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Yahoo Claims “Pokemon Is Killing Nintendo Because It Is Selling Too Well”

An odd article has popped up online, thanks to Yahoo. The article states that the Pokemon franchise is killing Nintendo simply because it’s selling too well and enables the company to keep its head in the sand. The publication suggests that Nintendo needs to get with the  times and put its beloved franchises on smartphones and tablets as its missing out on billions of dollars in new revenue and depriving a generation from playing their much-loved games.

122 thoughts on “Yahoo Claims “Pokemon Is Killing Nintendo Because It Is Selling Too Well””

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  1. I’m not gonna lie, if Nintendo added Pokemon on smartphones, tablets…shit even the e-shop, then they’d make a killing…but it really doesn’t matter if they don’t. Pokemon selling extremely well won’t kill Nintendo.

  2. “You see, that guy is fucking way too many hot girls. He should fuck an ugly troll sometime to pop his head off the sand. Not that I’m jealous or anything.”

  3. I saw this last night and the whole thread unanimously agreed that phone gaming is nothing more than a fad and if Nintendo were to make the transition, what would they do when these “billions of dollars in new revenue” dries up? The person playing phone games doesn’t care and will move on to the next hot new thing, effectively destroying and company whose cash flow is cemented in phone gaming.

    Nintendo staying right where they are is the smartest move, switching to mobile is suicide.

    Also, if this generation is being “deprived”, all they have to do is pick up a 3DS. They’re only doing it to themselves.

    1. Those people in that thread are idiots, phone gaming isn’t going anywhere. It is more profitable than console gaming, and let us not forget some mobile game companies make more than Nintendo with one game :P hahahaha. Even if mobile gaming is a fad switching to mobile wouldn’t be “suicide”. Nintendo makes money for a bit and when the fad dies out they are BACK WHERE THEY STARTED, WITH NO HARM DONE. Just extra money in the pocket and no more invested in the mobile market. You dolts.

  4. Basically smartphone gaming is a quick milk that dries up interest.

    Nintendo is in it for the long run, in it too win it.

  5. It’s selling too well and that’s bad so lets put it on smartphones and tablets so it sells even more. Yes, that makes sense.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. People that don’t buy Nintendo hardware are completely illogical.
      $500 for a next Gen console is ok.
      $4-600 for an iPad / iPhone (every other year) is Ok.

      $150 for a 3DS or $250-$300 for a WiiU?
      It’s fucking ridiculous! No way! How absurd!

      Seriously, people are so fucking stupid.

  6. The point is that what investors are constantly asking Nintendo to do is sacrifice their long-term viability as a company for short-term gain. They mustn’t do it. They mustn’t cave in.

    1. Thats right, if pokemon is made out of cows testicles it must mean that Nintendo must have been into milking business ever since beginning and Iwata loves to suck some big female boobs.

  7. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

    A minority of Americans are brain dead to the fact that the world is not only America. The Xbox and every American console like American cars just do not have the justification of being authentic. Ford is capable of making a true vehicle to represent cars but have failed for a century now. So they xbots and children of Atari workers are constantly butt hurt that a Japanese company is not only successful in the world let alone America, but resonates more to the U.S. what its own home grown Xbox cannot. To make it worse the second position innovator Sony is also Japanese; and very arrogant Japanese for that matter. So what’s left is not even hate but foolish dribble and nonsensical postings by electronic nerds. Keep it in your logic and hearts that yahoo and other internet media have nerds galore, mostly butt hurt. Smart people invent technology, but wise intelligent ones with wisdom and art create Mario, Zelda, Sonic and Metroid. Think about that long.


  8. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    And they don’t mention that FPS/realistic hollywood rehash garbage destroys this gaming universe, the Xbot infection spreading even more and the milking empires of the Electrons and Ubisians…

    But of course, our empire has to be the only one destroying everything and itself…

    One day, you’ll all crawl beneath our power and I’ll gladly crush all of you when you do…

    1. Pokemon alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby have already sold 3 million copies in three days great Nintendo Commander Quadraxis. You have ready crashed xbots playing sunset, I forgot how to drive lol.


      The Sonians are fighting sony for paying them back false Vita advertising. They say the Vita was okay and not having false advertising. They are saying Sony is lying and should not do such an act of kindness. The logic of Sony drones buffles me. A company lied and the are fighting the company for being honest lol.

