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Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have A Deeper Sci-Fi Storyline Compared To Past Games

Xenoblade Chronicles X will have a deeper and more intricate sci-fi storyline in comparison to the franchise’s past games – according to the game’s director Tetsuya Takahashi. Earlier today, the Monolith Soft director revealed via Twitter that Xenoblade’s script writer Yuichiro Takeda has taken the helm as main scriptwriter once again for the latest instalment on the Wii U. But it was through Takahashi’s direction that gave Takeda the go-ahead to write a much heavier sci-fi script rather than the classical fantasy storyline of Xenoblade.

Takahashi also mentioned to fans of the franchise that composer Hiroyuki Sawano – most known for his work on Attack on Titan and other anime shows such as Sengoku Basara II – will be in control of the game’s sound, while Xenoblade artist Kunihiko Tanaka returns to his lead role in character design. The Xenoblade Chronicles X director said the following on Twitter:

“After the basic fantasy story for [Xenoblade], we’re having [Takeda] write a deep and distinctive sci-fi story this time around.

“I’ve known Mr. Tanaka for a long time, but this time I asked for his cooperation to bring out the Xeno-ness in the art.”

47 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Have A Deeper Sci-Fi Storyline Compared To Past Games”

        1. Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean it’s awful.
          Xenogears by far has one of the greatest stories ever written in a video game, let alone any medium of art and entertainment period. The story is worth analyzing through many books just like Dostoyevski’s novels or Shakespeare opus is studied in college courses. It is rich in content, with vivid commentaries on science, philosophy, and religion that rival even the works of Jamesian authors. Xenogears story has the quality of epics like Homers Troy and Illiad, it is slow and there’s a lot of build-up, but when it finally starts to gain flight there’s rarely anything else that can compare to it’s eloquently expressed ideas on such a immature medium whose audience seems to care more for short bits of spectacle and constant action over substance.

      1. For some reason I see it similar to Dragon age inquisition where it’s a whole seperate mode and not storyline co-op. it will be cool if you can do co-op throughout the whole mission with people online.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I would be fine if we could interct with each other in the main city, exchange items, weapons, chat and so on…

      2. I bet it will have some sort of multiplayer mode. Maybe you can take on side quests, or even fight bosses in coop. I doubt they will have the entire story mode coop though, since that is usually a drag on the story.

      3. If you watched either of the first trailers, you would have seen that it clearly has 4 player online co-op. They just haven’t officially revealed it yet, that’s all.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I thought I already gave my point?…

            And there is no need for primitive language, unless you want me to hunt you down like I do with the rest…

            1. “Swearing is a really important part of one’s life. It would be impossible to imagine going through life without swearing, and without enjoying swearing. There used to be mad, silly, prissy people who used to say swearing was a sign of a poor vocabulary. It is such utter nonsense. The people I know who swear the most tend to have the widest vocabularies, and the kind of person who says swearing is a sign of a poor vocabulary usually have a poor vocabulary themselves. The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in any way a sign of a lack of education or a lack of verbal interest is just a fucking lunatic. I haven’t met anybody who’s truly shocked at swearing… really. They’re only shocked on behalf of other people. Well, you know, that’s preposterous. Or they say, “It’s not necessary,” as if that should stop one doing it. It’s not necessary to have coloured socks, it’s not necessary for this cushion to be here, but is anyone going to write in and say, “I was shocked to see that cushion there, it really wasn’t necessary”? No. Things not being necessary is what makes life interesting. The little extras in life.” — Stephen Fry

      1. 80hrs for Xenoblade ? Try 8. Sidequests was the ONLY thing keeping this game afloat for me. With the cheesy VA/story (oh the monado…like please shut up shulk) but it was great art work to say the least and glad we had a very nice RPG in general on the Wii

  1. Just bought xenoblade yesterday and I have to say, battle system in that game is confusing and fucking dumb. But overall the story is rich. Hope the battle system will be better in this game

