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IGN Re-reviews The Wii U And Gives It 8/10

IGN has taken to re-reviewing consoles to see how they stand up years after their launch. The publication has now decided to give the Wii U an 8/10 due to its excellent lineup of first party exclusives and lack of third-party support and under utilisation of the GamePad.

Thanks, lord ghost : king of the federation

170 thoughts on “IGN Re-reviews The Wii U And Gives It 8/10”

            1. And here you go ignoring the facts. The fucking online DRM is still there smartass and it was part of the BS you probably heard from 2013.

              Stop trying to ignore the facts in front of you. Microsoft straight up fucking lied in millions of dumbass faces.

              1. Damn. Settle down. I’m not trying to start something. Jesus. I see the facts, I’m just stating that they did get rid of a major problem the previous DRM functionality had. I agree with you about this, for fuck’s sake settle the fuck down.

  1. I guess that’s fair, people need to realize what they are missing by passing on this revolutionary system for those other so called “next gen consoles”

      1. Every single thing.
        Ok. It doesn’t have the best graphics but it surelly does new stuff when it’s about how you interact with a game

          1. They’ve made good use of the game pad and some others have as well such as Ubisoft with ZombiU. Donkey Kong didn’t get any second screen stuff aside from off TV play but that just shows Nintendo didn’t force the developers to shoehorn second screen functionality of it’s not necessary or would be a detriment.

            Aside from that yes the game pad being part of the console was revolutionary in its own right.

              1. Considering countless people use the off-tv play function, it’s not a waste of resources. A waste of resources would be… well what does the touch pad thingy do on the PS4 controller again?

                  1. Well if you hog up your TV, of course off-tv play is not a good reason to keep the Gamepad. lol Or if you have your own personal television.

          2. You’d know if you had the system & played the games. There’s a number of games that use it for more than just a map. I believe Watch_Dogs did a lot with it (albeit probably gimmicky; ‘probably’ because I haven’t played it).

        1. Wii U has just as good of graphics as PS4. Maybe not in literal sense of being “realistic” but Nintendo’s way of animating HD graphics with games like Zelda Wii U and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is what puts Nintendo in the lead with Sony and Microsoft not attempting as much to make these kinds of games

      2. Gamepad with Off TV Play and acts as a secondary TV set with built in motion sensor bar for Wii Remote (play Black Ops 2 to see that feature), touch screen and microphone gameplay integration with games, integrated NFC for the amazing Amiibo figures that works with multiple games and not just one, direct backward compatibility with countless older classic games including Wii and its controllers that other consoles are lacking, free online infrastructure, most exclusives, great indies support, the rebirth of GameCube Controller and 8 player offline multiplayer (which has never been done on any console gaming before which had a max of 2-4 players)

          1. Not when the past and couple of current systems allow up to 4 people. Wii U had up to 4 people until Smash Bros. came in with the GameCube and changed that with 8 players offline which has never been done before.

                    1. I think the Gameboy could with adaptors. Like the game “Faceball: 2000” was created to handle 16 player multiplayer deathmatches.

                      1. This is a reply to your previous comment that it wont let me reply to. Faceball 2000 is a first person shooter for the gameboy. It is a surprisingly good game. I am not sure if they ever released the adapter for 16 players but its supposed to have worked when tested. I think there were 8 player adapters released, but I’m not positive. Check out the game though. Pretty impressive for that legendary, baddass little box.

                        1. Another out of order reply: I don’t know, I stumbled upon it by accident when I read an article about the top 15 or so most technically impressive gameboy games.

                          1. Bomberman for the saturn allows 8 players at once asshole nintendo didnt invented it sega amd hudson did.
                            If you dont know something shut the fuck off… New gamers sucks.

                      1. Now the real question is: Can the PS1/2 use two of those adapters simultaneously? Does it work without technical issues? How many players can the game actually support and was it used/supported ever again? A 1999 PS1 sports game with 8 player offline that requires so much split screen to display is very farfetched and impossible for such technology and software to handle during that time.

                        1. Yes, you can use 2 of them at the same time. I haven’t played the game myself, but the it does support 8 players. And as far as I know, there usually isn’t split screen in sports games, unless it’s a racing game. I’m not really into sports games, so I wouldn’t know for sure, but I certainly have played some, and none of them had split screen except for racing games.
                          The PS2 had its own, very likely improved, version of the Multitap and there’s a list with a bunch of games supposedly supporting 8-player local multiplayer. I can’t tell you how accurate it is, but I won’t mind sharing it if you really want to see it.
                          So yes, it very much seems like it actually was possible back then.

            1. Yeap, Mario is revolutionary, Pikmin is revolutionary, Zelda is revolutionary, Wii remote compatibility is revolutionary, a second iPad is revolutionary.

