome

            More is not necessarily better. The game, from what I am reading, is JAMMED packed with so MUCH .. are you going to have time, nor care about other DLC for a while?

  1. Understandable. He has done some great work in these last few years creating smash 4, he needs a break now… He deserves it…

          1. okstop being so harsh on the 3ds it is an exellent system considering its compatition is … somewhat lacking and it is the only handheld device made in the last 3 years by anyone that is some what new

        1. For a handheld fighter it is great, but compared to a console it is definitely not as good in any aspect besides portability.

          1. But the topic was handheld fighters, right? Of course it’s not going to hold up well against console fighting games.

            1. You are correct in that, on it’s own it is a good fighting game on a handheld. It’s just very frustrating cause the slider is highly inaccurate for smash, and the buttons are way too cramped. As is the screen. I have an XL and there’s plenty of times I can’t even see some items or other things. He implied it wasn’t great, I was just trying to say it is as great as it can be for a 3DS version.

      1. I’d say its as good as it can be for a handheld lol. Especially using the slider. But compared to a console version, it’s not so great lol.

    1. he was not working in the sun…he was working in a comfortable chair playing with his mouse.Also he isnt even doing any major development because he is just managing the ideas and ordering people what to do while they work really hard to make the game and he gets all the credit.

      1. He also did a lot of testing, and managing a huge amount of VG developers to make a product like SSB must be really hard.
        And let’s not forget that he was working daily and extra hours even with the problems on his hand.

          1. Haven’t played mugen in like…12 years lol didn’t know that was still around! I remember playing like ronald mcdonald against other random people at my friend’s house lol.

                1. so it’s gonna be like that huh bitch? Tell you what. We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way. The choice is yours.

                        1. don’t make me have to do this the hard way grape let me just say the hard way involves grape jelly going into your asshole You don’t want that now do you?

                            1. Captain HollowGrapeJ

                              The only ass you deserve is an ass kicking for being such a pervert. If I was a woman, I would’ve probably maced you if you ever tried to hit on me that way. No wonder girls are so protective nowadays. It’s because of creeps like you. Lmao.



                1. …. I beat 2 with my main. I also killed 6 with Shulk because I read online on how some people did it. I also have the kill 4 on cruel smash achievement. :D

                    1. lol did you really sit there beating that many miis or you just joking. if so congrats lol I wouldn’t have the patience for that.

                  1. I think my highest was 4-5 using kirby’s suck and fall technique lol. I could probably get more but…why. I’m just glad I beat all the challenges 100% (0 hammers) and don’t have to play the 3DS anymore.

          1. he better add DLC. He better add King K. Rool and if he never does, imma pray. Imma hope, imma pray that he does not do Smash bros 5 because of him thinking of himself all high and mighty, he brought a okay roster (could have been 80 times better), boring game modes like smash run, target blast. So I better see me some King K. Rool… Not as a petty trophy but a character.

          2. The cost would obviously be worth it. It was worth it for Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8, both of which are no-doubt going to be outsold by Smash U. If they don’t add DLC to it, they’re missing a BIG opportunity.

              1. I’m bored of smash cause I want the real deal lol. I’m never bored of smash though personally lol. And since the U will be far better than brawl in every way I can see myself playing it for many years.

            1. The problem is that with every character work multiplies, Sakurai said it himself, they have to test every match up between characters so there won’t be any glitches, and they have to add it in both versions as Sakurai wants them to be equal. I’m not saying that DLC for SSB4 is impossible, but a lot more expensive to do than the Mario Kart 8 or Hyrule Warriors DLC.

          3. If any game didn’t need DLC then it’s this one. The amount of content in the game already is staggering, can’t believe people would want more.

              1. How did it limit the Wii U version when they just released a video of the 50+ things the Wii U has that the 3DS version doesn’t, that’s not limiting it at all…

                1. And not all are great. The classic mode is trash compared to the old style. And not all is not on the 3ds. All star mode they just reversed it. That’s not a big deal.

                2. Ice Climbers, transformation characters removed (even though I like the character split), Olimar’s pikmin limit, some moves and final smashes changed, plus maybe some moves or custom moves that Sakurai had planned but we will never see them because the 3DS didn’t let those ideas grow.

