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Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Says The Game Is Now Almost Complete

Great news for those looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X as the director has revealed that the game is now almost complete. Xenoblade Executive Director Tetsuya Takahashi announced the news via Twitter where he also shared some more tidbits about the highly anticipated Sci Fi RPG. Here’s what he had to say to the fans.

“The development [of Xenoblade Chronicles X] did have its twists and turns, but we were able to finish up (just a little more until it’s complete) Xenoblade Chronicles X in the sci-fi world we aimed for from the beginning in a seamless open-world with online play, and I feel that we were able to overcome several obstacles as far as game development goes.”

“With the vast world that was shown when Iwata-san introduced the game in the Nintendo Direct the other day, it would bring me great pleasure to have you folks get to thoroughly explore it.”

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88 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles X Director Says The Game Is Now Almost Complete”

      1. This is the game of this gen right here. Only one that has a chance at beating it is Smash wiiU. I’m including all current and future XboxOne, PS4, and PC games till the next console cycle. This isn’t a matter of opinions, you either agree with me or you’re wrong.

            1. Hahahhaahaha something we haven’t seen yet and you saying “it’s not even close”. Zelda is zelda. The best property Nintendo has. It always delivers and of course this one will too.

              1. Well, I can honestly say I liked Xenoblade Chronicles more than Skyward Sword. But keep in mind Xenoblade is my third favorite game of all time. I may have to agree with herpy up there. Xenoblade for the win unless Zelda U is a complete masterpiece.

              2. I agree with Deepsouth. In fact, I’ll take it a step further in saying that Xenoblade Chronicles puts most of the Zelda games to shame… and I’m a huge fucking Zelda fan & I probably even border on fanboy with that series in some cases.

      2. Well, I’m not much of a fan of Japanese RPG’s (aside from Chrono Trigger on SNES), anime style characters and weird, robot-like enemies and/or aliens. Trust me, boring enemies makes a boring game (for me at least). I also didn’t care a whole lot for the battle system.

        Sure, I didn’t play much of it. But I played enough to know that it wasn’t my cup of tea. I’ve often thought about going back and giving it another chance. But I know my opinion wouldn’t change.

        1. How can you like chrono trigger but not xenoblade? I also take it that you dislike metroid, with its robot-like enemies and/ or aliens. Xenoblade didn’t have boring enemies, and if you don’t like a game simply because the characters are anime styles, then you’ve missed out on some of the greatest games there have been, such as Chrono trigger.

          1. The anime style of Chrono Trigger is what nearly threw me off from ever playing it. In fact, I DID hate it at first. I really had to force myself to play it. But eventually started to love it. Which makes me think even more that maybe I wasn’t fair with my judgment with Xenoblade Chronicles.

            However, these two games came along at very different eras. I was only 17 when Chrono Trigger came out. My taste in games has changed a bit throuh the years. If I were to play Chrono Trigger right now for the first time, I might not have been able to get into it.

        2. There was really a small percentage of robotic enemies in Xenoblade. Yes the main villains were robotic, but the world was full of biological enemies too. Giant spiders, and demon looking creatures. Lizards and bird like creatures. Dinosaurs and humongous bosses. I mean towering bosses. The open maps were so big they allowed for the biggest enemies I have ever seen in a game before. I would say 70% of the game is absent of robotic enemies. Xenoblade blew me away. Everybody thinks it’s just another jrpg, but it’s not even close. It’s in a league of its own.

          1. With so many people bragging about Xenoblade and praising it, it still makes me tempted to give it another chance some day. But I don’t know if I ever will.

    1. It will be similiar to the first xenoblade with improved features ao if you didnt like the first you wont like this.

  1. Why did they put Xenoblade on the New 3DS? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to put it on the Wii U and bundle it with this or something? It’s kind of stupid to need two different systems just to play both games.

      1. I agree but I’m okay with it on the New 3DS. Of course, if I wasn’t going for the New 3DS for the better 3D, I would be pissed. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D sure did get lucky when it comes to me personally.

      1. But think about it, xenoblade in fucking HD. H fucking D. Yes like he said would have been better if they bundled it.

          1. True, but gaming is an expensive hobby.
            Any bit you can save while getting the essentials is a good thing, and I’d love to see some of the first Xenoblade’s environments in HD.
            Especially the night-time views of the Swamp…

          2. just to make sure we are on the same page £60 is 94 US $ and that’s the minimum price.