              But seriously, snap out of your delusion

          2. I have both wii u and ps4. It’s not just because I’m a bigger Nintendo fan, but I use the wii u more because of the games. There is nothing that will top Mario. I only have a few games on PlayStation 4 that I love also. Im only dreamin for the galaxy hd remake lol

            1. I don’t want anymore remakes of games that already looked amazing in the first place. I WOULD however like to see a Super Mario Sunshine HD.

            1. 2012/2013 = Better launch than PS4/Xbox DOne but first year is average due to the 3rd parties fucking around with the gimping BS on Wii U and Nintendo taking so long to make more games plus lack of advertisements (the marketing team needs to get fired for that)

              2014 = A good step up from 2013 despite the 3rd rate parties continuing BS insistence to keep gimping, skipping and lying about Wii U ports. More 1st & 2nd parties games bringing more faith for the platform, had better indie support and now introducing the Amiibo’s.

              2015 = A bigger step up than ever with more HD franchises incoming, more crossovers and original IPs like Splatoon.

                    1. Hey Anubis didn’t you say 48 hours ago Sunset Oversruve goes up to 8 players? Now is the perfect time to also explain to stranga how Smash bros has less going in than Tropical freeze. Also while we are at it explain Bayonetta 2? According to Anubis he says Bayonetta 2 graphics sucks. However won’t go into detail about Zelda U being better than what was shown at E3. Now that Stranger is back now let’s talk all that shit 48hrs and 15 minutes and 36 seconds ago.

                  1. Hey stranganlog do you know if Sony made the dual shock better or so your thumbs still turn black? The media covers up sony’s negative news all the time. I figured you know.

                    1. The Dualshock 4 is absolutely amazing. I tried it at Gamestop and it’s great. I tried the Xbox One controller and it’s nice but the 360 still has a better controller than the One. It just feels better.

                  1. Some games will live up to their hype though. Like Metal Gear Solid V and Kingdom Hearts 3. And although not many people seem to be hyping it up, I think Dying Light will be amazing too.

                    1. Yeah. Some of them seem promising but know what went down this year with so many false promises with many “AAA” games in 2014, I wouldn’t count on them meeting any form of expectations at all except Nintendo who always deliver at best.

              1. To be fair, you can’t really blame Nintendo for taking too long to make more games, there’s only so many games you can put out in a certain amount of time. But that’s just what they get for relying on 1st- and 2nd-party only. With a naive strategy like that, software droughts are inevitable. If they bothered to get 3rd-parties to back them up, things would be different.

                1. They’re only one gaming company managing not only software but hardware so of course they’re having their hands tied up a bit and managing online services as well. They need more workforce to smooth their operations and productivity.

                  1. They’re kinda making it difficult for themselves, if you ask me. The competition manages to have it all working as well after all, may it be soft- + hardware, online services and whatever else comes with being a video game developer. But what would I know.

                    1. And looking at Ubishit with its 9,200 employees and still can’t fucking make a working PC/Wii U port for shit (Wii U’s shitty ports are more intentional to ruin the platforms reputation by fixing a lie of the fan base not buying 3rd parties when it’s plainly just Ubisoft pissing them off repeatedly to make them stop supporting) and on top of that, they have other studio partners to work with so they should have far more than enough pair of hands to make some good games and stuff right?

                      Kevin Spacey: WRONG!

                      1. Actually, I was referring to Sony and Microsoft, as they are Nintendo’s competition and the given points don’t apply to other companies like Ubisoft.

                2. The 3rd parties were welcome to develop if they wanted to. But the ONLY reason they don’t want to is because of their greedy side not seeing their fan base as gullible as Call of Duty fans which is the majority of gamers nowadays: Nothing but graphic/violent whoring noob shooters. There’s almost no variety and fair consumer business because they’re seeing the consumers are too stupid and careless to realize the obvious tricks they pulled under their noses with false advertisements and BS microtransactions (EA/Activision), broken-at-launch games that had YEARS of development (Halo: Master Chief/Advanced Warfare) or charging $30 for a fucking demo you can beat in less than 10 minutes (Ground Zeroes) or how about $60 for half of a fucking game that promised so much shit that wasn’t even there for the day one edition (Destiny/Watchdogs)

                  I don’t give a fuck if Nintendo has no third parties anymore. They’ve gone off the deep end with their lies and greed on people and if ha think I’m exaggerating about it, (lol) oh boy. You blind motherfuckers are in for a rude awakening the next time you waste $60-120 on false promises..again.