            1. ^ Comments like these are so dumb. Lmao. I remember an entire article filled with comments like this and I died of laughter. Are you guys all the same person or something? XD

              1. Actually, I really loved Kid Icarus. Maybe it’s not the same as your CODz or you have a hard time branching out.

              2. An overrated fuck, you said? name ONE developer that’s been working his ass off in a game just like Sakurai did with Smash. This guy is truly devoted to his games, whether they flop or not.

                1. Kamiya of Platinum also makes awesome games, they don’t sell well, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t do an awesome job.

                  1. I agree. Kamiya is freaking awesome and I am so sad to know that bayonetta didn’t sell as expected. I hate that. Though I don’t know how much Kamiya is devoted to his games (not saying that he’s not) in contrast to the crazy hours of work from Sakurai.

                2. One thing Sakurai loves to do is cramming his games with content, for example Kirby Airide, Kid Icarus Uprising and the SSB series, specially Brawl and SSB4. It must feel like a kick in the balls to work your ass off to add so much content to your games only to find out that people are already asking for more before the game is even released.

                  1. For me, I am totally happy with what I am getting but I wouldn’t be opposed to more. I’ll feel like I got a full game either way.

              3. I do hope you know that he is the creator of Kirby. Smash Bros. was his second project and I think it was 6 years after Kirby.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                How about you shut your eyes, launch yourself from a mountain and then shut your primitive ape mouth for all eternity?…

            1. Exactly. It has no need for deeper DLC packs. Mewtwo is mostly for fan service to drive more copies to sale which its doing its job. I’m not sure if Mewtwo will be a separate DLC without having to buy the 3DS game and if so, will it be priced or free?

          4. Inb4 they reveal more DLC in a year from now like trolls. You can’t deny it, they love giving people false hope only to surprise them in the end.

          5. There better not be a frivolous comment saying: “Oh, no DLC? Then no buy from me.”
            Just be thankful that we’re even getting another Smash Bros. game to begin with. The game already contains a boatload of content, so lack of DLC is not going to hurt it in any way.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Most have been brainwashed by the usual Xbot/Electron infectious media broadcasts that DLC is a must for any game…

              1. And it is such a shame that it had to escalate to that point.
                DLC is always a nice bonus for games that “need” it. (Pikmin 3 for instance, because that game was short as heck)
                But for something like Smash Bros. it is not a necessity, imo.

          6. I think there is gonna be dlc and dlc fighters lucas wolf roy mewtwo ice climbers if they can get spilt up. New fighters wonder red from wonderful 101 Isaac from golden sun and rayman. But there should be a brawl pack and melee pack also stage dlc and items maybe and newcomer dlc pack

              1. I prefer the Ice Climbers, but I was never a main with them or rosalina now so I can’t talk lol. But I don’t like the luma separation, I feel it encourages people to run and hide while the luma does all the fighting. That was only one fight I had at midnight release though, and haven’t played online much and not against any rosalinas to know if they are using her like that.

                1. The Luma seperation is actually a good thing, at least in my books. It allows for nice combos or assaulting two guys at once and is still not outright OP because Luna is not only attackable, but also easy to KO because Luna is practically the same weight as Jigglypuff without the ability to multi-jump. Also, when Luna gets KO’d, it weakens Rosalina rather hard because she can’t combo-juggle as well without Luna and two of her four specials become useless, therefore discouraging using Luna solo while hiding.
                  Really, a solid replacement for the missing Ice Climbers.

          7. “However, I think there might be criticism that we are cutting up content to sell characters one by one, or that we are adding things later that should have been there from the start.”

            This man understands us. DLC is good but they have to make it right. Smash bros is a game that doesn’t really need DLC, with the exception of Mewtwo. A good game is a complete game and I want to buy a game worth of my $60, not paid that price for a game that will have a lot of DLC.

            anyway, I think is fine that they don’t make it. They already promise us Mewtwo DLC and Sakurai has given his soul and body into Smash bros. He needs a year vacation for all the shit he’s put into this game.

