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Meta Knight Amiibo Will Be A Best Buy Exclusive

Nintendo has already hinted that some Amiibo will be retailer exclusive. We’ve already learned that Shulk will be exclusive to GameStop and now we’ve found out that Meta Knight will be exclusive to Best Buy. What do you think to these exclusivity deals?

These amiibo figures are a new way to interact with your favorite Nintendo characters and Best Buy will be exclusively offering the Meta Knight figure in early 2015.

Thanks, DrSaturn

49 thoughts on “Meta Knight Amiibo Will Be A Best Buy Exclusive”

    1. Nintendo has been doing retail exclusive content because stores BUY THE RIGHTS, understand ppl Nintendo has been dezperate for money thats why theyre doin this, they dont care if customers cant get to it or something, they just want the cash

      (Cough*MERCEDES DLC*cough)

      1. lol nintendo has billions in the bank, they are not a desperate company, what alot of you clowns dont understand is nintendo is a business and not a charity just for you

      2. Umm, actually. It’s a pretty well known piece of trivia that Nintendo “has banked so much money, that they could run a deficit of over $250 Million a year and still survive until 2052”. This knowledge has been passed around a lot. Nintendo isn’t in any kind of dire need for money.

  1. i hate gamestop exclusives for collectibles because they love to ruin the packaging with their stupid gamestop price stickers on the packaging and when i tell them this they dont give a crap about it

  2. It’s good for the store’s that get the exclusives but kinda lame cause some times you gotta drive. :) I like a good cruise any way.

  3. I totally HATE how some are retailer exclusive! It’s DUMB! There’s going to be a lot of people that misses out on these ones. Especially those who aren’t able to pre-order.

    1. What do you mean miss out? It’s not like it’s exclusive to a certain country or something. You just need to visit a different retailer or online, sheesh. Some people are overly dramatic about to this…

      1. Because if an amiibo is exclusive to just one store, it will be harder to get. And pre-orders are sure to sell out. Especially with all of the idiot eBay resellers who buy multiple items just to sell for 2 or 3 times the amount.

    1. It doesn’t really harm us either…

      I mean, I would love to order online all the Amiibos from Amazon with free two day shipping, but it isn’t too troublesome to visit another site or visit another retailer…

      So yeah, it benefits one retailer against another for each exclusive they get, but it doesn’t really hurt the customer.

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  5. lets play hid and go fuck yourself

    its pathetic u know looser greedy fucks will use this and ebarf to try to profit off people any1 that buys it on ebarf for 5 times what they cost will be a fucking moron and pathetic

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  7. Its OK for Nintendo to give some retailers goodies to pamper them for their on going Wii U support…

    For collectors not an ideal situation – but who wants them all will find a way.

  8. I have a best buy literally right outside my development, a toys r us in the plaza next to it, walmart next, then make a left turn and there’s gamestop and target. So lol I won’t have to worry much about the store exclusives. Sucks for everyone else though. I would honestly have no problem going to these stores and picking one up for anyone on here if they can pay me through pay pal or some other safe payment system and pay the shipping costs. I honestly don’t even want meta knight myself, but if anyone needs him let me know when the time comes and we’ll work it out lol. Unless of course you can find it online cheaper like amazon (not sure if store exclusive means not even on the internet or not).

    1. You literally live in the best spot for a gamer. Now if they had an Amazon store…. But no, you won’t find the exclusives through other online retailers, but you can get them from the store’s site if you can’t find one at the one next door or, of course, eBay. They may be available through a seller on Amazon, but Amazon itself won’t offer it.

      1. Good to know, and no way with ebay lol. I saw a pre-order for the first wave or two of amiibo and it was like $100 more than if you buy then in store.

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  10. well if these Amiibo have something with smash bros thats good but for some reason they don’t put good art in to them like Nintendo wants to have bad art so they are just little toys like in smash 64 well nintendo smash 64 is done its out and were done so make them look batter that’s so not good.

  11. I can’t find Meta Knight on Best Buy’s website. It must not be available for pre-order yet. I sure hope I find out when it IS available.

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