            I beat the game and yes the game itself is fantastique and I loved it, but personnaly I would not pay £60 for that.

  2. I hope this is actually fucking good. I need this to keep me occupied in till that sexy ass Zelda game come out next year.

    1. Why need to always use bad word to make you sound tougher? Everybody loves you just the same :D be happy. Be healthy. Say good words and your shining dreams will come true. And eat healthy too. :)

    2. Dont rush it, I will take my time talking to all npc and chexking every corner of the map.I m sure it will take me long :D.I enjoy huge game!

  3. So excited! I kind of hope we get a Nintendo Direct focused just on this game to make up for the little information we’ve gotten about it.

    1. Unless it’s empty of spoilers, I’ll stay far the fuck away from it! I already ruined some awesome plot twists in the original Xenoblade Chronicles because I ended up reading spoilers, so keep it away!

      1. So far, they made sure to say as little as possible about the story because they want to people to first experience it as they are playing the game.
        Pretty sure the direct won’t have a single spoiler.

        1. I hope so. If I didn’t spoil the original game, it definitely would have been 10 times more awesome than what it was… and it would have been my #1 favorite game of all time.

  4. I never played this game. It must be good. I never was into RPGs. But this may be my first… second. I lied I’m a Pokemon fan and own Y. I’ll give it a try what the hell?

  5. I hate RPGs, too time consuming. However, I realized how big of a deal Xenoblade Chronicles being ported over here in the West was, so I purchased it in support of the idea of Nintendo bringing games over.

    Xenoblade Chrinicles was probably the greatest thing that came to the Wii. I have over 100 hours invested in it and I’m still only 75% through the game. Its proved to be the most bang for your buck game out there for me. Beautiful look, tons of side quests, awesome music, and great story. So much fun.

    I can’t wait for X and know its going to be great.

    1. Those quests of xenoblade sucked so much and thankfully they improved it.

      I remember 1 quest the objective was to found a lost kid in bionis….. (I open a walkthrough and be done with those lol)

  6. My marriage will be on the rocks once this game comes out because I’m gonna put so many hours into this freaking game it’s not even gonna be funny lol

      1. Hell yea! You can get laid whenever you want for the rest of your life! The first run through of Xenoblade X is a one time experience not to be neglected.

      2. He said wife, dude. Unless you get a girl that’s either a nymphomaniac or really into sex, you won’t get laid nearly as much as you think.

        1. ESPECIALLY if you have kids & you have your wife do all the work or vice versa. One of you is going to be too tired at the end of the day & sex is going to be the last thing on your mind.

          1. Unless of course, you are a nymphomaniac & are addicted to sex like a crackhead or heroine addict is addicted to crack or heroine.

  7. I always thought Xenoblade sounded like the brand name of razors. But the logo of Xenoblade Chronicles X looks even MORE like the logo of some sort of razors. I can’t put my finger on which ones. Hmm…..

  8. Where in the fuck does the developer say the game is almost complete? He says it nowhere in the quoted text, and nowhere in the “source” article. Don’t infer.

    No release date means there is still a ways to wait. I’ll put money on at least 6 months. Stupid “news” site is stupid

  9. I hope they upgraded the graphics. They aren’t as horrendous as everyone was saying, but they definitely need a graphic boost.

    1. Lol I remember every Wii U owner talking about how good X looked after it was first shown and now when they showed the newer trailer, it looked terrible. Lmao. I guess they had to change some stuff.

      1. I don’t know what you’re looking at, but the visuals have been upgraded enormously from the first trailer… #blind

      2. I think the graphics are good as it is.We are getting a game with 1 of its objectives to have good grapgocs and its ff15.

  10. I agree on a worldwide release. To release this game first in Japan months early would be a stupid move on Nintendo’s part. And also to release it anywhere near the new Zelda game release date would be bad too. This game needs to come in the spring. Period, end of story. Summer at the latest.

    1. I have a bad feeling that Zelda U will be pushed back to a 2016 release. Nintendo always does that and still hasn’t learned.

  11. the main development is nearly finish, I guess a game like this would need to be check, localise, and pre-launch duties need to happen. I really hope they will take brisith voice over for the english version like they did for the first xenoblade

    1. I want a combination of US & UK voice actors. After all, the city we’ll frequent as the game’s hub is a US city.

  12. Nintendo of America & Nintendo of Europe better be working side by side on the voice acting, damn it! I want a combo of North Americanese (lol) & British voice actors!

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