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Here’s A Speculative Look At What Nintendo’s EAD Teams Are Working On

We know that Nintendo has many talented development teams at its disposal, but we are left guessing what they’re all working on. Thankfully, Nintendo Online has put together an article listing what each EAD departments are working on. Remember that the list is purely speculative, with some of the titles confirmed and some not.

EAD Kyoto 1

  • Last game: Mario Kart 8
  • Currently working on Mario Kart 8 DLC
  • Confirmed to research on new two screen concepts -> new projects still in the planning phase

EAD Kyoto 2

  •  Responsible for Wii Sports and Animal Crossing
  • Working on Splatoon, to be released next year
  • Heavily speculated to develop Animal Crossing Wii U

EAD Kyoto 3

  • The Zelda team is currently developing Zelda Wii U
  • Co-developing Majora’s Mask 3D with Grezzo
  • A completely new handheld Zelda game is speculated to be in the planning phase

EAD Kyoto 4

  • Last games: New Super Mario Bros. 2/U, Pikmin 3
  • Currently working on Mario Maker and co-developing Yoshi’s Woolly World with Good-Feel
  • Speculated to (co?)-develop Project Giant Robot and Project Guard
  • A new Pikmin project is likely, maybe for the New 3DS

EAD Kyoto 5

  • No current projects confirmed
  • Likely to co-develop Star Fox Wii U

EAD Tokyo 1

  • Development supervision for Majora’s Mask 3D

EAD Tokyo 2

  • New 3D Mario confirmed to be in development
  • Many possibilities for the new game, none of which are confirmed: 3D Land/3D World successor, Super Mario Galaxy 3, Super Mario Sunshine remake, or a completely new Mario game

EAD Tokyo 3

  • Last games: Ultimate NES Remix and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
  • Next projects completely unknown

97 thoughts on “Here’s A Speculative Look At What Nintendo’s EAD Teams Are Working On”

    1. Man, I’m glad I’m not the only one that think that way. I mean, I like 3D World, but it’s not a truly 3D exploration experience like SMS, and I’m kind of sick of SMG games, but don’t get me wrong, I LOVED them but it’s time for something new with 120 stars and so.

      1. Indeed. Galaxy 2 is actually my favorite 3D Mario title, followed closely by 64, 3D World and Sunshine. I just don’t think we need another Galaxy game, that would be pushing it a little too far in my opinion. I wish they would combine the ideas of them all, while adding something new that we haven’t seen. Having exploration like 64, while also having the fast paced action of something like Galaxy 2. I just want it to be new and amazing. Galaxy 3 would likely be great, don’t get me wrong – but it would be playing it too safe. Whatever it ends up being though, I don’t doubt it’ll be fun, like always.

        1. For me, none of the 3D Mario games have ever quite lived up to the greatness that is SM64. SMG2 gets close though. I think it’s because SM64 just has complete freedom and openness.

      2. Mario stays fresh by constantly innovating and redefining the platforming genre. You may get the occasional retread, but it never happens more than once, and it certainly isn’t the norm. The exception here being the NSMB series. 2 and U really have no reason to exist.

        1. Least not so close to each others release, anyway. They probably would have been better accepted if they were spread out further from each other’s release.

    1. I actually think a 3ds pikmin title would be awesome, I feel like pikmin is a great game for handhelds due to the way the game is structured

      1. Yeah, a hindered smaal creatures that need accurate throwing controls will be a good fit for the 3DS, and don’t forget the fact you need to see a lot of the environment in which you play makes me think a 3DS/handheld version of Pikmin will be awful. The only great way to play Pikmin is with the Wii Remote(+) every other control scheme is inferior.

  1. Animal Crossing Wii U HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I couldn’t disagree more. Wild World used to be my favorite until New Leaf. I’m certainly not alone since all my friends also disliked City Folk. But, to each their own.

          1. I also liked Wild World more than City Folk. CF’s city removed some of the randomness & whimsy that I feel adds to the experience, namely Redd’s tent. & the train ride there & back became so tedious; same reason I hesitate to go to the island on any AC game (even connecting the GBA to get there).

