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Tetsuya Nomura Will Be Attending The Game Awards 2014

Geoff Keighley, the producer of The Game Awards, has revealed that none other than Tetsuya Nomura will be attending the awards ceremony. We’ve already heard from Keighley that there will be a couple of world premieres and new game announcements at The Game Awards 2014, so hopefully that means something on Nintendo platforms from Nomura. Fingers crossed, I guess.

27 thoughts on “Tetsuya Nomura Will Be Attending The Game Awards 2014”

    1. to be honest I feel like they should’ve waited on 2.5. Like, KH3 most likely isn’t gonna be released in the West until at least late 2016, most likely 2017 or 18. If they wanna keep the hype, they’re gonna have to do something else too

  1. I have never played a Kingdom’s heart game, but I am guessing he is the creator of that series or something. Anyway the new games announced probably won’t be on any Nintendo consoles so it really is pointless to post on Nintendonews. Who knows? it’s a possibility.

  2. A sequel to The World Ends With You would be so great, but it seems Nomura already has a lot that he’s working on like KH3 and FFXV.

  3. KH3 confirmed for Wii U … if not, just more news on KH3 would be fine by me….. but I would shit myself if it was coming to Wii U. That would cause of a lot of butthurt Nintendo haters to go ballistic

    1. It would’ve made a ton of more sense to make KH3 for Wii U since the KH fan base has expanded over Nintendo from Sony’s side. But fucking Xbox…Square, are you fucking serious? lol

      1. I’m still butthurt over that and how FF15 is on Xbone too, even more so how it was supposed to be Sony exclusive.

      2. Square Enix is also infected by the disease known as Homcondevtwincitis (develop for twin consoles because don’t want to put forth the effort to work on multiplats equally for 3 consoles disease where one of the 3 has a vastly different architecture.) lol

  4. People interested in video games sure are gonna have a good start into December with all those announcements and revealings from the VGAs on the 5th + the Playstation Experience event on the two days following the awards. Really looking forward to them new games.

  5. Given all the news that has happened this year, the promised dozen + world premieres, and hype-chan, Im really feeling a TWEWY 2

  6. Adding in “This might have something to do with Nintendo” at the end doesn’t make it Nintendo News.

    If you really want to report on this, change your name from “MyNintendoNews’ to “MyGameNews”.

  7. I have special secret information that I have secretly uncovered involving a Nintendo game. I cannot say how I have uncovered this intel but it is biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig! Are you ready for the secret intel?…………………………………well Nintendo has secretly been developing a new M****** game for the WII U. The game is a fps and they are shooting for the game to run 1080p ressolution at 60 frames per second. The game has been in development for some time and could release in late 2015/early 2016. The game is at around 35% compleation. The game is to have a vast world with experiences on the ground to experiences way up high. The game will have large open areas that allow players to move freely without being constrained by barrier’s. The team is striving to push the WII U to the limit with this game. I have seen an in game image and a concept photo and I have to say it looks amazing! Even at around 35% development. I cannot and will not show the images because I have promised myself not to save any data out of respect to Nintendo. The gate has been closed and there is no way of getting back in.

  8. It looks like I might have to skip Friday Night Smackdown just to give this game show a chance. Oh wait! This awards show is on the internet so I can just watch both if they air at the same time. And if something I don’t like occurs, I can just ignore the awards show & watch people beat the crap out of people. lol The fact Tetsuya Nomura will actually be attending gives me incentive to watch this as I want to know more about Kingdom Hearts 3. It’d be awesome if it came to the Wii U, but I doubt it. But it won’t be a loss since I intend to get a PS4 for the game, anyway. That & FFXV. But if those two games do come to the Wii U by some miracle, screw the PS4.

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