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Walmart Canada Has Limited Stock Now In For The GameCube Adapter For Wii U

Get it while you can people! Walmart Canada currently has the incredibly hard to find GameCube adapters for the Wii U in stock. As you would imagine the product is extremely hard to acquire at the moment. You can buy the GameCube adapter for $25, so be quick.

Thanks, Calvin

24 thoughts on “Walmart Canada Has Limited Stock Now In For The GameCube Adapter For Wii U”

      1. I usually go to Best Buy, but it was sold out there unfortunately. That’s why I don’t like GameStop, because there’s always some sort of inconvenience every time I go there…

    1. Whoever said that to you must have had his balls replaced with the ones from cow. And of course he had some sex where the penis is put to the ear and then got some sperm exchanged to depths of head.

  1. Anyone in Canada willing to buy this for me and ship it to me?? I can send money via Paypal or however its convenient.

  2. Buy me the 50″ panasonic tv at best buy. The one at 200$ and i’ll ship the gamecube adapter. There’s alot in stock at my walmart.

    1. Hey Olimar_Link – thanks for the offer, but I think that’s a bit too expensive for me. Do you want me to ship the TV to Canada? I think that costs over $200 via Fed Ex.

    1. You can actually. But you have to take up all of your usb slots in your Wii u, so if you have a USB storage hooked in, I would think twice.

  3. Walmart didn’t actually have them in stock (or had very few). I bought one yesterday, only to have Walmart email me today to notify me that they’re out of stock and my order’s been cancelled.

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