          8. I’m concerned that… the game isn’t out yet and players are already asking for more characters, more stages, more everything… What is wrong with you people?! Just because DLC are an option to add new content doesn’t make them LAW in every game.
            First you should enjoy the game when you get it and then WAIT for an official announcement for the dlc (if there is any).
            But play it first!

          9. But….Wolf O’Donnell…..he must return! They say they wont do PAID DLC, then do “free DLC” like the MewTwo one. Sure you have to have both versions of the game, but still. Wolf was unfairly cut and Sakurai has given no reason as to why he was.

            1. A lot of wolf’s moves are foxes custom moves so I don’t think he’s coming back. And though I used wolf too a lot, I can’t deny he was cheap as hell with his forward smash among things. I seriously hope all the people who want wolf back want him for more than just that move :p

              1. I’m a Wolf main! (Yeah, guessed by the nick.)
                And I’m really sad he’s not in!! I guess I will have to use Fox’s alternate color, but that’s not the same. :(

                1. Yea I know lol. I used dark wolf. It’s definitely not the same even with the custom moves, I feel like they put those in to cut out wolf. We shall see though if there is dlc. For your sake I hope he makes it back!

          10. Stopped reading at “Sakurai has confirmed”. Sakurai confirmed there was no DLC until the game is finished. Not finished in development time. Finished and in the public’s hand. He is a proven liar.

            Namco were hiring for Smash Bros stuff in September anyway.

          11. It would probably be best not to have DLC characters considering the fact if one character is more powerful then the rest the game could become a pay to win. DLC stages aren’t bad but I can agree with Sakurai in certain points. Nintendo should try to keep focus on making new games anyway imo. I am satisfied with my purchase of SSB 3DS and plan on getting SSB Wii U.

            1. I don’t think they would make a supreme character, they have been trying to balance everything and most people wouldn’t WANT a supreme overpowered fighter in smash.

          12. I don’t care if we get new characters but new stages would be much easier for them to make and just as exciting! remember when mariokart 8 came out they said they had no plans for dlc. and yet…

            1. Thanks to Stage Builder I don’t really care if we get stage DLC as much cause I’m sure some artists out there will come up with some amazing stuff to keep it fresh. Wouldn’t complain, but I would have to see the quality of the levels before purchasing.

          13. I would love to see another Sonic character enter the fray (pre-Sonic Boom). I feel like Shadow would be pretty easy to do since he’s basically evil badass Sonic. I would also like to see Sonic get light dash as a side special instead of having two spin dashes >.<

            1. eggman would be awesome! Smash could always use more villians and even though sonic games have been pretty shaky eggman always makes for an entertaining villian.

              1. When he was still called Dr. Robotnik in the US he was pretty evil. I always imagine Sonic Spinball as the Sonic the Hedgehog TV Series video game adaptation. – it embodied Robotnik from the show SO well. That man was pure evil.

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          15. “However, what I can say now about paid DLC is that we aren’t working on anything at the moment,”

            at the moment…

            at the moment…

          16. He has a point. Just look at almost every 3rd party game this year especially Destiny. All cut corners and dare sell themselves as half of ass game for full price and sell the rest later.

          17. People don’t know how to read.
            “However, what I can say now about paid DLC is that we aren’t working on anything at the moment,”

            Notice the “paid DLC” and “at the moment”.

            Mewtwo is not a paid DLC (not a standalone purchase). And he didn’t say they won’t make future DLCs, just that they aren’t CURRENTLY working on PAID DLCs.

              1. I get a feeling Mewtwo may be bundled up, if they decide to make “DLC packs” like MK8 at a later date, or maybe as another promotional bonus (ie: buy two dlc packs to get mewtwo or something like that).