                  1. Why so hostile though ? lmao.
                    When I look back on 2014, I see that I’ve bought some great games, spread across different platforms, I’ve had (and with a couple of them, still am having) a blast with. I’ve bought 2 of the games you’ve mentioned, and I honestly regret nothing. I’m still having a great time with one of them, Destiny, and guess what ? I’m so gonna buy that season pass. (: I can see why people might not like the game, but that’s really none of my business. I’ve put nearly 200 hours into it with more to come, I’m obviously enjoying it – there’s really nothing else I feel like I need to worry about. I truly don’t understand why you’re so angry about other people’s choices in games, considering it shouldn’t even affect you one bit. If you don’t play CoD because you think it’s stupid, then so be it, but why do you care so much about others playing it ?
                    And sure, it may very well be that you don’t like some of the big 3rd-party games, but that doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way. There are many people out there frustrated about the lack of 3rd-party games on the WiiU, especially in the group of people who don’t own any other platforms besides the WiiU. Not only are they missing out on pretty much all of the big games the other two consoles are getting, but there’s also game droughts on the WiiU, as already mentioned in my previous comment. Software droughts suck, and they are, in my personal opinion, one of the main weak points of the WiiU.

                    1. 200 hours? Jesus christ. Lol you must really like that game. I barely even get to 100 hours on most of my games!

                      1. Nah, it’s just not that hard to get so many hours on a game you can basically do whatever you want in. If it’s a game with a linear storyline you have to follow, it’s a bit different because there simply isn’t much you can do, especially after finishing the game, unless it offers you the option to take different routes and whatnot. But in a game mainly based on online features and stuff, where there’s always something to do, even if it might get repetitive at times, reaching a high number of hours of playtime isn’t all that difficult, as long as you enjoy the game. (:

                    2. The thing about Destiny is that people had huge expectations for it, that’s why it seemed terrible and disappointing when it finally released.

                      1. Unfortunately true. It undoubtedly didn’t turn out as huge as people made it be before it came out.
                        That’s why it’s always best to keep one’s expectations at a decent level and not get carried away by hype. (:

                    3. If it wasn’t for so much BS the 3rd rate parties have given Wii U over nothing but crazy ass assumptions, I would have bought a few. But I’m standing my ground and not become another one of their sheep buying their stuff so they can do it again.

              1. Next year’s exclusives are going to be amazing. Seriously, Splatoon, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Devil’s Third, Starfox, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Legend of Zelda!

                1. I know. Hollow is so hypocrital. He’s so much of a Nintendo hater that he j just got finished setting up a repair order for his Wii U. Seriously. The nerve of that guy! Repairing a console he doesn’t even care about…

                    1. I can’t confirm that because she didn’t say I could. I’m only assuming she’s letting me keep it because she didn’t say anything when I told her about repairing it. She is probably being generous. Either that, or she’s letting me get it repaired so she could sell it afterwards. Which would be a load of crap. She had better NOT be thinking about doing that… -_-

                        1. In fact, it’d be wrong altogether to sell a broken thing that’s practically a paperweight right now.

          3. Off TV play makes the gamepad very awesome. Multiplayer in Hyrule Warriors very awesome. Inventory/map hud in many games very awesome.

          4. I don’t understand why the Wii U would get a review right now. Its life cycle is far from being over yet. Giving a number score to a console that plays games with game reviews makes little sense, but it is all in gaming preferences.

          5. I do not need IGN to review a console that isn’t even halfway done with its lifespan. They will probably re-review it again.

          6. For the haters out there, you need to know that a review is still an opinion. Person A can talk shit about the system while person B talks words of heaven. It just comes down to personal preference. Unless the system is absolutely the worst.

          7. That’s cute and all, but by next year both the PS4 and Xbone will also have a nice game library, the difference will be that devs will be able to unlock more power out of those consoles and will thrive longer than the Wii U.

            On the other hand we get a new 3D Mario and Zelda…

              1. There’s a reason Grand Theft Auto 5 and Skyrim-like games don’t make it to the Wii U… other than obvious demographic reasons. I don’t think the Wii U is stable enough and 3rd parties usually have a hard time, and I say that based on very little info… so I’m probably right! :D
                Zelda U has a lot of style, Nintendo has their way to make the most out of style and console power. 3rd parties will have to make a lot of cuts in order to make the most out of multiplatforms that are on Xbone and PS4.
                What I’m saying is that in 2 years devs will be able to make more out of newer consoles without limitations.
                Man, this comment has gone long enough for a measly response…


                1. Right and they still make the same fucking games exist on the weaker 360 consoles like Destiny and AC: Rouge.

                  Try to enlighten me on that BS. Wii U can handle some of those games. Hell, even Bethseda was caught dead lying about Wii U’s hardware over “Metro: Late Light” WHICH they made a working demo that looked and ran beautifully.

                  They wanted to ruin Nintendo so they can have no reason to bother with their consoles. Looking at them now conning many gamers with BS overhyped lies and excuses of why their games haven’t reach such promised potential even on PS4 with its “powerful hardware”.

                  I can only say this: The Gaming industry is so fucked up.