      Newton left out one law I see.

  9. What are they saying! You’re totally out of their mind. I don’t see anyone saying the same about any Playstation games -_-

  10. LMAO! Sorry for the writer of that article is an ignorant FUCK! How is Pokemon killing a company by selling too well just because it isn’t making Nintendo go smartphone?

    Basically, what this idiot is saying is that he wants Nintendo to go bankrupt so they start putting their games on smartphones, really? Why you want Nintendo to go bankrupt so then it can make millions with shitty smartphone games?

    Can you imagine a $1 Pokemon game that lasts like 30 seconds? Pokemon and Nintendo games are meant to be played with CONTROLS and BUTTONS! Also, I don’t see this disgusting piece of shit of a writer saying how Sony and Microsoft should go bankrupt so they put their franchises in smartphones.

    The thing is that this asshole is just angry that he can’t play Mario on his phone and has to buy a 3DS to do so. If Nintendo goes smartphone, then the quality, and size of their games will go to hell! Pokemon won’t be as big and you won’t even be able to have Xenoblade Chronicles remakes, for example!

    He’s just and ignorant asshole, that doesn’t understand that Nintendo’s games on 3DS are too big and high quality to go smartphone and require controls and buttons, not just touch controls. And the quality would go to shit, just so this casual piece of shit can play Mario for 2 seconds in the bus.

    And he also thinks that Castlevania is from Nintendo! LMAO! XD

  11. Pokémon is KILLING NINTENDO because it sells too well! I have heard of many dumb statements before but do you know how stupid that sounds? Nintendo would have to sacrifice quality in their games to produce cheap worthless smartphone app games. The day Nintendo quits supporting the consoles I buy for their high quality games and becomes a mobile developer is the day I will never support them again. You could say Pokémon is killing Wii U sales which makes sense, but selling well isn’t killing nintendo. In all honesty mobile games quality is a absolute abomination compared to console/PC games imo.

  12. Who ever wrote this needs a kick in the balls/tits. Smartphone gaming should die off anyway once casuals stop caring about games. The graphics don’t matter here so saying phones can do a lot has nothing to do with anything. It’s the fact that phone games are played for 5 minutes on a train ride while Pokémon is played for hours. Kids shouldn’t have a tablet or smartphone anyway and a 2ds/3ds is cheaper and much safer for a kid to handle because it has very good parental controls and there’s no way to spend hundreds of dollars without the access to a credit card.

    Nintendo is NOT doing bad because it wont go third party and they are NOT gonna go away anytime soon.

  13. This is one of the stupidest articles I’ve ever read. If Nintendo let their games be available on other platforms, such as smartphones and tablets, it would ruin their biggest advantage…console exclusivity. You can’t play Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, etc anywhere else except Nintendo consoles. People buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, and if these games suddenly become available elsewhere, then that will kill the incentive to buy the devices. That is what would really doom Nintendo.

  14. Nintendo games are great because of their polished gameplay and precise controls, these are not easily achieved on touchscreen -devices, if at all. I don’t want to see a (console) gaming industry without Nintendo, it would be way too bland. If Nintendo is making money, how can it be killing itself?

    1. Although I WOULD like to see Nintendo researching and trying to make a touchscreen game, spaghetti monster knows we need more quality in mobile games.But I don’t want them to stop making their own platform(s).

  15. The first part does make sense, Nintendo’s not trying because they know it’s gonna sell no matter what. Second part though? You want Nintendo games, you buy Nintendo systems. It’s been like that since the start and won’t be changing anytime soon

  16. Even thou the article is just clickbait it has some truth in it.

    As an example I use Mario, Almost every Nintendo new IP or genre ends up being a Mario game. People can get tired of the same characters even if the games are totally different. We got NSMB, 3D Mario platformers, Mario Sport games, Mario RPGs “paper Mario series & Mario & Luigi series” Mario Kart series, Mario puzzle series “Dr Mario, Captain Toad, Dr Luigi, Mario Vs Dk” Smash Bros has Mario in it and the name includes “bros” jk. We just lack a Mario Shooter oh and Pikmin was an evolution of Mario 128 tech demo.