            But most of Nintendo’s efforts on Wii were bland to me, except:
            Twilight Princess,
            DKC Returns,
            Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (still wasn’t as good as Path of Radiance, though)
            Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
            Xenoblade Chronicles
            New SMB (that & DS got me into 2D Mario platformers, which I disliked before)
            & Super Mario Galaxy (which got me into 3D Mario platformers [also disliked before], but even SMG 2 seemed to cut the NPC interactions of the 1st & the exploration felt diminished).
            Also enjoyed Mario Kart DS way more than MK Wii. Metroid Prime Corruption didn’t match MP Echoes. I skipped Super Smash Bros. Brawl [Melee was better than N64, but the franchise was meh after that). Wario Land: Shake It! & Link’s Crossbow Training were just okay (& 1 a demo). & Super Paper Mario was not the same & as good as The Thousand Year Door.

            If it weren’t for Ubisoft, SEGA, Capcom, XSEED, & the “one-hit wonder” publishers, Wii would’ve been disappointing. Glad Nintendo upped their game for Wii U, but 3rd parties sure dropped the ball & apparently genres, franchises, & attention to gameplay; it’s like they think Wii U is a poor triplet rather than its own platform that focuses more on gameplay than cutscenes, stylized æsthetics, & rich, single-player experiences.

            Anyway, AC on GCN is still my favorite. Its igloos in the winter & tents in the summer, the lottery, NES games, being my introduction to the franchise…all propel it to the top. But, the more AC games I play, the more jaded my experiences. I stopped playing New Leaf before fully upgrading my house or getting the last 2 town-upgrades I wanted (Zen garden & Topiary). I do think AC benefits greatly from mobility, though. But SIMs are probably my least favorite genre, & that’s why AC progressively loses its appeal for me.

        2. How is that if City Folk is basically a higher resolution Wild World with a city? Its the SAME GAME. It even has the same crappy wild world music. I like Wild World. It was a decent game. But I hated City Folk. Now New Leaf is simply amazing.

          1. I did a poll on a few sites and most people voted for City Folk so yea and plus theres still a few people who play City Folk online today (over WiimmFi) :P

        3. I enjoyed both Wild World and City Folk, but City Folk had the best memories for me. It was like Wild World + (Some) Gamecube. The main thing i didn’t like about it though was that the city was too small.

    1. It’s almost a given that the Wii U will get a Animal Crossing game but it probably won’t be available until 2016 by the same time when the next Metroid or whatever major project Retro Studios is working on





  3. Really hoping the new 3D mario game either is either Galaxy 3 or follows a new gameplay style….I found both 3D land and world both really boring with how bland everything was….it followed the exact same formula 64 did, which was nice and all….but got boring very quickly….I’d just like something new…innovation is something nintendo wants to be good at and all…

    1. 3D World and Land were nothing like Mario 64, actually.
      64 is open world-ish with levels featuring 6 + 1 different main objectives in each, whereas 3D Land/World have a wider variety of levels (I think ?), with one main objective – reaching the end. Yes, I am aware of the green stars, but it still isn’t the same thing as in 64. They rather follow the same concept as SMB3, just in 3D.
      I personally prefer the 64/Sunshine/Galaxy gameplay style, so I hope we’ll get a game similar to them. But please no Galaxy 3, I’d much rather have an entirely new game, or even Sunshine 2.

      1. I feel like a Galaxy 3 would be really awesome. I’m all for not milking the Galaxy line of games but a new HD version that combines the best power ups from all previous Mario games would be the best way to end the Galaxy series.

  4. -I just hope that the New Zelda handheld will be a 3D zelda game, not an overhead like other handheld games.

    -Pikmin on the NEW 3DS. It’s probably Pikmin 1 and 2 3D (calling it)

    -Animal Crossing Wii U is gonan get the City Folk treatment being that it’s just going to be “New Leaf”on the Wii U much like how City Folk was basically Wild World on the Wii. Still gonna get it though

    -the next 3D Mario game is a mystery to me. I don’t know what they’re going to do. I honestly hope they go back to 64/sunshine/galaxy setup where you have to collect power stars.

    1. I really can’t decide if I would prefer a 3D or 2D Metroid game though… Because I’ve never played a 3D Metroid game, but I would only try Prime Collection if it wasn’t stupidly priced everywhere. Speaking of which… Where’s our GameCube/N64/DS games on the Wii U Virtual Console, Nintendo!

  5. Wow, that’s awesome. I hope the new Mario game is something completely new and not a remake or another Galaxy. And Animal Crossing would be great on the Wii U!

