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Here’s A Cool Infographic Showing Smash Bros Through The Years


The creative folks over at GB Posters Blog have created a lovely infographic giving us a glimpse at the Super Smash Bros franchise through the years. The infographic shows how various Nintendo and third-party characters have evolved through the years.

Thanks, Luke

56 thoughts on “Here’s A Cool Infographic Showing Smash Bros Through The Years”

      1. Yeah, I also notice how unclean it is, the cropping on some of these is just plain bad, look at the original pac-man.

        They just didnt give a damn lol

    1. Same with the Link that’s for the wii u….. Yeah it’s posed as the amiibo and picture but that’s still fan made..

  1. This is pretty inaccurate, it has a lot of mistakes. Just to name a few:
    They used an image of young Link from OoT3D instead of the N65 original version, then an image of Link from Spirit Tracks and then an unofficial image of Link from Skyward Sword possing like the official image of Link from SSBWiiU.
    An unofficial pixeled image of Shulk (I don’t know where it came from)
    An image of Sheik from OoT3D instead of using one from previous Smash Bros games.
    An image of Pit from Kid Icarus Uprising (2011) and then one from Pit from Super Smash Bros Brawl (2008).
    Anyways, it’s not a good infographic at all.

  2. This is really awful….. Fan made sprites, Kirby’s final evolution is his Brawl form where everyone else is Smash 4, and why is Zero-Suit Samus considered the final version of samus? They are completely different characters. This is such shit lol can’t believe you reported on this

    1. I have a theory, maybe the guy reported this in order to get more attention to his shitty work! Yep thats right the guy who reported this probably made the whole infographic! Just a theory, could be truth too!

  3. Infographic my ass. there’s nothing accurrate in it. Shulk sprite but no Little Mac sprite??

    If it is through the years, where’s Pichu? Mewtwo? or Snake?

    bad bad bad.

  4. It will never not bother me when people compare sprites and official art instead of either all official art, or sprites and in-game-models.

  5. yaaaay. got my ssb4 wii u copy 1 day early (europe) sucks that i can’t play online untill the update tho but still.. ^^ sheik was easy to control! my first time playing smash game sadly (probably because it was so popular that i never saw a copy in the stores when i was younger)

  6. Haphazard mix of artwork and renders, what the hell? Amateurish. Even a DeviantArter would turn their nose up at this one.

  7. So many inaccuracies… they didnt even include all of the characters? (Wheres Roy? Pichu? MewTwo? Ness? Lucas??)
    If you’re going to take the time to make something like this, at least put in some effort. I mean, come on!

  8. So they had sonic from a canceled game, a sonic from a pretty obscure sonic collection, and one from a terrible wii game. I hate to be that guy, but why isn’t the adventure games art work or even ingame models not on it? Seriously, its some of sonic’s most popular games. (Also agree with everyone, why is there a shulk sprite?)

  9. Yep, this “Infographic” is pretty bad. I also don’t know why it’s called “SSB through the years”, shouldn’t it use only characters that showed up in all the smash titles and compare their models, then? Comparing them with artwork is very non sense.

  10. The fact that he referenced that Sonic R trash made me die inside a little. Terrible concept, shoddy graphics by Sega Saturn standards, annoying music, and poor track design in one huge shitpile.

    If anything, the other Sonic racers (even the damn Sonic Drift games) were WAAAAY more enjoyable that the game that spawned the ever annoying Tails Doll meme.

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  12. I don’t get the parameters of this thing, it is mixing models from all versions of Super Smash Bros. with models of other games, with fanmade sprites, with old sprites, what is the metric? What are we supposed to see here?

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