    So much Mario “I love it, Thank you Miyamoto” But one day people will get tired and it will be like COD, RockBand, AC & all the yearly rehashes. Proof of it is NSMB2 and NSMBU being released so close together that people complained about Mario saturation/burnout.

  17. how the hell its depriving when they could buy a 3ds or wii-u and play those games besides 2ds/3ds is cheaper than a smart phone and the better option for gaming. this post is bullshit!!!

  18. Yeah, Pokemon’s popularity is killing Nintendo so badly that it saved the 3DS and almost singlehandedly placed it at the top of the current-gen’s console sales.
    And Gamefreak is so out of current times that they recently made a Pokemon minigame for smart devices.

    …*cough cough* idiot *cough*.

  19. Thinks Pokemon is killing Nintendo because it’s selling too well.

    Thinks Pokemon should be sold on smartphones because it will sell even better.


  20. You know what? I think Halo, Kinect Sports, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, etc. should be on smartphones, so that everyone can play those beloved games as well. What? That’s stupid? You mean you have to buy a system in order to get the exclusives?

  21. Pokemon is the call of duty of Nintendo, it comes out every year and almost never changes, and the things it does change are just miniscule optional features like Sky Battles and shit.

  22. I think yahoo should stop paying attention to Nintendo’s “head in the sand” and worry about their own head being stuck in their ass.

  23. “[…] put its beloved franchises on smartphones and tablets as its missing out on billions of dollars in new revenue and depriving a generation from playing their much-loved games.”

    Hah, stupid statement. The way most of Nintendo’s games play (especially the 3D ones) require a physical controller with buttons and analogue controlls (like control sticks). Putting their games on mobile platforms would not be an option since that would require some sort of extra controller that consumers would buy for their smartphone/tablet, which only the most dedicated tablet gamers would buy.

    Besides, a lot of Nintendo’s games are built around multiplayer. Try putting that on a small screen.

    Lastly, compability. Playing Nintendo games, you know what to experience everytime you boot up a certain game on Wii U, like Mario Kart 8. It runs the same way everytime.
    On mobile, no. Many more different hardware platforms to support, some stronger than others, some weaker. Many wouldn’t get the full experience out of a mobile like intended, as you would out DEDICATED gaming platform. Not to mention all the apps running in the background on smartphones / tablets.

    I’m so tired of seeing these statements that Nintendo should be putting their games on mobile. They’re just so poorly thought through, and so easily contradicted. Besides, if people really want to play Nintendo games, then they should buy a Nintendo platform. They won’t find their games anywhere.

  24. (this is what i just commented on Yahoo article) Whoever wrote this is a retard… Nintendo should NOT go mobile that’s the stupid idea… Nintendo is doing just fine. Remember retard who wrote the article, Nintendo is a gaming company about quality games over quantity. If they were to go mobile they would have to lower their quality and that’s something they never want to do. They stated it many times now that they prefer to make quality games over quantity and Iphone or ipad is the worst place for making quality games… Look who ever wrote this should just stop gaming all together. He doesn’t understand anything at all… If games like Pokemon or Metroid were to on the iPhone it would be shit and not be as big as they normally are. NO ONE wants the next F Zero to be on the iPhone or iPad… I never thought I’d see the day where someone actually says Pokemon, one of the most successful video game franchises in the entire world, is killing the company who made it… It’s like saying me doing what I love doing and making a living off of it is killing me and I should do something I hate doing to make more money when I’m already making a lot…

  25. isnt yahoo like the 3rd or 4th most used search engine, why would nintendo take their advice, they cant even take control of their own business

  26. Congratulations, the comment section here is officially worse than youtubes… god knows how you accomplished this, but bravo.

  27. This is most completely illogical comment that yahoo as ever said. They are suffering the most potent delusions that not even drugs can offer.

    1. Ain’t it funny?

      They all “love” Nintendo games, but apparently can’t pony up when it comes to Nintendo’s consoles.

  28. wow…that’s a new one. Let me said this for the thousand time: Putting Nintendo games in PC or Smartphones would kill the Nintendo Handhelds. Nintendo doesn’t want that So that is a No No.

