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Watch Dogs Wii U Doesn’t Allow You To Share Screenshots Via Miiverse

Watch Dogs appears to be one of the first high profile third-party title not to allow for screenshot sharing via Wii U social network, Miiverse. A number of fans who’ve picked up the game have taken to the social network to complain that they’re unable to share images with other Miiverse users. You may have missed it, but we uploaded the first 25 minutes of the game which you can watch here. Anyway, here’s what a Miiverse fan had to say about the situation.

No screenshots allowed. I tried attaching one to this Miiverse post, I also tried the web browser method at

– Vivian

Thanks Lord Zedd

61 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Wii U Doesn’t Allow You To Share Screenshots Via Miiverse”

    1. just shows you that nintendo only care for their kid friendly image on miiverse if that wasn’t true there would be an option to add shots from senran kagura burst unless it’s mario or pegi 7 they dont give a shit !
      honestly why bother with the pegi (age rating nobody really cares)

      1. You can post pictures for Bayonetta (1+2) which is all about gore and a japanese only Game called 闘神都市 コミュニティ(Girls Gift RPG) which is all about echi.
        The decision for not enabling Screenshots for W_D didn’t come from Nintendo. But Ubsoft

      2. Yet, it’s not Nintendo who did this game, it’s up to Ubisoft to allow these things, troll harded, dumb ass…

        And then why Nintendo payed for a better mature game called Bayonetta 2? a 10/10 game, not like this Ubishit late released crap!

    2. So why they pushed back the release date if they didnt add anything?
      No dlc,no anything cool with gamepad,no miiverse…

  1. You can’t because the game hasn’t been released yet, asshole. I couldn’t with LEGO City Undercover and that was before the official release date.

    1. Yeah sure, because big ol’ Nintendo is mad at Ubisoft. Are you really that stupid? Of course, Ubisoft is taking things away, so that you can get it back as DLC. Fuck, Ubisoft is EA now. Are you guys not realizing that? DO YOU NEED A SIGN!?! Don’t buy this piece of shit of a game and safe it for something more worthy.

          1. Yeah, there is a scene you can unlock by doing a security breach that shows a girl riding some guy completely naked, you can even use the hacked webcam to zoom in. Later on in the game you can actually find people having sex in an office building and another in a gang hideout.

    2. It’s Ubisoft… not Nintendo that’s blocking the screenshots. The French-Canadian company needs to remove the Nintendo Network symbol since they’re misleading it.

  2. new nintendo mario wiiu in develpment by koichi hayashida who is working on supermariogalaxy3 for the wiiu and is develping supermario4

  3. There is nudity in the game. That’s why the feature is disabled. Its to protect kids. Get your heads out of your asses and think for once you nintendrones.

      1. bayonetta has no nudity or sex scenes so your argument is the invalid one. what is so hard to get that watch dogs has nudity and sex scenes in it so it can’t be put on miiverse just like any other game with sex and nudity.

        bayonettta never has sex scenes and never shows any nudity they always cover it up in the game. that is why it can be put on miiverse the miiverse rules say no nudity or sexually explicit acts on miiverse and watch dogs has both.

      1. Bayo is never fully nude (although there is a lot of fan service.)
        I hear watchdogs has full-nudity somewhere. If that’s true, I’m guessing it could be a possible reason. Not even GatAV has full nudity this time around.

              1. you are wrong to gtav has full nude but just not on female models. there is naked hillbilly easter egg and topless strippers. i can guess just like watch dogs you would not be allowed to post miiverse screens of gtav

      2. they do not bayonetta doesn’t have any nudity at all. so I don’t understand everything in bayonetta is covered. watch dogs has nudity like in gta v.

          1. i can tell you never played the game or ever will so how come you know so much about a game you never play. did you playe bayonettta 2 either because there is no nudity or anything more revealing than gtav or watch dogs in it. the scenes are on youtube and so are the sex scenes see yourself. how can you say no it doesn’t when you never even played the game or probably even look at anything about it. i have both bayonetta 2 and had watchdogs a long time ago on ps4 so I would know about them and bayonetta 2 is provocative but it still does not ever show any nudity or sexual acts like gtav and watch dogs. this is why it is allowed on miiverse since they dont allow nudity or sexual explicit stuff like sex acts in the game.

            i get the hate for it it isnt a amazing game but ubisoft is only following nintendos rules with this. they can’t allow it to be posted because there are scenes that show boobs and you can watch people have sex when you hack cameras.

      3. Bayonetta is never fully exposed. You know shes naked but you don’t see it. Stop trying to grasp at straws with your uninformed arguments.

    1. dont try talking sense they believe what they want. even when they never played the game before they know everything about it.

    1. I’m believing that you secretly love this game. All the other Watch Dogs posts have you wining and complaining, wining and complaining. Like if you hate it so much, stop clicking the damn articles. We see you everywhere on these articles so we understand the hate you have for ubisoft just like the hate your dad has for you. We understand.

      1. “wining and complaining”? he’s not charlie sheen, he’s not wining, nor is he winning. He’s “Whining” :P

  4. Nintendo fans always complain about Ubisoft games, “Dont buy this….” and they state all they want are Nintendo games, But when companies like Ubisoft other companies decide to stop selling on Wii U fans complain again that no one is bringing their games to the console. Yawn…. So you cant post them..who cares

    1. not bizarre when those games dont show nudity like watch dogs does or so many sex scenes. i get why people hate ubisoft but this is something that would happen with any game that shows real nudity not just skin. miiverse does not allow post of sexually explicit nature and watch dogs has a lot of sex scenes and shows boobs. bayonetta is no excuse since it does not show any nudity it always is covered up somehow.

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