          18. Don’t know what to think right now. I feel that adding DLC at a later date may be what he is looking at. Just like Mario Kart, Smash Bros would benefit from DLC in the future as it’s a game that will be played for a long time, so DLC could help keep things fresh and add more value to the game. Is it necessary? Not if the game is filled with content. It only absolutely needs it if, A. The content is lacking in some areas, or B. Sakurai wants to keep things fresh. There will be quite the process to add DLC and a lot of work surrounding it, however, that should be done much later. For now, quit your guy’s bellyaching and let Sakurai rest up and heal up from the long process of creating Smash Bros. on both Wii U and 3DS for us. He certainly deserves it as he worked day and night, through sickness and injury, to get Smash out this year, rather than next year…

          19. I think they’ll be missing a golden opportunity here if they don’t release DLC. I don’t care if they want to wait a year or two before doing it, I’ll wait.

            I want my Ice Climbers back.

            1. nintendo is willing to walk away from profit if it makes their things more valuable, example: link scarf in hyrule warriors. they could have made thousands and people would have bought it, but instead they chose to make 500 and limit it to one location in the world for one night only!

          20. I am not opposed to DLC, however I don’t need it to feel like the game is fresh. If you’re REALLY into smash, you’re REALLY into smash and tend to play it the entire generation (or longer). If you’re bored of smash 3DS it’s either cause it’s just not the same, or you’re not really a hardcore smasher. If you’re bored of smash, new characters will only extend your enjoyment a little longer.

          21. i can’t believe what i am reading on this site. people crying for DLC…. they are stupid enough to pay for 1/2 game $60 or £40 and another $30 or £20 for DLC. My question is why people criticism the like of EA, Ubisoft, or capcom? I am sure I must end up in a parallel dimension and my real dimension people are more intelligent than that

            1. The main difference here is that people thrust Nintendo enough to not screw up the DLC-format like other companies do. When people are talking about DLC for Nintendo-games, they are thinking about how it is handled for Mario Kart 8 so far, which is really the optimal way to sell DLC without feeling ripped off (compared to, let’s say, Capcom’s “Asura’s Wrath” where they cut off the last 4 chapters and left a huge cliffhanger in the vanilla game just to sell the last 4 chapters better. That’s not how DLC should work).

              Another major difference is that Nintendo doesn’t sell “half the game for full price”. You may argue with Pokémon (“one game for the price of two”), but the main design philosophy for this franchise, at least in the beginning, has been about going out in the world, having an adventure and trade and battle against players of the other edition to complete your collection and such. Otherwise, almost every Nintendo game had enough content to justify the pricetag.

              1. let’s disagree on that one, I feel rip off cause I should not have to paid for 4 additional races/tracks on DLC. it is just a rip off (please not I talking about track, no part or character). I still wonder why they added moo moo meadow and grumble volcano which were wii’s track which can be play on Wii U when you insert mario kart wii disc on the wii U.

                I don’t trust company who sell you DLC even if it’s nintendo and I will not encourage this business model. You give the perfect argument as to why gamer should say no to DLC. if sakura does not B.S us then he have my respect.

                If you like to pay for DLC that’s your choose but you are the one to blame for the behavior of Capcom and co. Why should not they do what they did if they can find idiot who will pay for the DLC?

          22. I can understand him being tired after making the game, but that is just an excuse. I don’t see cod developers or ubisoft complaining about making dlc. yes it would take a while and not everyone is going to be happy, but it’s not like he has to make characters as the only dlc. we already have quite a few and custom miis to keep us busy for a while. they cold make new stages, mini games, new boards or something and then add a character in every once and a while. I’m not going to complain of there isn’t dlc, but the addition of what I just said would keep the game going for a really long time.

          23. we are so happy to have the first dlc of smash bros come out next year good job smash bros team smash bros team has to put some good stuff in to the game to make it look good i mean these guys have been working ever sense the first smash bros came out good luck nintendo.

          24. Sakurai, the game is pretty much complete. DLC would more or less just be optional extras.

            Just look at Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors. Both are complete and excellent games just by themselves. The DLC for both of them just adds extra content that isn’t completely necessary.

            But to be fully honest, I would be fully happy with Smash DLC because I still want Issac.

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          26. Im good with all this, keep it comin Nintendo. Mewtwo wasn’t a favorite of mine and the Ds version is hella sick. Id imagine the Wii U experience to be amazing. We’ll be having house party beat em ups again in no TIME!

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