    1. Hm, I think it will be another Galaxy due to the sheer amount of begging there is, and if its new… Well I’m hoping for a Steampunk Mario theme!

  6. These are speculative but I like that they have many studios working… good news for the next year or so if true. I hope we see an original Mario game forthcoming. I also hope that another handheld Zelda is coming, I loved A Link Between Worlds. :D

      1. This is just my opinion (it probably stinks), but I wasn’t the biggest fan of ALBW… it definitely wasn’t a bad game, but it felt wildly inferior (for me) to Link to the Past or even Minish Cap!

        1. I agree! Most people loved that game.. I hate to say it, but besides the DS Zelda’s, it was the weakest handheld Zelda I think I have ever played. The Oracle games were better. Links Awakening was better…Minish Cap… It wasn’t even on the same level as ALTP or any console Zelda… My main gripe was that the game was too damn easy. It was too streamlined. The puzzles were simple minded, and effortless. Hell, outside the dungeon it literally showed you with a little picture what item you needed. You already had the map to every dungeon, which ruined the mystery and exploration of the dungeons..And the dungeons could be defeated in a matter of a few minutes. I don’t know why it got so much praise. I hope the new console Zelda has NO similarities with ALBW.

          1. The ONLY thing I thought that was done okay, was the ability to do any dungeon in any order… but even then, I had enough money to buy every single item by the time I got done with my 2nd Lorule dungeon.

  7. Some very interesting stuff here. I especially love the talk about an Animal Crossing for Wii U and a possible Mario remake of Sunshine or a new game etc. I always loved Super Mario Sunshine. It made me feel like I was really on a tropical vacation. First time a game ever made me feel that way. But I must say, if there’s ever a Super Mario Sunshine 2, IT BETTER BE ON Wii U AND NOT ON THE 3DS OR NEW 3DS! They better not screw up another beloved sequel like they did with Luigi’s Mansion, Dark Moon (by making it for 3DS).

      1. Yeah. I didn’t like the way they made the ghosts look in Dark Moon. The portrait ghosts from the first game was one of the coolest features, and they were real fun to catch. Them and the Boos. But they made every ghost in Dark Moon look like the regular, weaker ghosts from the original. With their super cartoony, glowing effects.

        1. And nothing beats playing a game on a big tv screen. So that alone is why I didn’t like Dark Moon as much as the original. I’m still hoping for a Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Wii U.

        2. Yeah, kinda. The only boss in Dark Moon that stuck out to me was the first boss, which felt like it had a lot of time put into it… but then the second boss (LITERALLY A STAIRCASE) came in and ruined everything xD…

    1. OMG I loved Dark Moon.. The first one was good, Dark Moon was better… The atmosphere was amazing! How could anyone say otherwise..

    1. Well, your not missing out, because New Leaf is the best so far. If a Wii U Animal Crossing gets made though, I hope for more things to do than just a small amount of public works projects of which only like 2 or 4 actually do helpful things… Then again… It might not be completely for me then xD.

      1. hehe, A Wii U version could offer lots of new stuff, I hope so. The Animal Crossing SSB trailer (although I know it is a cinematic) is amazing..I think a Wiiu version can have so much potential.

      2. The only thing that the original Animal Crossing game had that I’ve always wanted back (but never came back) was the NES games. It was SO cool being able to play full NES games within a Gamecube game.

      1. Which no longer exists as it was just a pocket dimension tied to Aether that was created by a Phaaze meteorite due to Aether’s unique energy. :D

        1. Which means Quadraxis can’t come back unless the Luminoth decide to revitalize the project for Quadraxis for some reason.

  8. It’s nice to hear the possibility of another Pikmin tittle. But I hope it’s for the Wii U. I hope Retro is working on a 3D Donkey Kong along with Metroid. Lastly, I don’t care what the next Mario game will be like,I just hope the new Mario will go back to collecting 6 power stars.

    1. I hope retro is NOT working on a Donkey Kong game.. Retro has too much talent to be tied up with Donkey Kong for ten years!

      1. Actually, I think Retro Studios should make one more Donkey Kong Country game to make it a trilogy like with how they made Metroid Prime into a trilogy. Then Retro should be given Ice Climbers & let them completely remake it by giving them full creative control to do whatever they want with it.