            1. Even though I’m definitely looking forward to what the new 3D Mario is going to be like, I actually doubt it will have its release in 2015, considering we haven’t even seen anything of it yet. Of course one can hope, but I’d estimate chances for it to be rather slim. q:
              Either way, 2015 is going to be a damn good year for anyone who’s into video games, really.

          8. What’s funny about this is that Lord Ghost submitted this. xDDD and a 8/10 that’s 2nd place. Not too shabby!

            1. Real question is… which Lord Ghost sent this in. We’ve got at least 2: the real one who is Sasori & the fake one that seems to be acting like the Sasori of old that did nothing on this site but hate on Nintendo.

              1. lmfaoooo I know right! my xboxlove is legitsnipez!!!! I enjoy playing call of duty with some doritos and mountain dew, we out here!!!

          9. lord ghost : king of the federation

            i’ve just got super smash bros for my wii u. the game is alright and my bro was trashing me every match. it’s a fun mini fighter but the combat is a lack luster to me. the visuals look amazing but could look for more improvement. i mostly played free for all mode and haven’t touch barely of the online yet.
            my thoughts: 8.1/10 (very good)

            1. What controllers are you using for smash? Sounds like you are not using the GameCube. I was losing until I gotten use to the Pro controller. I love the pro controller.

            2. Hypocrite at his finest. you trolled smash fans in miiverse, you said you were banned from ign because the admin is a smash fan boy, and you said smash sucks XD.
              what’s happening?, is smash so popular that you felt the need to join the party?

                1. “nope my bro bought the game FOR ME” LOL.
                  “i would never drop hard earned $60 of that”. at least you made a point because i was ready to burn you so bad.

          10. Wii U 9/10 *really shitty online multiplayer functionality, so it loses a whole point for that*

            Xbox One 7/10 *Xbox 360 shits all over this console*

            PS4 6/10 *No games, sub-par online services compared to microsoft*

            My ratings.

            I own all three.

            1. Excuse me but Wii U has “shitty online”? Do I ever see NN get fucked as much as PSN with its constant hack attacks and shut downs even on PS-fucking-4? At least it works and it’s free. Basic but working and free.

          11. Isn’t there a fairly large update needed once someone buys a Wii U? I remember reading this some where. And if so, how big was the update?

              1. Don’t be a douchebag, he was asking a simple question. What a fanboy, trying to damage control everything Nintendo

                1. It took a little research, but I found it. Thank you though! Im in deep thought over buying a Wii U. Within like, 4 days maybe.

                2. OH BOOHOO, fanboy yourself, ma boi. Can’t handle the Nintendo,
                  then go to your Xbong and PissShit 4. Besides, if you would USED your brain, then you would know that I ANSWERED his question, DUMBASS!

          12. This is why rating DON’T work, especially IGN and friends. Fuck those idiots, make your own opinion. Don’t be a stupid lemming and follow the herd into your doom. They only do it for the fucking money, not for you to make a “good decision”.

          13. Hmm
            Wii U: 7.0
            It’s alright this year. The only games I’ve played excessively were Bayonetta 2 and EarthBound. It’s covered in dust, and th glossy surface doesn’t really help with fingerprints
            PS4: 7.5
            Mostly good, I spend my time playing third parties and indies. Fuck Driveclub and I haven’t bought LBP 3 yet. But it’s been barren these past few months and there are some features that Sony strangely hasn’t added for PS4 yet, and missing stuff like HBO Go
            Xbox One: 8/10
            I’m impressed. MS managed to turn things around and get back on track. Great exclusives, great messaging make me think they might actually sell more X1s this holiday season. I’m considering buying one again next year…

          14. Huh, interesting IGN doesn’t show or mention anything about Nintendo Land. Sure, it can be considered a failed launch bundle title (compared to Wii Sports) BUT sure uses the GamePad in many ways.

          15. Hmm
            Wii U: 10.0
            Best console ever . The only games I’ve played excessively were all in the entire Wii U library and EarthBound. It’s never covered in dust, and th glossy surface really helps with using it as a mirror
            PS4: 0.5
            Very terrible and the most overrated underpowered pc with off the shelf laptop specs, I spend my time playing nothing. Fuck Driveclub and I haven’t bought LBP 3 yet. But it’s been barren these past 13 months and there are many features that Sony strangely hasn’t added for PS4 yet, and missing stuff like proper latency/lag free off tv play like the Wii Y
            Xbox One: N/A
            Won’t even bother,same sentiments as above,these X64 twins are an abomination

          16. I think a way they could use the second screen is making it into a really powerful DS….of sorts. I think a Pokemon spin-off RPG such as XD would really use the second screen. Especially with features such as super training. Another thing I think could really help is in pretty much any RPG that makes its way to the console is have a really agile inventory system. Another idea I get is a game where you draw your attacks by making patterns. There are so many ways in which the gamepad could be used, they just need to think of a game where the gamepad is either the core mechanic or a really helpful feature.

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