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The Game Awards 2014 Will Showcase More Than A Dozen World Premiers

Next Friday should be an entertaining night as The Game Awards 2014 will kick off. The host, Geoff Keighley, has confirmed on Twitter that the event will showcase more than a dozen world premiers for new and upcoming games. Keighley also promises that there will be some new game announcements to look forward to. What would you like to see premier at The Game Awards 2014?

37 thoughts on “The Game Awards 2014 Will Showcase More Than A Dozen World Premiers”

    1. I would like to see a new mario games like mario 3d world, crash bandicoot, God of war and even a jet set radio game

      1. I guarantee there will be no new game announcement from Nintendo. Anybody care to take that bet? The most we’ll get is some lame announcement for an upcoming game.

          1. I’d love if it was announced but no way would they reveal such a high profile game at a show like this. Games like that are reserved for Nintendo Directs and most likely E3.

        1. They said they’ll be releasing one WiiU game a month in 2015, if they don’t have something announce I’ll be very surprised.

    2. Given how Nintendo was treated last year, Cranky Kong was the only thing they deserved to have announced there.

  1. For Nintendo, I guess Kirby And The Rainbow Curse since it’s releasing in February just like DK was. Doubtful, but maybe a new game from Nintendo?

  2. I kinda agree with the collector but ever time I see that guy his usually doing something Nintendo related so maybe a game that’s coming out in jan sense they are suppose to have a game or two coming out for each month next year for Nintendo home system.

  3. Hopefully this will be better than the VGA’s and actually, ya know, show more than 5 awards. I have hope. Just as long as the “big surprise” this year isn’t another Cranky Kong type announcement.

  4. 18 Creed of Duty games, one cross-platform game that will see a yearlong delay on Wii U, and maybe one Nintendo exclusive.

  5. If Nintendo reveals something it´ll go somehing like this.

    Reggie comes to stage and scream, “Yeah how ya doing people!!!!! Lemme Hear Ya!!!!!!” *people scream out of excitement* Reggie continues,”Yeah my body is ready for our big revelation tonight, i know what ya people have waited for!” *audience gets more excited about possible new exclusive or more footage from Zelda,XBC or DevilsThird etc.* Then Reggie continues,”Its time to reveal this” *Reggie puts his hand on his pocket and smiles like a horny man, then he grabs something from there and shows it to audience* Reggie keeps going,”This is our new amiibo, CRANKY KONG, have a nice day!” *Reggie smiles and leaves knowing that he will get some sex time that day*

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  7. Maybe Nintendo would show more about Xenoblade Chronicles X or Devil’s Third if they want to interest the hardcore market as this Award Show has followed for years. I don’t much about S.T.E.A.M to include it (maybe that’s what it is)

  8. Hopefully Reggie gets himself down there to announce Cranky Kong Country Returns.

    But seriously, Nintendo won’t announce anything at this show. It’s brand new, it’s exactly the kind of risk they don’t take, for better of for worse.

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