  9. Is it it too much to ask for Metroid 5? I hope that Retro Studios is making a new 3D Metroid shooter but I really want to see Nintendo make Metroid 5 with no Team Ninja this time!!! But I would be all for a collaboration with Platinum Games however….

    1. I prefer Intelligent Systems going back to making 2D Metroid like they use too and have Retro get the green light to make a Metroid Prime successor, maybe an open world Metroid Prime-esque game. :3

      1. I agree that Retro Studios is excellent for the Prime series since they have developed the series from the beginning. I also want to have a 2D Metroid game.

  10. sherlockwillfightbilbo

    This looks pretty disappointing IMO. While I’m happy to see games actually in development (but remember this is a speculative look), all of them besides Splatoon is a sequel in an existing franchise. There’s nothing new.

    Star Fox is great because we haven’t had one in so long, but I’m worried that Nintendo thinks they could make a good Star Fox game in less than a year.

    1. I’m hoping the new Star Fox will be like a massively improved Star Fox Assault with third person shooting but a lot more epic space/aerial dog fights with customization on planes and weapons plus online play with live video chat during gameplay like the Star Fox 64 3D had.

    2. They’re not gonna make it in one year. They’ve already been working on the foundation of that game for close to a year, and it will not be out in 2015..

  11. For a new Mario game, I’m hoping for Galaxy 3 with a new story rather than Peach being kidnapped AGAIN but let it be Rosalina this time as well as having a new villain even if it’s a secret end villain working with Bowser, have the 7 Koopalings make their very first appearance in a fully 3D Mario game as world bosses, have online co-op (drop in and out) with multiple characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad), fully rendered HD 1080p/60FPS visuals making it the most beautiful Wii U/Nintendo game ever and have both a standalone Super Mario Galaxy 3 game and Super Mario Galaxy Trilogy game with SMG1/2 completely redesigned for HD and Wii U features like Miiverse.

    After that, work on a completely fresh Mario game for next gen console that could be a console that’ll combine both home and portable console gaming together.

        1. Well, since Bowser AND most of the standard Mario enemies pretty much comprised the recent Land games, Nintendo might as well have Tatanga (he IS an alien), or Wario as the main villian in Galaxy 3. Then populate its worlds with actual Land series enemies. Maybe Daisy (also a staple of the Land series) & Rosalina can save Mario, who Tatanga is experimenting on, or who is being turned into a gold statue by Wario.

            1. Hmm… Perhaps Wario could be working for Tatanga w/ the promise that the experiment would turn Mario (& other lives) into gold, essentially creating life-like, golden statues of heroes. Wario could be the boss of 2 or 3 worlds, then discovers Tatanga betrayed him, that the experiment is something else entirely.

              Wario then joins Daisy & Rosalina, but not to save Mario, rather simply to get revenge on Tatanga & ruin his plans. Mario’s release is merely a means to an end & Wario still remains a greedy anti-hero. Oh, & it would be comedic gold to have him mixed up w/ 2 prim & proper princesses. Garlic? Farts? Oh my.

              It’d also be interesting if each character were needed to complete respective levels, not just to obtain a particular collectible. I think that would really freshen up the Galaxy formula enough (even w/ Wario), while still retaining the core platforming element indicative of the series.

              1. Don’t know what story idea they’ll imply but I hope its nothing too typical and more epic for the Galaxy Trilogy’s closure much like how Prime 3 ended its saga with a bang. :)

    1. 100% agree. I think to not have a HD Galaxy game would be a shame..Imagine how creative they could get with the Wii U’s hardware. They were actually very limited on the original Wii, and still managed to impress… Imagine a Galaxy game in the style of Mario 64. Where you jump through portals instead of paintings, and you get transported to different galaxies and planets instead of dungeons and mountains.. Amazing..

    2. I disagree on the Koopalings part. They should be saved for a new 3D Mario game entirely that would have a gameplay mechanic that revolves around them. What better way to make the Koopalings extremely relevant in the main Mario games again than having a game that revolves around them heavily to the point the gameplay itself revolves around their capabilities.

  12. And that list only includes dev teams that were created inside Nintendo itself. GameFreak, Intelligent Systems, Retro Studios, & Monolith Soft are also hard at work at making 1st party games for Wii U. :D

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