    1. Can’t really explain it or maybe I was playing the wrong. But let’s say at the beginning of game when your fighting the spider thing with reyn.
      1. Attacks hardly even do any damage
      2. Back slash? Whats the fucking point of that move.when i hit the back of a enemy it barely does anything
      3.The toggle is hard to do
      4. There’s no dodging or avoiding a hit so what was the point of you moving around your enemy when you can’t avoid them.
      6. That damn camera
      7. Fuck I don’t know that shit was to hard for me to learn
      But again maybe I was just playing the game wrong. But I enjoyed the story though

      1. 2 things I have a problem with in Xenoblade is the UI and camera occasionally. Everything’s pretty much fine.

        Backslash is one of the most high damage moves you can get so I hope you’re actually moving BEHIND the enemy to deal the blows. Attacks still have their own range so staying away from an enemy has it’s benefits when letting your allies fight up close if you want to heal from afar.
        Also attacks not doing hardly any damage? It’s an RPG you know so that’s entirely up to you and how you progress. If you use your Arts correctly then you’ll find that enemies go down VERY fast.

        People play games differently I understand but knowing the game is all it really takes.
        As I said, I do think the UI could be improved though in X because it’s very fidgety to navigate attacks and menus. Solid game otherwise!

        1. Yes it’s a really solid game. But when I try to farm exp it’s like it does me no good. Sometimes when I go and attack enemy one lvl under me, I’d still die. I thought when I got the monado the attacks would be a little stronger. But I was wrong and still got my ass kicked

          1. Yeah that’s a funny one. It depends on the enemy themselves I guess. I’ve kicked a level a couple above mine before and hacked it down but other enemies which are a level below have seriously got me running. A little odd but I’d assume levels make more sense this time around in Xenoblade X.

      2. If you’re wondering why you get killed by enemies levels below you, check to see if they are named. You usually need to be around 3-5 levels above them for them to be easy enough to beat. I have to grind to Lv 15 for metal face because I hadn’t figured our the chain attack system yet, but when I did (before I faced him the first time), I just ground nearby until I had 3 bars of team, then went to kill MF and used a chain attack at the start to topple him. As for the spider, that took ages, but the trick is to listen to what they say in the cutscene. If you go ham on the spider queen and let Reyn kill the little ones (Which aggro onto you if you to too much DMG to the Queen), you’ll get through fine. But remember to save your Monado gauge until you get a vision, then use shield. Don’t bother with buster or enchant: the’re only useful against Mechon. And early on, spend your AP on back slash and heal: that’s where you’ll really need them early on.

        1. Alright thanks, I’ll try this. I’m stuck at spider queen. So I’ll try what you said and than face her.

      1. I understand that. And I’ve tried going back to look at the tutorials and it just hard to wrap my head around

  2. I was never really interested in Xenoblade Chronicles. But I am really hyped for this though. Sci-fi storyline. I like the sound of that…

  3. actually I did not imagine X won’t be sci-fi. Since even xenoblade itself was not medieval to start with and imply lost technologies. I really can’t wait for this game to come out. I really hope Nintendo will print enough copy and not transform that game as a collector. Cause at the moment you can’t find xenoblade at less than £60/90 US$. I have the feeling this game will be a Xenogear type. I really can’t wait for this game to be release but saying that I hope the game will be polish even if I have to wait another year.

    1. Stop sitting within your own bias. Do you also make a conscious effort to stay away from Sci-Fi films, cartoons, and TV shows? That sounds so shit.

  4. Considering how the world of the Bionis & Mechonis in Xenoblade Chronicles was created by people in a universe that was sci-fi heavy & how the game ended with the universe being recreated again, it only makes sense for it’s sequel to be sci-fi heavy. So I’m perfectly happy with the news that Xenoblade Chronicles X will have a deeper sci-fi storyline. Since there is actually a fine line between sci-fi & fantasy in my opinion, it won’t feel like a bad transition from fantasy to sci-fi for me.

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