  29. I hate playing games on mobile, so I’m happy that Nintendo isn’t going after that market.

    Nintendo’s success with their portables isn’t going to kill them. What is going to hurt them though is Wii U owners who didn’t pick up Bayonetta 2. If Bayonetta 2’s sales had blown everyone away, it would have sent an important message to 3rd party developers. That 3rd party games can succeed on our console if it’s a well made game. Before, 3rd parties had only really brought games that were proven to be overhyped, so of course they were going to bomb, but Nintendo brought an excellent 3rd party exclusive to the console, and too many Wii U owners ignored it. It’s failure to get decent sales is going to show 3rd parties that it’s too risky to develop Wii U games. Even excellent games won’t sell on Wii U if they aren’t a 1st party title. Bayonetta 2 was the Wii U’s last chance to get the attention of 3rd parties, now they’re going to ignore Wii U forever.

    I’m used to trolls trying to discredit the Wii U, but I can’t believe that Wii U owners are actually killing their own console. Maybe some Wii U owners are fine with just 1st party support, but too many people are unwilling to pick up a Wii U because of the lack of any 3rd party presence on the system. I love my Wii U, but the fact is that it has the lowest install base of all 3 consoles, and it’s been out the longest.

    1. Hasn’t Bayonetta 2 made money faster than Bayonetta 1 did, even with an install base that is about 1/16th of the PS360 (when B1 launched)? It surely deserves to sell more though.

    2. The saddest thing is that they’re ending up proving that Ubisoft was right about most Wii U owners.

      They said out right that most Wii U owners went for friendlier titles like Mario, Reyman, and stayed away from the M-rated titles. Beyonetta 2’s lackluster sales are showing that.

      So yeah, I think Wii U owners might be killing their own console.

  30. Lol Yahoo, well smartphone gaming is most of the time casual as their batteries don’t last as long as the 3DS and phones heat up fast when gaming for long periods. If Nintendo makes a handheld console with smartphone capabilities I’d definitely buy it.

  31. Well, that generation can get off it’s lazy ass and buy a 3DS and/or Wii U. It’s not like they’re expensive enough to break the bank. It’s honestly infuriating that people are so hesitant to buy things unless they can get everything on one thing. They are so spoiled.

  32. I kinda can see where they’re coming from, making such a profit off something when there’s so much they’re doing wrong may give them the wrong idea that they’re doing it right. However I don’t think SmartPhones and Tablets is the way to go. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, I don’t know ANYONE that pays for SmartPhone games. I do, however, know plenty of people with one or more of the following that pay for games both physically and digitall: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Nintendo Wii, Nintendow Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, XBOX 360, XBOX One. You know, I literally know people that buy for EVERY currently available system…. but I don’t know a single person that would pay for a game on a smartphone. The smartphone “gaming” fad will die out, especially since the games are just repeats of old games that you could play on PC gaming sites like Neopets and

  33. They all sound like greedy fucking pigs lol just sound like a bunch of rich people trying to convince you to hand over your valuable product so they can also benifit and capitalise off it while simultaneously destroying it an ripping you off. Its pathetic to see and I don’t trust anyone that say it.

  34. Ha.

    Wii U games underselling = Get with the times Nintendo, and release your games for other consoles instead.

    3DS games ‘over’selling = Get with the times Nintendo, and release your games for other consoles instead.

  35. What they are saying is that Nintendo is so focused on Pokemon that many of the other titles that were good sellers for the prior generation aren’t being vamped and maybe killing their possibility of being part of a more massive profit generating market. The Maddens, MKs, the Lives and other major titles but it seems now days they stay focused on children’s games but if that’s where they wanna be, not appeal to the teenage and adult consumers, then so be it.

  36. whoever made that article is an idiot or a Candy Crush fan pissed that he/she has to wait 2.5. hours for full game and is their his/her frustration out on Nintendo.

  37. Some of you people are either confused or stupid because this article is stating that Pokémon is killing Nintendo only because its making them money meaning that they’ll never consider porting their games to the iOS lol.

  38. I’m starting to think some people want Nintendo to go smartphone so Nintendo WILL kill itself & go 3rd party. This does it. From this point on, anyone that says Nintendo should go mobile, they are effectively telling Nintendo to kill off their consoles & handhelds & go 3rd party. Therefore, they are the enemy & MUST be eradicated!

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